Why do we need to assert evolution?

My question is complex because there are a few parts to the question. First, If evolution is not scientifically viable, which it is not (and since I know the science far better than the Church’s theology on this matter, I am willing to provide evidence in 6 different fields of scientific study against the viability of evolution), why does the Catholic Theological community feel the need to assert it? It is my understanding that as Catholics we are bound and compelled to believe what was asserted by the Church Fathers in at least 3 councils (that I know of) that the original act of Creation was 1. Done by Divine Fiat and made perfect and harmonious and 2. That all of Creation was complete within the act of Creation, meaning that ALL created things existed at once and in harmony at the end of creation. Since the rise of theistic evolution came from atheistic science and not from the framework of theological based study, what you have is a reactionary teaching that doesn’t assess its foundation. If we use evolution as the backdrop for the origin of man, then we must assert different things: 1. Man was not responsible for physical death. God was, and He created things to die. 2. Physical suffering existed before man. 3. Diseases are what gave rise to higher forms of life, instead of being created perfectly in their essence. 4. Man’s sin had no cosmic effects. The penalty for man’s sin then was not physical death, but spiritual death. 5. Since physical death was not a requirement of man’s sin, we can then assume that there was no true meaning to Christ’s physical death, or to the fact that Mary did not suffer death because she had no sin. 6. There must be no true link between the physical man and the spiritual man.

If you would like I can offer magisterial teachings and councils that will dispute each one of those points. I would truly like to be contacted by an apologist who can somehow reconcile my points with the teaching that has been offered time and time again on Catholic Answers Live. The fact is that there has been no Magisterial teaching of the church that would contradict special creation, nor that would give a definitive assertion to the validity of evolution.

The following links should assist you in better understanding the Catholic Church’s teaching on Creationism in light of the theory of evolution. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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