Why do YOU Believe in God??


Few years ago I attended a spiritual exercise. This was a question that the Friar asked us.

-Logically- I answered this question… but the good friar wanted more.
Something deeper.

Finally, I gave this answer –

I believe in God because…
of the personal un-natural feelings Ive felt during certain times of prayer.

Your turn…


Because I have no proof and yet I believe, because I believe without proof I know it is not merely a human action to have faith, humans seek evidence and so to believe without evidence is extraordinary especially when everything opposes belief, to have faith is a Divine gift, a Supernatural gift. Because to reason belief is to consider it is unreasonable and we are all deluded and this would be the speech of an athiest and yet there is still something within me that I cannot define yet urges me to believe without being deluded and my reason in harmony with my belief.

I believe because I see God in some way in everything and everyone and all things in creation speak of some attribute of God because without this all things are meaningless, it is a world of nothing meaning nothing with no purpose and a cruel suffering globe where the innocent suffer alongside the wicked for no purpose if God did not create it to love Him.

I believe because love is unexplainable. Without love no man would die for another, who can explain this if there is no God Who is Love?

I believe because something deep inside me tells me the world is broken, there is something terribly wrong with it and something terribly wrong with people and what they do to each other. It shouldn’t be like this!

I believe because I recognise I am more than flesh, in the sight of the loss of a loved one I asked ‘where have they gone?’ because the body is surely left but they surely have gone.

I believe because I can see amidst this mess a decisive rythmn to life, a time for everything. I see it is not hap-hazard, but has a beginning and an end and a purpose, I see the two poles of life, the good and the bad, the two staging posts upon which man clings to either one or fluctuates between the two and he does so by choice and why would man have this choice if it were not given to him?.

I believe because man cannot create anything without first it’s origin already existing, man cannot make something out of nothing, only God can do this.

I believe because some touches are so deeply felt that no human could invoke it, no thought could summon it up and no desire could cause it’s effect, it is purely outside of the human yet within him and only within him because God gifted it to him.

Everything is grace.

In my prayers and thanks for the great post.


I believe because…
He has never steered me wrong and the only time I felt He did was when it was actually my wrongdoing. He has never abandoned me. He is never changing, not only for me, but for so many different people from every race, tongue, and culture around the world.


Uh, Faith is a supernatural gift from God that you get at Baptism. We just are open to it. Faith is a theological virtue that cannot be won by human efforts. But, it can be rejected and blocked due to free will.

So, I believe because God gave me that grace. Too Simple? Well, it’s true.


I think I believe in God because I’m wired by God to recognise and believe the truth. The baptism we receive as infants does open us to the graces that are incorporated in belief. Although I was bought up in the Catholic faith, I had deeper and fuller understanding once I started to trust God to show me the truth.
I also get great spiritual feelings when in prayer, but I try not to lean on them, because the Mormans think they have a true religion based on the “burning in the heart” that they feel when discerning thier faith. Also we can, like the saints before us, go through long periods of time without have these feelings.
I thank God that I believe, because without Him I’d be nothing and with Him I can be everything He intends me to be!!!


Because He Is.



There is no right or wrong answer… one that simply requies you to examine your thoughts…

why do YOU believe in God?


Without examining my thoughts, because the apostolic witness is reliable, so there nyah. :stuck_out_tongue:



ahh, I like that one. Good answer!


Sometimes the blurted out answer is the right one. :slight_smile: On a somewhat unrelated note, I remember Mark Shea describing an argument between a Bible-alone Christian and a non-trinitarian. The non-trinitarian matched him verse for verse until in a moment of frustration, the Christian blurted out, God is a Trinity because 2000 Years of Christian testimony says so! He got the right answer (of course affirming the authoritativeness of Tradition in the process. :smiley: )



Because I’d be a darn fool not to.


Because He answered mine and my families prayers and allowed me to survive stage 3 cancer for 3 years. And because I had a conversion experience Easter eve 2005. Tim


Yes, I left agnosticism behind when God allowed me to believe in Him. Faith is a gift that is accepted.


i asked the same question of my husband when he converted from athiesm to Catholicism. I said to him, why do you now believe in God? Simple he said, the universe and everything in it cannot work without God, we cannot exist without Him, and he told me, evolution does not work ( he had been an evolutionist his entire life ) he said evolution discounts intelligent design, he said that it takes someone or something with incredible power and energy to make the universe exist the way it does, and he said God is the only one who can make all things exist, and because of His will they were created and exist. Also, because God loves man, He gave man a perfect home to live on, and to care for, and that He loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son.Frank further went on to state that this is proof enough for him to believe in God, and I thought that answer was a fine one indeed.He went to church with me and he seen how glorious God is. Frank lives for God and his covnersion has deepened my love for God immensely, it was already deep, but the whole hearted way Frank received the truth and how it is blossoming in him is a miracle! Thanks be to God!



God Bless Frank and you




Ditto. And because everything within me and everything that I see, taste, touch, feel, hear and even smell screams that he exists, that he made it all and made it good :cool: :thumbsup:


There are many reasons, most of which don’t come to mind right away (true for all of us I think), but here are a few:

Many times in my life, I had accomplishments well beyond my ability or was protected from harm by something not of this world. I was reminded again and again that there is more to us than our short existence in this life, and that “someone” is watching out for me and mine;

Many current events (and past as well) in this world can be fully explained only with the realization of evil as an active entity unto itself. If Satan is real, then …

As I get older my own opinions and beliefs fall closer and closer to the Catholic faith (true faith, not some of the liberal nonsense being peddled by the foolish). I have come to realize that the wisdom of God as presented through Jesus is something I am only beginning to grasp - a humbling experience to be sure;

I have come to realize that humans in fact have a very limited understanding of the world around us, let alone space beyond us, and that it is simply our own individual arrogance that allows us to pretend that we are gods of our own existence; and,

The many miracles, apparitions and revelations that occur around the world demonstrate to even unbelievers the existence of the supernatural. Many profess a blind belief in interplanetary aliens and ghosts but ridicule belief in God in spite of His appearance on Earth in person. Most atheists remain unbelievers because they intentionally close their eyes and minds to what is happening all around them to protect their comfortable existence in this life. I prefer to seek the truth and it has consistently led me back to Him.


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