Why do we pray? x

I often hear that we never choose to pray but it is always the Holy Spirit calling us to prayer and we respond to that. If this is the case, why when I need help and the Holy Spirit calls me to pray and I respond by praying does my prayer go unanswered, that seems silly. Also people say prayer is conversation with God but it always seems that I’m the only one conversing as I don’t get a reply or help so why would anyone continue with this? I’m getting the feeling that praying is just trying to avoid Hell but if God is going to withhold His help all your life then why would you want to be with Him in Heaven? People say He never abandons you but surely abandonment is better than being ignored by someone who is with you?

I’ve been to adoration more in the last coupe of months than the rest of my life combined but looking at it I feel less like visiting a friend and more like being in the presence of an ancient king who obviously wants to be adored but nothing more. I also pray to Mary for her intercession and don’t know whether she is also ignoring me or if she is carrying all my prayers and distress to God and He is ripping them up. Same goes for the angels and saints, what happens? I pray, God tells the saints I have prayed, the saints intercede by carrying my prayers to God and God says no; I does God tell the saints that I am asking for their intercession and God tell them not to bother because the answer is no again?

I have suffered for so many years, decades even and every year there is a new suffering piled on top. A month ago I was at a point where I fully realised I can do nothing without God and handed my whole life to Him but bow I am despondent and feel opposite. If all of this suffering is for my own good then something is clearly wrong.

Prayer is conversation. We converse with the One we love. Does it really matter if our needs or wants are realized? It is the conversation itself which is intended to fill us with joy. Prayer is a duty, but duty is a minimum. Discard thoughts of duty. Go beyond the minimums. Pray with joy!

When we fell in love, we could not spend enough time with our loved one, in person, or speaking via telephone or the interwebz. We claim to love God. Do we spend time with Him (Adoration)? Do we converse with Him (prayer)?

We loved to hear our loved one’s voice and often remained silent simply to hear that voice speak to us, answer us. Sometimes, we had no words to reply, but just sat enthralled at the sound. Do we sit in silence before God, listening to that still, small voice which loves us infinitely more than we have the capacity to imagine?

Prayer. Communication with our beloved.


I have absolutely no joy.

Yes I pray a lot every day and have been going to adoration a few times when it’s on and I can get there.

I hear nothing and am not enthralled just feel isolated.

Yes but no voice is heard.

Consistent with times of spiritual dryness or a lack of consolation. It is during these times that our perseverance is being tested. As you well know, it is not fun. Joy is in short supply - yet, the Lord has the right to test us - as the Archangel Raphael told Tobit and Tobias. From the Book of Tobit (12:13) in the Catholic Living Bible:

“Because you found favor with God, it was necessary that your faith should be tested.”

“Because you found favor with God…” I love meditating on this.

I find few verses in either the Old Testament or New that are more comforting. However, I would be remiss if I did not mention my absolute favorite verse, John 16:33:

“In this world, you will have tribulation. But, take heart, for I have overcome this world.”

Joy should proceed from love. At times it will be muted. At others, almost too loud to bear. Yet, you are not alone in either case, or in between. If you can get to adoration regularly, it is absolutely the best spiritual medicine on earth.

Perhaps one of the books of Saint Teresa of Calcutta, or How to Listen When God Is Speaking by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.

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He listened to the people of Ninevah, why is He being silent with me?

This is not satisfying to hear on a human level, but you will know why in the fullness of time. He may be speaking to you in a manner not yet recognized.

BigRon, I have seen many of your posts, and I see your unhappiness. Have you made an appointment with your priest to discuss things? If not, I think you would find him to be helpful.

In many of your posts, you speak of not having your prayers answered. Maybe that is true. Perhaps you should pray for God’s will, not your will in your life and see how that goes. Your comments about God being like a king that only wants to be adored are very troubling.

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