Why do we pray when God is all knowing?

More specifically why do we ask God to intercede for us in prayer?

I understand pray brings us closer to God by allowing time for one to think of His teachings, to examine our day to see if it was holy, and to center ourselves so we may better resist temptation and treat others will kindness but why do we ask for things?

God is all knowing so how can We ask Him to give use anything? Isn’t everything we need already provided?

If we pray for another person to stop sinning what could God do without violating the persons free will?

What can God do if we ask for the strength to overcome some trial?

I’m a little confused and the article on prayer from New Advent.org was very well made but mostly above my head.

Because Jesus told us to pray always.

Because even though I usually know what my husband is going to say, and what his opinion is on most things, I still enjoy talking with him.

Same difference :wink:

The human God dynamic in play here. We go about our lives, make our mistakes, and if we really went about our lives knowing 100% like while we are thinking in the prayer state, God was there with us, we would not make those mistakes, and the more we live without knowing this, the more we end up being in the world itself. When we pray, we are bridging that gap, regrouping, getting back to a more direct dialog and relationship with him, and this is kind of coming home of sorts when it comes down to it. He knows our needs, and often, our greatest needs are to live a life more in line with his being as the top priority, so he won’t answer prayers that we ask for in the process, just because he sees prayers that have not been said, or things asked for, need to be answered instead first.

Another dynamic of prayer itself, it’s forming a stronger union with him, for me to go about my life without any kind of prayer within it, I’m a very limited creation, far separated from him, and especially during adoration, very much drives home, there is a whole lot of experiences and direct communication as well as basic understanding that I am a spritual being, not just physical that comes into play here, and the dialog is no longer verbal, nor can be comprehended in that context. This can only be experienced and understood through deep meditative prayer.

Here is a quote from the diary of Saint Faustina, which may also help your understanding of prayer:

My daughter…why do you not tell me about everything that concerns you, even the smallest details? Tell Me about everything, and know that this will give Me great joy. I answered, But You know about everything, Lord." And Jesus replied to me, "Yes I do know; but you should not excuse yourself with the fact that I know, but with childlike simplicity talk to Me about everything, for my ears and heart are inclined towards you, and your words are dear to Me.(2; 921)

Pasted from: catholic-forum.com/churches/cathteach/divinemercy1.htm

prayer changes us : not God

When Thomas said to Jesus “my Lord and my God” waht did Jesus then say to Thomas? You believe because you see, blessed are those who don’t see yet believe.

We’re all in the 2nd category. Prayer is consumate demonstration of faith in someone you can’t see yet believe in. And the confidence that the one you can’t see is really there, and can interceed for you and others. It also demonstrates a personal relationship that is developing between the one who can be seen with the one who is unseen.

What are the 2 greatest commandments God gave? The ones that sum up what all the law and the prophets taught?
*]Love God with every fiber of your being,
*]and love your neighbor as yourself.
[/LIST]It’s easy to love and believe in someone you can see, but how do you love and believe in someone you can’t see?


And how do you demonstrate that love and belief?


Prayer is also an act of obedience of faith “Pray constantly” (1 Thess 5:17).

Because God wants to know that you would at least try to ask Him about something even though He knows you need it. He wants you to at least put in some effort and show some trust, humility, dependence and faith in Him.

For example, like me needing the car and not asking for it. Then when the occasion I needed the car for has passed my father tells me “I would have lent it to you if you asked, but since you didn’t ask I guess that thing you had to go to was not all too important to you”

We don’t ask God to intercede for us, we make our supplication directly to Him. Also, with whom would he intercede for us?

Additionally, in reply to the subject line, prayer is talking to God. We talk to those that we love.

In a number of her authenticated apparitions, the Blessed Virgin asked us to pray the Rosary for the world. There was a note of urgency in her words. Given who is speaking it follows that prayer, and the Rosary in particular, must have a powerful effect on things. Perhaps God knows what will happen if we don’t pray, and what will happen if we do.

What do you mean by “authenticated?” Can you give an example? Thanks.

By authenticated I am referring to apparitions that have been investigated and have received the magesterial seal of approval. Fatima, Lourdes, and Akita fall into this category. If memory serves there are about 11 apparitions that have been approved.

The point of intercessory prayer is to reveal our hearts to God. To be intimate with Him.

He knows us, but in order for us to draw closer to Him, we must humble ourselves before Him and tell Him what our deepest intentions and desires are.

Intercessory prayer is more about us and our relationship with the Lord than it is about Him knowing what our problems are.

Where does the Magisterium teach this? I am not trying to be difficult, believe me. I am simply trying to find out where the Magisterium of the Catholic Church clearly teaches what apparitions are “approved” (or whatever adjective is preferable). Thanks.

Gods will is already perfect while ours aren’t. He wants our wills to align with His, for us to pray that His will be done. We can do this in many ways but in any case, anytime we do ask for something good, we’re on the right track.

There are a number of sites that outline how and why apparitions are approved. A good summary is found at wikipedia (surprise surprise)


Wikipedia is not the Magisterium. Thanks anyway.

There is more to prayer than just asking God for favors. There are prayers of adoration, prayers of thanksgiving and prayers of praise.

Our prayers, whether adoration or petition, do nothing to add to the glory of God. Prayer is meant to draw us into a closer relationship with our creator. You cannot have a successful relationship without communication.

If you are the parent of a small child, you’ll appreciate this analogy. When your child is telling you something that you already know (which is just about anything and everything they say), does that take away from your joy? Do you wish they would not speak to you since you already know what they will say? Certainly not. Prayer is opening your heart and allowing God to come in and work His will in your life.

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