Why do you go to church?


Why do you go to mass? How frequently? I’m interested in what motivates you (each individual) to attend church services. What do you personally get out of it, or feel it does for you or others? Do you also participate in other events or activities organized by your church? Again, why?

I am a non-catholic doing research on Catholic culture and beliefs for an anthropology-class project. I appreciate, and look forward to learning, any insights you have to offer.


I am a 62 year old RCIA Candidate. I go to Mass every Sunday, although I am not yet allowed to participate in the Eucherist. Why? To give thanks to God.


To worship God, to pray for my needs and the needs of others, both strangers and friends, and to give thanks for blessings received.

How frequently?

Every day as far as possible.

I’m interested in what motivates you (each individual) to attend church services. What do you personally get out of it, or feel it does for you or others? Do you also participate in other events or activities organized by your church? Again, why?

I participate in Bible studies, RCIA (which is what we call our convert training process), Catechism classes (which is like Sunday School in many ways), and also in various service organizations such as the Catholic Women’s League and the Fire in the Rose program.

I am a non-catholic doing research on Catholic culture and beliefs for an anthropology-class project. I appreciate, and look forward to learning, any insights you have to offer.

Best of luck with your project. :slight_smile:


Catholics believe that in the Eucharist the Risen Jesus comes to them as their spiritual food. To take part in Mass as often as possible is the greatest blessing I can have on this earth. It brings the community who are attending closer to one another as well as increasing our faith and our desire to grow in our spiritual journey.

I also participate in my Church by teaching Catechism to fourth graders, and attending Bible studies. I feel strongly about my faith as it gives me much peace and joy. I try to pass that on to my young students.


I go to mass to worship God in the way He wants us to worship HIm (Do this in rememberance of Me). I go once a week, I would like to go more and probably will once the kids are all in school.

I don’t go in order to get anything out of it, but I can’t say I don’t benefit from going. I struggle with distraction in prayer and in mass I can totally focus. I think it gives me (and others) a sense of community. We sit in the same pew every week and see the same people in their pews.

I sing in the choir and cantor at masses (because I love to sing, and can, and its needed). I am involved in bible studies (I LOVE, and always have, hearing bible stories and learning more about God), the Elizabeth Ministry (this is out of my comfort zone but I feel God wants me here) and Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration (easily my second best prayer-time, Jesus asks, "can you not stay awake with me for one hour? MT 26:40) . My daughter attends the parish school and I do lunch duty and sell milk tickets (although that’s not so often).

Good luck with your project. Let us know how it all comes out :slight_smile: .


I go to Mass as many days as possible. Catholics believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist (that is, that he is literally and physically present in the blessed bread and wine in a unique way). So why not enjoy his presence as often as I can?

I also do what is called ‘Eucharistic Adoration’ as often as this is available to me. The host (blessed bread) is displayed in a specially designed receptacle called a monstrance and I go and pray in front of it and just enjoy being in Christ’s presence.


I go to see Jesus Christ! Everyday, if possible! And I can’t wait to get there because I know He’s waiting for me!


I go to mass at least once a week. I try to go at least twice a week but I have 1 child in college, 2 in different high schools and one in grade school, then I also have a 50+ hour a week job and I am on call 24/7. I go on Sundays and I try to be ready early on Thursday mornings when I have to drive my daughter 20 miles to school at 6:15 am so that she can altar serve mass before school. I also go to the Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent, Participate in Posada in December (Mexican tradition where we re-enact the journey to Bethlehem and birth of Christ throughout our neighborhood. We sing, pray and when we get back to the school we have a fiesta)

I go to mass to thank God for all the blessings in my life. I go to mass to worship and praise God. I go to mass because I am a much happier person when I receive Christ more than once a week in the Eucharist. The mass is a celebration! I am very happy to be invited…

I participate in as many things with my parish as I can. Volunteering during our Fall Festival, baking cookies for RCIA, making food for funeral luncheons, etc…Right now, I am also taking a Bible study that is focusing on just the Gospel of Matthew for 24 weeks. I can’t believe how much there is to learn! I am a cradle Catholic and have been blest with a Catholic upbringing!


I love attending the 7:00 a.m. Mass at the Poor Clares Monastery. To begin the day receiving Our Lord and hearing the Word of God makes everything I do for the rest of the day seem small.

And the benefits! I always thank Our Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me, a poor sinner, to be a part of His sacrificial banquet. To pray for the intentions that are so needed in this world as well as for the Poor Souls in Purgatory who desperately need prayers and who will one day be in Heaven and able to pray for me.

I never see Sunday Mass as a day of OBLIGATION but as a day of OPPORTUNITY. This was told to me by my Parish Priest and I have never forgotten it.


The first time I started attending daily mass because I wanted to familiarize myself with English Mass (it’s my second language). After that, because I want to be close to God.

Recently, I have this funny emotion whenever I go to church. It makes me happy (more like children kind of happiness, when a child get a balloon etc). so usually, I run from the bus stop to the church and sing all the way. The past 1-2 weeks, it’s even worse. When I want to receive the Holy communion, I have this anxious, happy feeling as if I’m going to meet my first date. :o and it always happens now.

So the main purpose is to give thanks to God and since I attend daily mass, church is a second home for me. In fact, some days I spend, more time in church than at home. It feels good to be in church than any other places. :slight_smile:


How lovely :slight_smile: I always feel really happy after communion, and practically skip off back home or to whatever errands I have to do.


One time in my life I might have asked that question to, but it would have been because I didn’t realy know how much i could let go of this life and just release my life over to Jesus.

Now I go to mass when I can, and although I love the prayers, there is one part I cannot get enough of. It is to receive Jesus into me. I now find that every time i go to mass and I see the host being held up in front of me with the words “This is the body of christ…” I start crying.

On one particualr day while very sick ( a sunday) I could not even stand up properly, and when it came to going forward to receive the body and blood of Christ these words came to me.“This is the reason why i have come” I was shocked, I can’t tell you what happened, but I do believe that at times it is not us but the spirit of God in us that drives us.
I only know that I cry when I receive Him and I walk back with a smile on my face. I know that I am so filled.


It happened to me too when I strayed away from the church. I only go if my mum forced me to, and sleep throughout the homily/eucharistic prayer.


I agree with one of you above who said “I never see it as an obligation” end of quote.
No, I never see it as an obligation ( earlier in my life I might have) but now that I have let go, fallen in love with He who loves me forever. There is no obligation where can there be an obligation in a relationship. It is that I want to be close to Him and in any way.
Maybe I’m nuts but when the monstrance is being held up I feel like telling Father not to put Him away leave Him in front just for a while more. I would put my arms around Him, So…this is the reason why Mass. The mass is Christ.

I* go to see Jesus Christ! Everyday, if possible! And I can’t wait to get there because I know He’s waiting for me!*


To worship God in the place of His real physical presence, and to partake in the Eucharist. I’m a revert, and plan on getting more involved after I am confimed.


I used to think of it as a chore, now I think of it as going home to visit my parents (heavenly parents). When I usher, I feel as if it is a tremendous priviledge like being a helper in the palace of the King of the Universe, which it is.


I go to Mass weekly and do so in order to praise God, to thank Him for all that He’s given and taken from me. I go to be with other Catholics, united in one voice to praise the eternal Creator.

I also go to receive the Eucharist, the Son of God into me. The Redeemer, My Savior, who is so humble that He comes to me…wow!! :slight_smile: Sometimes I cry, sometimes I don’t. Regardless, I know what I am being healed…

I also participate in my Church by teaching Religious Education to pre-schoolers and volunteering when I get free time.

From one anthropology person to another, good luck!


Why? Well, because I want to spend as much time with Jesus, present in the Eucharist, as I can. I go every Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation, plus if I can get a weekday Mass in, I will. I also teach in our Faith Formation program, I just joined our Altar and Rosary Society, and I volunteered to take over the washing of the altar linens. I do all this because I have the time and because I feel that I am making a difference, especially with the children that I teach.


It’s my home away from home. He waits for me with all his love and mercy in the Blessed Sacrament…and I worship and adore him in return.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Attend every Sunday and Holy Days, and during the week if I get the chance.



This has been great to read other people’s thoughts. In any case, here are mine:

I attend Mass on Sunday and usually once or twice during the week. I would like to attend daily, but sometimes procrastination or laziness prevents me.

There are several reasons I go. I believe that God is truly present in the Eucharist and that the Mass is the highest form of worship. I also thank God for all of the blessings I have received. I pray for others in my life as well as the intentions of the community. Also, I ask for forgiveness for the sins I have committed.

I am a Knight of Columbus, and participate on a monthly basis in their social and community events. I also try to meet and chat with other members of the congregation after Mass. A friend and I will be teaching an adult catechism class in our parish as well. I also play volleyball with a church recreational group.

I believe that fellowship is important and I also enjoy the events. I also believe that in general many adult Catholics are not well catechised (including myself), which is why I have decided to start a class for adults in my parish.

Good luck with your project!

God bless,

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