Why do you hate Islam?

Why do you hate Islam?
Is it because Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world?

Do you deeply believe in the logic of Islam and you can’t say it?
Did you visit Islamic sites or read Koran to judge it?
Judging can’t be done by quick overview but needs reading and comparing.
Do you know Islam respects Jesus and Mary very much and Jewish call them illegitimate and whore?
We have all the resources to know and judge. Check the Internet, it’s free.

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If I would like to know whether a religion is true or false, I should not depend on my emotions, feelings, or traditions. Rather, I should depend on my reason and intellect.

I don’t hate Islam, though I feel pity for Muslims.

Islam is a false religion, invented by a pædophilic criminal for his own material benefit, which forces people on pain of torture to believe lies about God.

Islam is the best proof in this world of the danger of lies.

Islam marks the triumph of barbarism in religion, social thought and culture. It’s the spiritual manifestation of Arab, bedouin tribalism, which is and always has been, by nature, primitive, violent, oppressive, and extremely dangerous to all human life. Islam is the anti-thesis of Christianity, and one of its most threatening, ancestral enemies. No offense intended.

Toribus, by your own words you have given the proof of your hatred for islam. I hope and I am sure you are not a catholic or follower of Jesus.

I dislike any religion or belief that leads people from the salvation of Jesus Christ and the one, true faith He founded and the one, true church He left on earth for us.

To be really blunt, I don’t “hate Islam,” I think that the Catholic Church is the true religion.

I don’t hate Muslims - yes, I hate Islam. Muslims are the first victims of Islam and Muhammed’s cult of hatred and death.

Any religion that tells a person to kill, subjugate, enslave, rape, steal/loot, assasinate, torture, deceive (taqiyya/kithman) etc is not a religion but a political force. They divide the world into two - believers and unbelievers, dar al harb (the lands of war which are our unbeliever lands) and dar al islam. and anything that happens in dar al harb is ok.

Under their laws the unbelievers have no rights, cannot hold political office, can only work in whatever the Muslims deem they can do.

Women are beaten and if the man says she has dishonored her family - she can be tortured and/or killed. The Sharia laws do not protect her and she has no right to even change sharia laws.

The history of Jihad has been going on since Muhammed’s time and it has been long and bloody. And everyone seems to gloss over it while it still wages on in over 35 areas around this globe.

The Muslims don’t like to tell us that ‘good works’ in Islam include terrorizing and killing non-Muslims. They don’t like to mention that the surest way they know to get a ‘ticket straight to heaven’ is by dying while killing infidels. It is why they celebrate and the mothers wish for their children to become martyrs - it also means they might be named as one of the 70 that the martyr can name as being saved to their Allah.

Muhammed did not like the Muslims who did not fight and called them hypocrites. It is why Muslims will tell us they are peaceful but then donate to charities because they are told if they do not want to fight then they are to give of their wealth and give moral support to the Jihadists. Allah calls them hypocrites because they are unwilling to fight. It even says that peaceful Muslims are the ‘most vile of creatures’ and that hell’s hottest fires await them. He who tries to escape from this duty (waging Jihad), dies with one of the qualities of a hypocrite.’

Quran 2:190, the Quran’s first mention of JIhad - you will find this passage: ‘Jihad is holy fighting in Allah’s cause with full force of numbers and weaponry.’

The only thing that could be considered spiritual in the Quran are the twisted and stolen stories from the Bible - the rest is just hate, killing, intimidation, etc.

Why don’t you put your religion down?

Planten, you are mistaken. The willingness to speak truth is not equivalent to hatred, it is in fact an act of love. If I hated Muslims, I would desire damnation for them, and leave them to wallow in the misery of Mohammedanism.

Rather, the Lord Jesus demanded we love. He commanded that we love even our enemies, which includes the descendants of the heretical sect of Mohammed which consistently attempted to enslave, rape and extinguish the entirety of Christendom. Yes, Islam is nothing more than an ancient Christian heresy, the most successful in history.

It is out of love that I tell you the truth, not hatred. May God have mercy on the soul of the heresiarch Mohammed, and all who have been seduced by his lies.

I do not hate those who are Islam. The problem with Islam is that there is nothing in its religion that is compatible with Christianity. It like Catholicsm are works oriented religions in which their follows try to make themselves acceptable to God through a system of human works.

One can hate Islam and be a Catholic. Why do you think that telling a person if he hates Islam, and its teachings, that one is not a good Catholic? Or a good anything?! Are you trying to intimidate people into thinking that Islam is a good thing when all one has to do is read its texts and find out that it is actually the opposite?

I would suggest not intimidating people. I find that behavior one of the reasons why I hate Islam.

The way you pose the question is like asking “Are you still beating your wife?”

On the contrary, Islam is essentially a proto-protestantism in that it began as a heresy and schism from Christ’s own Church, altered the scriptural canon and texts, denounces Catholicism as a false religion, demonstrate no apostolic succession of authority (instead creating its own) and tends to base its apologetics on emotive arguments rather than systematic reason.

Now that we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way, please feel free to investigate what the Catholic Church actually teaches about faith and works.

It was Scott Hahn who famously used that line, wasn’t it? I can’t remember the context though.

My thoughts exactly!:thumbsup:

No, not exactly. Islam was founded by a man who was not a Christian, or a Jew. He was a pagan, for 40 or so years. He was a Hanif

What he did was take Biblical stories that were told to him, twisted them (maybe he heard them wrong - or he twisted them on purpose - who knows!?) and included them in his teachings/Quran. He tried to convert the Jews to his new religion and they would not go for it. He also tried to convert the Christians to his new religion and they did not go for it either.

So, if it is a schism from anything, it is a schism from his Hanif religion. In the Quran there are even references to his old Hanif religon’s godesses (three of them - Allah’s daughters).

Muhammed did not know Judaism and did not know Christianity. The black rock, Mecca, the Kabaa, and all the rites associated with that was all from his Hanif religion. What he did was to delete all the other gods and goddesses from Islam. He almost included Allah’s three daughters but someone advised him to take them out and he did - and those are called the ‘Satanic verses’. Seems odd - how can we be sure the whole thing wasn’t Satanic due to the contents of the teachings.

Some even say Allah is ar-Rahman - another god of Muhammed’s pagan religion. I don’t know, I haven’t thoroughly looked into that. I don’t know what ar-Rahman was in his hanif religion (if he was a bad god then it might be since Allah was a deceiver, created men just so they would not believe so he could throw them into hell and burn, didn’t like women, didn’t like some of the animals he created (eg: pigs), etc).

Basically, to me, Islam is a wannabee religion. It can’t exist on its own teachings - it requires the Bible for some of its existence and then tells us the Bible is corrupted (of course, they cannot prove it) but that is why we should be killed because we corrupted it. Oops, I bet all those who died didn’t have one thing to do with their (false) claims of the Bible being corrupted!! But, they were to die if they didn’t chose to be Muslims, and after Muhammed realized it was to his advantage to have people alive (working the fields, etc) then he started subjugating them (dhimmi). Slaves are another matter. They are taken along with loot after caravans that he raided and cities that he would battle for their loot, and slaves.

He needed loot and slaves - a lot of loot and slaves. He was insatiable.

All those sins that we call the ‘Seven deadly sins’, well, they are not sins in Islam. Muhammed redefined sin and taking slaves and loot from unbelievers is ok.

its islam i dont like, not the people who are fooled by it.
I dislike anything that tries to take away from the devinity of Jesus.


Why do you hate Islam?**

Hate is a strong word. I don’t feel threatened by Islam since I know that Love and Truth will win over Islam in the end. I highly dislike Islam because it’s a false revelation which causes millions of precious souls to live under slavery of an ideology and religion which is false. I dislike Islam because I love the Muslims and I want them to be free and have their true identity.

Is it because Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world?

We have been over this before.

Do you deeply believe in the logic of Islam and you can’t say it?

Based on my studies I see that Islam really is a disgrace towards the true God whose Holiness, Purity and Love is revealed in Judeo-Christian Revelation. I see Islam as the most incoherent and sad religion, because it uses so many right words but in such wrong ways. And by the way, unlike Islam, Christinaity teaches freedom of religion and conscience. So we can say freely what we think, unlike you.

Did you visit Islamic sites or read Koran to judge it?

I have read big parts of the Koran and Hadith. That is why I came to the conclusion that Islam is unworthy.

Judging can’t be done by quick overview but needs reading and comparing.

You are right about that. I can only encourage you yourself to compare Jesus Christ and Muhammad.

Do you know Islam respects Jesus and Mary very much and Jewish call them illegitimate and whore?

Islam denies Christ’s divinity, misunderstands the Trinity and encourages persecution of Christians. Whoever persecutes the Church also persecutes Jesus Christ. As for the Jewish belief, one lie never excuses another lie.

We have all the resources to know and judge. Check the Internet, it’s free.

Read the New Testament and answering-islam.org: answering-islam.org/Testimonies/index.html My thought is that you probably dare not really read the New Testament or the testimonies of all the Muslims who meet the living Christ.
I pity you.

I don’t hate the Islam religion. I reject it as a man-made religion and believe that it teaches things that are untrue and it tells lies about the bible and about Jesus and Mary. I think people who believe it is true are mistaken. However, I don’t want them to be persecuted for their beliefs. And I think some of what they believe is true such as there is only one God and we should adore and obey Him.

I fear and want to protect myself and my country from those Muslims who are suicide bombers and kill people. If those people are doing this in the name of their religion then either it is an evil religion indeed or the leaders of this religion who are teaching false things about it and telling those people to go out and kill in God’s name are evil.

I know a man from Djibouti who had to leave the country of his ancestors because the Muslim government would not allow him to keep his job in the printing press company where he had been an excellent worker for many years. He was very loyal to the Muslim owners of his company. One night (he lived near the printing press) he saved the company from being robbed. But they fired him because he was a Christian, only for that reason.

His children went to France to study at the university because they were not allowed in the university in their own country. The man now lives in the United States and I have spoken to him many times. He is a good man and did not want to leave his own country.

When I see something like this happen, I think that Islam must teach people to be unfair. I think that Muslims do not want to live in peace with Christians and Jews.

Please answer:

  1. Is it a teaching of Islam to kill people who don’t accept Islam?

  2. Is it a teaching of Islam that Muslims should take over the countries where Christians or Jews live and not allow the Christians or Jews to live in peace there or to talk to Muslims about their beliefs?

  3. Is it a teaching of Islam to kill Muslims who become Christians or Jews?

Why do you hate Christianity?


The American genocide and enslavement of African people likewise has been insufficiently recognized,

Your knowledge, or lack thereof, of history is a laugh riot, Jazzy. Everyone who disputes with me slavery during Islam looses in the end . Moslems bought slaves to free them . Slaves that were bought by moslems were not treated as slaves but members of the family. Why do you think many African Americans are joining Islam now our days because it is the only relgion that didn’t enslave people.

How many American Moslems do you know in the USA ? They are not oppressed in the USA ? Well you can read Amnesty International Report let see.

Today, the common image of Islam being spread by an Arab on camel back riding in off the desert with a Quraan in one hand and a scimitar (a curved sword) in the other offering a choice of either accepting Islaam or losing one’s head. FYI There is no term in Islam which means “holy war” and the true meaning of jihad is to strive/make effort in the way of Allah. Thus striving in the way of Allah can be both peaceful and physical.

The religion did not spread by the sword. There were military confrontations between the Muslim state and the existing world powers of Rome and Persia. However, the areas conquered were put under Muslim administration and the populations were free to maintain their own beliefs. Muslims ruled Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon from the 8th century and sizeable Christian communities continued to exist over the past 13 centuries. Muslims ruled Spain for 700 years and India for 1000 years without the vast majority of the population converting to Islam.

The largest Muslim country in the world today is Indonesia, having over 300 million citizens, never saw a Muslim soldier. Islam spread there and in Malaysia and Philippines by trade. That was also the case of Islam’s spread in West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Chad and Niger. Also, Islam is the fastest growing religion in America today with anywhere between 500 and 1000 converts daily. This is taking place without any soldiers or even missionaries.




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