Why do you believe?


What is the basis of your faith?


I included other, because our existance and life without God does not make sense to me.


I followed the road signs and they pointed to Jesus…


Hmm…I picked no specific reason because my faith is built upon several reasons. Yes, I was raised Catholic, so my parents taught me that God existed. I prayed, and felt my prayers were answered. It just feels right. I witnessed a minor miracle (the lock to the family car was fixed). I’m constantly learning more about my faith, and the more I learn, the more my belief is confirmed. I believe because others do not. My faith grows stronger because I’m constantly trying to prove that God exists to my athiest classmates.

  1. Because such a complex universe requires the existence of a God.

  2. If God created creatures that are able to love and communicate, then He must be able to love and communicate, hence the necessity for revealed religion.

  3. Of all the revealed religions, only Judaism and Christianity make sense.

  4. Christ clearly fulfills the messianic prophecies, hence Christianity is true.

  5. Catholicism is the oldest form of Chrsitianity and is supported by the Bible, history, and logic.

That’s why I’m Catholic.

God Bless,


I gave a “poor” reason : I just do.

I am convinced that belief in God is a grace of God. Of course, there are oodles of proof of the existence of God, but the fact is that, of two individuals with the same upbringing, intelligence and circumstances, one will believe and the other will not. There is therefore something else at work. It may be a function of free will, but, in this case, we know that we cannot even have a good thought without the grace of God.

I am not in the least troubled by unbelievers and if one asked me to prove the existence of God, I would simply answer : the great majority of people in the world do believe in a supreme being and if you don’t, the onus is on you to prove the opposite… There was a time when most of the world believed that the earth was flat and that the sun went around it. They believed their senses, and they were right to do so. When people came around who thought differently, they were asked, rightly, to bring convincing proof. The same goes for the existence of God.

We cannot convert anyone, only God converts. And if we are brought into contact with an unbeliever, God may or may not use us. Our job is to be a witness to our faith by our words and deeds. The kindness and understanding we show may go farther than any proof.



There’s a difference in how I came to the church vs why I believe…

I came to the church because I was raised in the faith. That was entirely through my parents…

I believe because I cannot find another more logical conclusion. My faith is completely logical… I can’t argue against it in any way.


The Lord offered me the gift of Faith qand I accepted it.


Evidence convinces me that there is a God. All that we see is an effect, God is the un-caused cause. According to the laws of nature, a thing at rest will stay at rest. God is the un-moved mover. God set the universe in motion. Something must bring order to a chaotic universe and that something is God.

to my mind it is a greater leap of faith to deny God’s existance than to believe in Him.


This is probably the best question I’ve seen on this forum.

I believe for one reason only. I want to spend eternity with my maternal grandmother and my mother. The Church says my maternal grandmother is burning in hell because she left the Church to marry my grandfather, but I’m willing to bet on God’s mercy. If God doesn’t grant her mercy, then I’m more than ready to go straight to hell to be by her side.

Sorry, there’s a second reason. I’m sick to death of this world we live in. The everlasting live the Church promises will be a very welcome change.


I voted “other” because it is a matter of many different circumstances-

  1. Taught by parents.
  2. Study
  3. Inner conversion
  4. Miracle happening in my life (Went to Romania to meet a girl, got engaged and after returning home she broke it off- then prayer before Blessed Sacrament- for God to “take away this pain” and to send me “a good Catholic woman”. Two months later I meet online a woman who is a catechist in the Phillipines. I go there, we get engaged. We are now married with three beautiful children- all of our family is telling us to use birth control etc… plus more issues as we fight for the Catholic faith here in our own family.)



I chose “other”. The ones that were close were “I don’t know for sure, but I want to believe”, which isn’t exactly my case. I don’t know if God exists or not, but I’m not sure I want to believe as much as I’d like to know whether or not God exists. If there isn’t a God, I’m okay with that. If there is, then I’d be happy to believe. In many ways, I’d like to go back to my “blissful ignorance” when I “just believed” that God was real. However, at this point I’m unaware of any evidence to support the existence of God.

Which brings us to “I need proof in order to believe”. I thought about choosing this one, but I’m not really looking for an air-tight proof of God’s existence (or non-existence). An irrefutable proof either way would be nice, but I’m willing to settle for less. Something along the lines of a preponderance of the evidence.


When I was little my mother would tell me that I needed to be good and not lie because God didn’t like liars. Although she had and still has fallen away from the church life was still religious. When I was very young, I found that when my father was abusing my mother and I, he was a physically (hitting) and verbally abusive drunk, I can remember asking God to take away the pain and I could feel over whelmed and no longer scared. And because of this feeling I started to walk to the closest church I could find (it was a Methodist church) and I started to go every Sunday. Ever since I was probably around 2nd grade I’ve been drawn to God, and have always been veracious in finding the truth, that’s why I’m Catholic now. So I voted for a miracle, but I believe that the holy spirit brought me.


I like all of the responses given from everybody, but here I think you speak true.


What is the basis of your faith?

It isn’t any one thing for me. But after years of doubting all religion, I can tell you how I first considered the possibility of the truth of Jesus. When it finally struck me that 10 out of the 11 remaining apostles died for a truth that they were direct eyewitnesses to. They believed because they saw, not because someone told them. If Christ was not physically raised, and the resurrection was actually a “metaphor”, I suppose one or two might have mustered the bravery to die defending the good words and works of Jesus. The rest would have chucked in the towel and gone back to fishing or whatever.

So, it was my familiarity with the weakness of human nature that actually initiated my journey in faith. That and the fact my immoral life was getting me nowhere. :o

Cool question. -Tim


My Mom used to tell me, faith is a gift. I believe it is. Nobody told me to believe, my upbringing as a catholic, and 9 years of catholic grammar school, helped in formation of who I am, my conscience, my values, a firm footing- for faith to take hold - but they did not provide me with faith. Did God pick me and call me - sometimes I think so - I mean I remember a point in time when I was seeking in my late 20s - college and my early career and life in my 20s pushed God out - which really began to happen when I was a teenager, feeling the need to rebel - and be different - not be a conformist - to be a free thinker. - then after feeling the emptiness, I found myself at 29 years old in a book store, looking at Bibles, and I am not sure why - I was seeking, someone may have sown a seed - God may have sown a seed- cannot explain it - but it began a journey which continues now - yes. I was baptized, confirmed, brought up in the RCC, and yes, I know the faith - the doctrines that was taught to me in Catholic school and that I heard at mass each week - but no, I did not really believe - to the point where I earnestly sought Him, until I found myself empty - needing something more - a thirst for Jesus. Where does that came from ?? What is the source of faith ? Many can argue, about salvation, about a point in time being a turning point - an experience, a new birth - I know the theology now - but I didn’t then until I studied it, that our new birth occured when we are baptized - but even still a point in one’s life still must come even for a cradle catholic when they seek a personal relationship with God - where we pray for it, not knowing why, except that we seek. I only say this because I went through it. I felt it - it drew me to a baptist church where I became a member, and then it drew me back home - to the catholic church. my marriage in the catholic church did that - it gave me my vocation to strengthen the foundation that was instilled as a cradle catholic- and to pass it onto my children - but my faith ? Why do I believe ?? What drives me to seek and thirst for God?? I prayed for it, and it came- faith is a gift. - undeserved - for a sinner. It makes us cry when we watch scenes of Jesus on the cross - it makes me feel His love for me, knowing I am just one of the multitude who would prefer to live a worldly selfish existence, if it were not for the Holy Spirit - who tugs and convicts my conscience- and keeps me on the road to heaven, am I saved ? I guess the best answer is I am being saved.


The free grace of God - that contains everything.


My dear Leahlnancsi,

I assure you the Church says no such thing. The Church, in fact, condemns such as thing. the Church instructs us to trust in God mercy and perfect judgement. Please get peace, not anguish over the Catholic Church’s teachings. I’ll say a pray with you for your Mom and Grandmom. Peace of Christ be with you.

(Don’t take my word for it, investigate for yourself.). Our One Holy Catholic apostolic Chruch does not say any particular individual is burning in hell.


First, I believe because I was raised believing.

Second, I know that I was raised correctly because God told me.

Now to explain the second part. Although I was bright I always had to struggle to learn (nowadays I would be considered gifted and learning disabled). As part of the confirmation process all students, both in parochial schools and CCD, were given a test by the diocese (Los Angeles, CA). This test was in two sections (I belief one was on the Bible and the other was on the Catholic faith).

By the time our confirmation retreat took place I had all but forgotten about taking this test and was uncertain about being confirmed due to being sure Catholic was the right faith for me.

At the retreat a teacher came up and asked me, “are you Elizabeth M…?”

I said, “Yes”.

She went on to say, “You got 100% on both parts of the diocesan test! You are the first to ever do this. They did not believe it was possible for anyone to do this. You raised our parish’s average and expectations.” (Note: I think the diocese may have used this test to measure the effectives of the religious education programs in each parish). I believe that God guided me in getting perfect scores on this test to make sure I would be a life long Catholic.


I chose “other.” I believe because I know God saved me. Everything else (theology, philosophy, apologetics, the very slow movement to the Catholic Church) came later.

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