Why do you believe in God?

What makes you believe in God? Even if you’ve never lost faith, what is it that makes you believe? If you were an atheist or agnostic, what made you believe? If you were a polytheist or pantheist, what made you believe that there was one personal God?

I’m sure we can all learn something, so I’m looking forward to reading your responses. Wishing you well


Regarding myself, I don’t believe in a personal God because of the problem of evil, and I don’t see God’s hand in nature.

I come to the garden alone,
While the dew is still on the roses.
And the voice I hear,
Falling on my ear
The Son of God discloses.

And, He walks with me
and He talks with me,
and He tells me I am His own.
And the joy we share,
as we tarry there,
none other can ever know.

I don’t know - I can’t not believe in God, because I am continually talking to Him, and I always feel as though He is talking to me. Not always in words - sometimes it’s just the peculiar way that a cloud is formed, or what someone says to you just at the right moment. He speaks to me through the world, through other people, and through my imagination.

Sometimes I have the powerful impression that He is standing just behind me, not saying anything - just being there.

One day I seriously asked God if He was there. He said, “Yes.” I now believe.

Someone I used to know had an interesting experience (this was back in the 1970s) - he said, “God, if you are real, show me a sign.”

Just then, a member of the Jesus People walked by with a huge sign that said, “Yes, I am real. - God.”

On a related note, a friend of mine was travelling in a strange city with her Mom (who doesn’t go to any church), and they had become lost. She prayed out loud, “God please show us a sign to let us know which way to go.”

Just then they came around a corner, and there was a huge sign with a giant arrow and the name of the place they were looking for. She said, “Thank you, Jesus!!”

Her Mom just looked at her and said, “Jesus didn’t need to help us - there was a sign.” She said, “I asked Jesus for a sign - what - did it need to be bigger?” OOOOHHH, yeah … :stuck_out_tongue:

Documented Miracles.


-because in my life there are an incredible number of coincidences that make total randomness very unlikely.

  • because the thought of dying and nothingness is just too depressing and scares the bejeebers out of me.

  • because all the stories about miracles in the Bible, stories from saints and friends are just too numerous to all be made up.

-because I believe in divine justice ,and I can not imagine folks who commit heinous crimes getting away scot free, such as Hitler committing suicide after murdering millions of folks,

-because all the stories about saints and their miracles could not have been made up or faked, these folks were not all delusional or nutcases.

-because I believe there is some purpose to our lives, that we were not merely placed here for a few short years and meant to just suddenly disappear back into nothingness.

There have been times when I have cried out "I can not believe in You. You do not exist."
And He has whispered back to me “I am here. We are holding on to you”.

And They have filled my soul with peace despite the storms of life raging on around me.

Go with Love, Go with God!

I too have sometimes been filled with peace during a very trying time. I don’t think I know how to function without belief in God. He has been with me when I could not do it alone as I have had some very tough challanges with my health. I don’t know how people do it that have no belief.

There r thousend of reasons
first the nature I cant belvie someone could think that everything had happened random , the laws of physics r so perfectly established, that one must say taht the one taht created that laws of physics n everything is a very intelligent been.

There most be an logical order , if everyone in teh whole world could do absolutely whatever they want , this means i can be the more evil person n if i have a pleasing death it ll end all there n i ll be free from a punish, its nonsense, this means that u can kill anyone, thousend or millions like stalin n have a pleasing death n u wont be punish at all , if thats the true I cant understand how we were all created to do that whithout consequences.

also that I feel the presence of God , but its difficult to really feel him , when he do a miracle or he show himslef he ll hide after ,cause he want us to belive with our own faith, not because of miracles.

God is also with everyone that request him , however he cant talk to u clearly until u get a pure heart cause God cant talk to someone if u could sin awfully the next day.

Another reason is the abundand miracles that happen, near me n everywhere ; the incorrupts the saints , the apparitiosn of the blessed virgin, the miraculous healing , the phenomens, the exorcists, etc

and another reason is taht I didnt used to go to church , afterwards i had an illnes on my liver n I started to go to church more often n i talked to the priest n he made me the signal of teh cross n he gave me his blessing n i felt a great healing on my liver the pain had stopped completely for some hours , I think taht is a message that means i shouldnt go to church jsut one time but every sunday to get better, or its a signal that God is with me througout everything that happened to me in my illnes , that day i discovered that God is so close every second, dispite I dotn feel his presence at all.

Also the miracles that happen in Latin america n on poor places , there had been several miracles on my parish, there r statues that cry , apparitions of teh blessed Mother etc.

there had been many saints that had have amazing gift from God bi - location , levitation and other gift , some bodys of deceaced saints had became incorruptible after 400 years of their deaths.

Also the gospels are historic , if someone dotn belive the gospels that person dotn ahve the right to believe in any ancient history, cause the gospels are more historic than any document of that time.

Another reason is the shroud of Turin. Its is the shroud in which Jesus was covered after his death. There have been alot of slanders about the shroud of turin but I had studied it , and the image of a man in the shrourd of turin is a image that is burned in fire and radiation , “this assures everyone the resurection of Jesus” many atheist tried to debunk this relic, saying that it was a medieval painting of the 13 century , but the nasa had discovered that the image of the man in that shroud was made by fire and the NASA made a tridimentional sculpture of the image of the man in that shroud, no painting can be a tridimentional sculpute, also this relic has microscopic pollen of palestine from the I st century.

there are a lot more reasons to belvie in God…:wink:

This is exactly why I came back to God. I was in Ireland and had a moment of clarity. I found it awesome the way everything is prefectly set up for us here on earth through nature. It was almost like like God was saying Peek a boo! I see you.

God bless,

Every time i take a breath it’s a gift that someone gave to me. That someone is God.

NOW. right then, that breath you just took. it happened not because of you. but because you were allowed to take it. and one day when you don’t take any more breaths. God will have willed that as well. We are truely in the palm of his divine hand.

There has to be a maker. because things have been made.

I don’t know why I believe in God. What I mean by that is, I don’t know why I used to not be aware of Him anywhere, while now I am aware of Him everywhere. The world didn’t change, but suddenly He was (is) there, everywhere. The world is filled with God. How could I not see it before?

It’s grace, obviously!

Lots of reasons, intellectual, experiential and emotional. But strangely enough, the one that hits me with the most force every once in awhile is contemplating just how difficult it is to NOT believe in God. I have sometimes thought how much one has to accept on faith to disbelieve in God. Assumption after assumption after assumption. It’s a lot more difficult than believing.

Just for instance. Lots of people who don’t believe in God believe that somewhere in this incredibly vast universe there are surely beings that are as more intelligent than we are as we are of, say, sea slugs. For some reason, that’s not hard for them. And, when you think how many trillions of planets there are, it’s not too hard for anybody to believe that. But once you say there is any possibility of that, you have to admit there is no likelihood we would be able to comprehend them, any more than a sea slug can comprehend us. Any such creature would have to find a way to communicate with us that we could understand, if it wished to communicate at all, but that communication could not communicate the whole of that being because it would be so much beyond us. Kind of reminds one of Revelation.

Once you admit of that at all, you can’t reasonably put boundaries on it. If you exclude God as such a being, you simply have to put an arbitrary boundary out there among things you think possible, but know you cannot fully comprehend, without having any good reason to place that boundary in that particular place.

That’s one example of why it seems so difficult to me to disbelieve.

Something can’t come from nothing. There is always the question of where did matter come from. Matter cannot be created or destroyed, though converted into another form. I think God though can transcend natural law, well at least natural law to us.

However, I have began to find that Deism is the way to go. I am finding revealed religion to be a tad unbelivable. But I don’t believe in a blind watchmaker. I think God knows our needs and provides the essentials. Also, the sheer complexity of things like cellular respiration (Kreb’s Cycle, Photosynthesis), genetics, protiens, and all the other complex biological factors make it hard to not believe in a God. But i’m not totally sold on deism either. Truth be told, I want Catholicism to work.

my two cents


“Something is afoot in the universe” - Tielhard de Chardin. Jesuit anthropologist.

“The world is charged with the grandeur of God” - Gerard M. Hopkins Jesuit poet.

For me, I view the entire 6 billion + year history of the universe as the record of a Creator who loves his Creation and is still in love with His Creation and is still directing His Creation. I can’t conceive of a universe that simply sprang into being…calculate the probability that all of this is a random event and that life just appears from a primordial ooze. What are my chances of winning the multi-state lottery, hmmm? What are the chances of life simply “evolving”? Even Stephen Hawking is not willing to concede this nor was Einstein. Gould did. I respect his and your beliefs, but I see the Hand of God all over the place. Credo.

I believe in God because God believes in me.

Quite literally, as a temple of the Holy Spirit, God lives within me and by his Divine Son he always believes in the Almighty Father on my behalf for me.

Obviously you are involved in science, especially with our good friend RNA…:smiley:

Anywho, I find it easy to believe in God because something from nothing just doesn’t work. So there must be a force, or creator, that can transcend all we know. Do I believe in religions that involve texts and God speaking to people? Eh…not really because that doesn’t make sense…at least not right now.

I think that believing in God is good and natural. But how God functions and what He chooses to do is up to him and we couldnt possibly know.


How very true. He does believe in us. I spent much of my first 50 years of my life denying Him, laughing at His followers, snickering at weeping paintings, and considering religion as just so much mumbo-jumbo. However there was always a presence in the back of my mind that I could not get rid of. Why, if He did not exist was I so bothered by the mention of Him? How could the evil one so clearly exist but not the Good One? Then one Sunday my wife (a fallen Baptist) and I were coerced by a friend into going to Church. I’d been to Chruch services before and nothing special happened, but this time was different. It was a Lutheran Church and the new associate Pastor was holding spasely attended Taize services, and He was there waiting for me.

I’ve seen Him, but not with my eyes.
I’ve heard Him, but not with my ears.
I’ve touched Him, but not with my hands.
His logic and order permeates the universe - this all just didn’t happen by accident.

He is all around if we will just open our minds and see.

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