Why do you love Catholic Answers Forums


Nice, friendly people.


Welcome to Catholic Answers Forums!


CAF - it’s a Libraries and Encyclopedias online.
English on the religious map of the world is gaining more and more countries and continents, so many people can read the discussions and always find something for themselves.


Well, you can share anonymously about spirituality and get intelligent answers sometimes, like when I’m not answering /halfway joking


I like it because of the prayer intentions forum. You can pray for people and get prayer for whatever you need.


Can be helpfull and intetesting.
Also a person doesnt feel alone in some issues


I appreciate CAF very much because it has helped me get through some rough times and I can give something back.
There’s nothing like being affirmed in your own faith and beliefs by like minded people,and people full of wisdom and experience …that also have a great sense of humour and who care .


you doing great. even I am going though it all.


Imma let mah girl Rihanna speak for me on this one.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
That’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
That’s alright because I love the way you lie.


It occurred to me that CAF is an excellent resource for a specific question and answer that I have on something about the spiritual life or theology. I can get it quickly and to the point.

Books are great, but sometimes it’s good to have a question answered directly and quickly rather than absorbing information through books alone. This is a good aid to my ADD, which keeps me from reading as many books as I would like. But I can come here and get a quick, concise answer, if I am wondering about something specific.


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