Why do we pray for God's mercy?

Our faith teaches us that God is a God of mercy. so, why do we pray for it, especially at Mass?

Benedict XVI says in one of the volumes of Jesus of Nazareth that we have a right and a duty to pray for our needs. Still, why do we pray for what we are assured of?

Your average “litany” has all these intercessions “have mercy on us.” You might say, we should not presume on God’s mercy – that’s a fine distinction, I guess. I don’t feel I’m presuming it, when I believe in it. I’m supposed to believe in it.

Perhaps we should be thanking God for His mercy, instead of begging for it.

I don’t know but after reading some of the Old Testament, one may think it’s a good idea.

Perhaps I’m wrong but my understanding is that although God is merciful he is also just.

We are not guaranteed Mercy, it is something we must ask for through prayer.

The main purpose of any prayer is not to get something, but to prepare ourselves to receive it, receive the God’s grace. Although God knows our needs in advance, He wants us to pray about them, disposing ourselves towards Him in a proper way.

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You’re absolutely right, except for the “instead”…We should do both.

We ask for God,s Mercy,because we are sinners, ,and we pray that God will forgive us,and grant us Mercy.

We pray for mercy in order to receive it from the one who has mercy to give, who is merciful.

Mercy is the property of the merciful one. It does not belong to you. The one who is merciful wants to use it, of course, but it still belongs to him.

I have a friend who always lets me use his tools (he had the wealth to buy them, but I do not). He always says “take it” when I ask, “Can I use it?” But, if I were to walk into his garage and take one without asking, that would be injustice.

In prayer, we approach God, we acknowledge who he is to us, we thank him for his kindnesses to us, and we ask for what we want and know it is his to give and know it is his desire to give.

A good servant gives you what you want without the need to ask, because all he has to give already is yours.
A lord gives you what you desire when you ask, in kindness.

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