Why do you believe in God?

If someone asked you this, what would be the very first thing you say?

Because he exists. :slight_smile:

because He has gifted me with faith.

also, logically, I would ask what better alternative the questioner has to offer me and then wait for a reply before discussing the issue further.

the idea that there is no God is completely absurd to me because I can see no valid reason for believing such an idea.

does anyone know of a valid reason for believing everything came from nothing?

does anyone know of a valid reason for believing that existence is limited, by what?

does anyone know of a valid reason for believing that existence is temporary?

so, as you can see, not believing in God is the least sensible concept I can imagine.

How can something as wonderful and pefect as a watermellon be random chance?

This looks very much like a circular argument.

Because He was kind enough to create me.:slight_smile:

Oh, I guess that is why I love Him. Well I have to believe in Him to Love Him, so there.

See St Thomas Aquinas’s four arguments for the existence of God. Then there is the Ontological argument formulated by St Anselm (which was rejected by Aquinas). None of these arguments are logically watertight and all the great theologians have been wrestling with these questions.

This is the fourth argument from St Thomas, the Design Argument. It was attacked on a logical base by David Hume. Then Darwin came along and destroyed it with empirical evidence. It is still used as the argument from common sense, but nature is not built on common sense.

I don’t think that we can rely on logic or on empirical evidence for any solid “proof” for the existence of God. As other posters have pointed out, our belief in God is based on our inner knowledge and love. I see my belief in God growing through constant searching for a deeper understanding of human nature and the world around us.

Because it takes a heck of a lot more faith to believe everything came from nothing!

Because I’ve seen many things that point to His existence.

For example, I’ve seen a video of a scientist who converted from atheism to Catholicism after studying a Eucharistic miracle that took place in the 90s, demonstrating that the consecrated Host is truly Jesus in His body, blood, soul, and divinity: youtube.com/watch?v=qbg_dhI4XCs

The sample he studied in Argentina in the 90s had the exact same properties as an Italian specimen from the eighth century. They are both heart tissue, and in the case of the Argentinian sample, it pulsated like a real heart as it was being studied. That is very difficult for people to explain without factoring in a spiritual dimension.

Because I have not found anyone who can refute this scientific evidence. (Truth be told, I haven’t met any Atheists who can even work all the way through this little book).

Because I’ve never seen a logically-coherent argument for the reality of existence that doesn’t require greater faith than my belief in God.

An example would be people who argue that if the multiverse theory is correct, and if other universes exist, then maybe one of them could exist with a different set of physical laws which might have allowed it to pop into existence without an external stimulus. But only maybe, because there’s absolutely no way of verifying that empirically. It’s just one possibility that I was able to come up with, but for which I can offer nothing other than complete and absolute conjecture.

Compare that to: God created the universe because, rationally, everything we know of existence relies on cause and effect. As such, it is necessary that the effect of existence has a cause external to itself.

One of these two is rational and logical; the other is pure, unadulterated, conjecture.

I don’t…

Because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.


Look at the moon & stars…“you didn’t build that!” :wink:

Because I have the choice to believe or not to believe, and believing has always brought me far more peace than not believing. There has to be something in that.

He lives with me – I’m always talking to Him

What will you say to Him if you’re wrong :confused:

Bertrand Russell was asked this question. He replied that if confronted by God he would say “Sorry Sir, you didn’t give us enough evidence”.

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