Why do we pray to Mary?

It is a shame that I am 57 yrs old and I am still asking these questions; I have a relationship with Mary, I feel like I do. When I was 7, my family was in a tragedy,I prayed for something in my sorrow, (I woke up and heard the whole family crying and I figured out what was wrong by listening to their sobs; a family member was missing and presumed dead; I was alone in the room and there was a picture of Our Lady of Fatima and I knelt before her for a long while crying and praying that he was not really dead and to keep him safe) and it was granted after many years. I believe in her and I feel like all my prayers are about her;

Hail Mary, the rosary,the Angelus, Memorare;

My son turned moslem and I cry to her in my prayer and ask her as a mother too that she would help me cope with this.

My question is, if she is not a god, then how could she hear our prayers? In all honesty, I believe it was God who hears my prayers; but why do we pray to Mary?

Is it a sin to doubt Mary? I mean is it irreverent of me?

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