Why do YOU love your priest or the priesthood?

I Love ALL priest and religious devoted to doing the will of God.
What do you love about your priest? Is he funny? Is he Pious? Does he word around the clock? What are your thoughts?

All of this and MORE!!

Our parish has been very blessed…we have two priests who are very different, but compliment each other well. One is rather boisterous…conservative to be sure, but in no way “stuffy”. The other is a bit more reserved, but very compassionate and kind of a goofball once you get to know him. Both are obviously passionate about their faith, and are prayerful, holy men. Both work themselves ragged, and it breaks my heart that they, and so many other priests are sooooo underappreciated.

Great thread, by the way. Thanks for posting! :thumbsup:

Great posting!!

I adore priests! my parish priest is awesome, very compassionate. When we moved to his parish he would visit my family every saturday afternoon with bread. He did that for six months. He also brought us plates and bowls and crockery.

He is so wonderful. Unfortunately he fell down and broke his hips and is in recuperation at the moment. I would ask all of you to pray for him. FR.Bray.


I LOVE my priest because he is kind, compassionate, understanding and takes the time one needs for counsel or to answer questions, and he takes the time to make sure you understand what he is saying in response to your questions. He makes every effort to be welcoming and warm. I love this guy!!!

Most of the priests I have known through my life have always been kind and compassionate (except for one, and I think he was in a bad mood that day :stuck_out_tongue: ). Even the cantankerous old fart of a priest was a sweetheart.

Priests can truly be inspirational in one’s life, and I hope they realize how they can get people though the worst things in their lives and even the little things that seem worse at the time.

I miss my old priest from “up north”, but he’s a phonecall away to talk to, and I still write to him for Masses to be celebrated for special intentions.

I love our parish priest because he is a warm, compassionate, holy man; a hard worker and strong leader who came to this mess of a parish and over 5 years so far (and many more to come, I hope) has transformed it into a vibrant congregation. Our parish has been greatly blessed.

I absolutely LOVE our priest! He is the most tenderhearted priest I have ever met. He is funny and kind. In his homilies, he really gets me to thinking about my faith. He has worked in the “outside world” so you can really relate to what he is saying.

My husband and I just started going to the Catholic Church during Lent. I am a returning Catholic but we were Protestant the entire time of our marriage. Was God calling us to the Catholic church? Yes! Would he have still kept calling us even if we didn’t like our parish? Yes–I think so. But–with our priest is was so easy! He has helped both of us through some very difficult issues in a short amount of time–with such grace. He has done more to show the love of God then any Protestant minister we have ever met. I’ve returned home and my husband wants to become Catholic–in large part because of our priest. We adore him :thumbsup: I pray for him every day!

I am blessed to have many priests in my aquaintance! :slight_smile:

The are all very unique in their personalities, spiritualities, etc.,
and I see the face of Jesus in everyone one of them,
even on their worst days! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a constant reminder that we are all made in the image & likeness of God!

How awesome is that?! :slight_smile:

We love our priest too. We have a huge parish and he is alone here. He works non-stop but is always willing to take the time to listen and answer all our questions. He helped my family through a tragedy and I will never forget that. He has an awesome sense of humor and loves getting to know his congregation. His homilies are great every time. And he isn’t afraid to preach about things like abortion and birth control and sin in general. He really shaped our parish up and we are very blessed to have him. We pray for him daily and always make sure to thank him for all that he does. And we always acknowldege him at holidays and his birthday!

I love my priest, too!

He is kind and wise as a confessor. He has the heart of a teacher and a passion for adult education. I have learned SO much from him. His homilies flow so beautifully - almost like a prayer. Sometimes they are just what I needed to hear. Mass is beautiful and reverent. Not only is he our pastor, but he also heads the Diocesean Tribunal and is Chancellor for our parochial school. He seems to get it all done, and still have time to spend before the Blessed Sacrament every day.

Our previous pastor was also near to my heart. His daily Mass homilies were awesome. He had a quirky sense of humor. When I met with him one-on-one about an issue I was having, he did a masterful job of sorting through the BS and showing the way to peace and healing. He was so patient with my boys when they were beginning altar servers. He was pastor of two parishes, and always seemed to be on the run, but never complained.

Priests are awesome. I pray for them daily.

The Pastor at my Parish is awesome. He can give a "hell fire and brimstone’ Homily but during Confession speak to you like your best friend, explaining the forgivness of God.
Hes awesome.

I like my Priest a lot because he is totally faithful to the Church and unafraid to say it. His homiles are hard hitting, I have wanted to stand and cheer after a few. He is an extremely holy man who can strike the fear of God into me when he is vested for Mass. In the confessional he is no nonsense and gives great penances.
Outside of that he is a very humble and kind man who gives his all for the Kingdom. What’s not to love about that?

(Both – one parish):

Service, service, and more service: They understand that the priesthood is about service to others, to the immediate parish especially. They do the daily giving/outpouring required to hear confessions, say multiple Masses, minister to their flock, provide for the many needs of young and old, but mostly…

They do not try to be all things to all people – in terms of role, that is. They understand that they can’t (nor probably would they desire to). They limit themselves to what is essential to the ministerial priesthood, and they do that in spades. At so many other parishes I see priests who allow themselves to be spread so thin – pulled this way and that in terms of social causes, functions, and people’s personal needs that go beyond the essence of priesthood. Half the time (literally) such priests are absent from their flock - not because of shortages in manpower, but because they want to do other things, or feel pressured to do other things. (Mostly those are social and political activities on behalf of parish groups.)

I love them also because both work tirelessly even probably when they don’t feel like it. I never hear them complain or act gruff. They are holy men. One is obviously very shy and sensitive, and I can tell it takes an effort for him to overcome that and preach, but clearly he works on earning those graces. That’s real love. He puts everything into saying a beautiful Mass, despite his introspection. The other priest is in his 60’s and works nonstop from early morning to late evening. The only time I’ve ever seen him take a day off was when he traveled to his European country of origin to visit his ailing relative.

They have their priorities straight (sacraments, sacraments, more sacraments – not activism, activism, more activism) and they must pray a ton, both of them. They provide all the opportunities we need to participate in the entire traditional liturgical year and all the devotions. I don’t have to hunt somewhere else to find a Mass on a feast day. They provide that comfort and predictable faith-culture that some of us were fortunate enough to be bathed in from very young years, but which has largely disappeared from most U.S. parishes.

It’s not that I exclusively admire and have affectionate for only them: there tends to be at least one fine priest in every parish that has two or more on staff, so I appreciate the qualities I listed above whenever I find them in priests.

The priesthood is hugely sacrificial – as is any other professional religious life. Anyone who can stay with that and pursue virtue in a life of mostly giving is someone I am grateful for! I pray for priests by name much more than I used to – in gratitude and in recognition of how difficult that sustained self-giving must be.

Personally, I’ve only met two priests I’d cross the street to say hello to. Most, I’d cross the street to avoid.

I believe you are off topic… And if your mother didn’t teach you. “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all”

I love my priest because he is the one who brings us Jesus… in word… and deed… through the Eucharist, Reconciliation. God bless him and all other priests!

You wouldn’t like my mother then as she is a bad tempered woman who likes not only telling people where to go but happily gives them advice on how to get there and gives suggestions on how to pass time once they arrived.

That said, the two priests I’ve liked I’d happily spend hours with as they were not only true men of God but fascinating gentlemen who had wonderful qualities, including a true appreciation and respect for other faith communities. Unfortunately, it’s been my displeasure to deal with far too many priests that can only be labeled one of two ways: 1) Total wimp who avoid anyone but little old ladies; 2) complete *** with no people skills at all

I was going to reply, but I couldn’t think of anything nice to say.

I met a Lutheran priest once, he’s Catholic now. Deo Gratias!

The Lutheran Pastor that married my wife and I was a former Catholic priest so I guess the road has lanes going in both directions. His appraisal of the priesthood (overall) was far harsher than anything I’ve ever posted.


I’ve already mentioned the ones currently at my parish who are AMAZING, but I got to thinking about some other priests I’ve known. They’ve been great with my kids, and go WAY out of their way to demonstrate compassion to those in need.

Also, I’ve seen some that really get out there on the front lines…social justice isn’t an abstract idea to them. They’re right in the middle of the action, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty!

I love my priest because he has showed me what the priesthood really is…he shows me why we call priests “Father” (something I had a real problem with up until about 3 years ago). Because he’s an excellent confessor, because he goes out of his way to help anyone who asks him for his time, no matter how busy he is, because he is an excellent homilist, a total goofball, and has a great sense of humor.

But I especially love and appreciate everything he has done and continues to do to help me through some dark times and what will hopefully be better times. Something I’m sure he’s done for many other people as well.

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