Why do we mourn the victims of abortion?


However, we are bound by the sacraments and God is not. Although the Church teaches one must be baptized to enter Heaven, we already know that there is provision for the unbaptized who were planning to be baptized but hadn’t been, and those unbaptized people who were martyred for Christ. We simply do not know, as it was not revealed, if there is another avenue for baptism. This is why the Church also teaches we may hope for the salvation of the unborn.


The Church has no teaching on this subject. Maryanna is describing Limbo, which one theory of what happens when those with only original sin in their souls die.


You forgot a very important passage:
Mark 16:16
"Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believed will be condemned."

This leaves open the possibility of non baptized persons being saved (such as the good thief), and all persons of the Old Covenant. However, baptism is the only specifically known and normal means given by Jesus himself. The Church does not overstep it’s authority by claiming the authority to judge individuals. Therefore, the Church rightly holds the position that we do not know as a doctrine of faith whether those killed in abortion have or will receive the grace of salvation.

It is still theoretically possible that they will still have some sort of test that coincides with their free will to choose for God or not. Perhaps the test is the experience of the abortion itself.

Theoretical test:

A. God allowed this great evil to happen to me, therefore he is not worthy of my love and I will not serve him.

B. I place my trust in Him who created me and that He can right all wrongs, therefore I will serve the Lord.

Bottom line is the Church does not know, nor does it claim to know because it has not been revealed by Christ. Therefore, we “entrust them to the mercy of God” (CCC 1261).


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