Why do you refute a charge that you are "homophobe?"


I came under a discussion the chat room with the issue of homosexuality. Rather the individuals involve were openingly discussing their lifestyle.

I gave my points and not put God in it, but use nature vs. the unnatural act of nature. They tried to prove that it species like apes and other animals pointed study to prove that it was common that homosexual or bisexual was common. Yet, I refute them that it doesn’t explain the fact that homosexuality as whole does not produce life compared with heterosexual union between a man and woman.

I put God out of the topic because it was not an issue I wanted to prove them wrong, but point out that it is against nature and it is against survival of the species.

They could not refute me much longer, so they charge me as a homophobe. Last time I know I was in the ignore box. I did pointed out that the label is just an excuse to end the discussion because they could not fight back.

If you were in my shoes, how would you defend yourself when someone call you a homophobe?


Some of the comments they made:



Homosexuality occurs in nature, actually. It is far from unique to humans.


Odd. I thought that people were different from cats and dogs. But yes, it would be a good idea that we both keep our fingers off the keys about that.

He responded when i said that you would not force a cat and a dog to mate. Since it was against their nature. They aren’t buying the fact that homosexuality is unnatural.

cindy elizabeth

haha. I dare you to find one homosexual person who says that they would choose that lifestyle for themselves before being hetero.

My response:

If a species needs to survive, it needs to have offspring, especially if there is a male and female species. Homosexual in species are found in asexual animals…

I think people with same sex tendencies are just confuse and such “feelings” is just to make them feel good. It boils down to individualism. It’s also lust… in many times, they confuse lust and love… so they think its love but its actually lust…


Yes, it does occur in nature! Lots of chimpanzees, the scientifically proven most human animal, are often homosexual or bisexual.

And ya know, an argument like that would say that it’s unnatural for old people to have sex. Or sterile people. I’m not going to debate natural or moral with someone who defines this stuff based on a seventeen hundred year old political document. I’m just not.


hehe. Making sex merely a function of procreation is a hallmark of a culture which is oppressive to women.


I am pretty good friends with a homosexual couple that is homosexual by choice. I also know people who believe very strongly that they were born that way, because they’ve never been attracted to women at all. I frankly don’t care either way. They’re people, to me.

In addition with that one response, I also quote some text from Catholic.com. Soon after that I was iggied.


Seems more like they were tired with argueing with someone who would obviously not change his opinion:p

For the sake of arguement, I’d like to toss in that bisexuality can be very beneficial to a species (esp. primates) as it encourages closer knit groups and bonds. As for homosexuals, it is much rarer but it has something to do with the fact that they can protect the offspring of other males and yet have the sensitivity of a female, esentially the biological equivalent of good nanny haha.

Its a dead end (homosexuality) in itself but it does have some advantages. Bisexuality as I recall, is what most humans have an inclination towards, more so than hetrosexuality or homosexuality. (70%?) Its just certain types of cultures bring it out. A good example for the benefits of this were the greek and roman armies where they encouraged homosexual relationships between solders. The reason for this is because a soldier would fight harder for a lover than just another soldier:)


I wouldn’t waste my time in a chat room. You will get no where in having a discussion with people who call you a homophobe, it’s a totally empty and intellectually impoverished argument. It’s like calling someone a racists because they don’t like watching Oprah.


My #1 favortie response to “Are you homophobic?”: Absolutely, I have a fear of anything that results in the desctruction of humanity.



Name-calling is always the resort of those who can’t justify or defend their beliefs. By calling you “homophobe” they can try to rationalize to themselves why they don’t have to listen to what you’ve had to say even though they couldn’t refute it. It’s happened to me many times, not in regards to homosexuality but in defending the Catholic faith


Don’t bother refuting it.
Just say “Outta my face you filthy Sodomite!”:wink:
That’s what I do.


If God knows what we are to become before we are born, He knows at 10 yrs. old, He knows us at 18, 25, 45 etc…if God who knows everything, knows that you will become gay in your life time because being gay is not a choice, then who are we to judge what God will do?
I mean He already knows us. I know it is a sin, although everyone slept with their cousins, sisters and brothers in the Old Testament, why then would God condemn males in which He already knows the life in which they are about to live?

Am I making Sense?? Please comment, gently…:slight_smile: (By the way, I am female and not gay, just compassionate.)


Ouch. I wouldn’t do that. :frowning:

That’s not really loving the sinner - hating the sin.

One of the posters said she has friends who have chosen homosexuality and friends who believe they were born that way and both groups she just sees as “people.” I think it’s important the remind her that we view them as people also. EVERYONE is created in the image of God and worthy of respect. However, if they engage in homosexual sex, they are sinning… but that sin is no worse than my sin or your sin. We are a fallen bunch… ALL in need of a Savior.

At any rate, I’m not sure I’d debate too much on that site… you’re never going to win and it’s just going to make you mad. I’ve wasted time arguing over a similar issue and at the end of the day, I just wanted to :banghead: . Pray for their conversion instead. And pray for those souls who suffer with this horrible desire.


I don’t follow your argument… You mention that because God knows if someone will engage in sexaul behavior that is against His teaching and will then that is somehow okay? I’m pretty willing to bet that God knows when someone will commit murder too, but I’d be wrong to say that’s okay…

Sexual acts are ALWAYS a choice and can ALWAYS be avoided, do you disagree?

Although I struggle with the acceptance of homosexual people, it has more to do with the fact that other than their sexual trnasgressions, many of them are very compassionate and loving people. I also don’t want to rule out the possiblity that they will come to understand God and what God truly wants for them. Do I think people chose to be gay or straight? I don’t know, but it’s really not the point; they do choose to engage in sexual activity or not. Is it wrong for me to engage in sexual activity with someone/anyone if it’s not done in the sanctity of marriage? I won’t condemn a sinner, but I will not condone the sin.



Hey Sassygal (cute name by the way!)
I guess along the same lines of the other poster who responded - I think of my brother. He could rightly say that God made him to want sex with women… so why would God condem him if that’s how he was made? Well here’s the problem: He’s not married. So even though he’s “wired” to want sex with women - he can’t have it… otherwise it’s a sin.


First of all, it isn’t by any means “an arguement” as you say. I guess the problem I have because my friend’s son is gay and he found out at 12 years old that he was attracted to the same sex. That’s all. Perhaps God does know this and when you become an adult that knows better, then if you act it out then it is a sin?

And of course I do not agree with unnatural acts. There are so many gays, that I sometimes think there is a third gender that was missed somewhere. I have compassion for gay people and if that’s a sin, well so be it. The Lord is my judge.


But isn’t wanting heterosexual sex normal? Since we all have tendencies…poor brother, better find a wife fast! Haha :smiley:


Yeah… you’re right… he only wants the sex though… not the wife.

Regarding your compassion for gays. I think Jesus is filled with compassion for them as well… he loves them so much… but He would tell them to sin no more, and with His grace, I do believe they would be able to do that.

“Oh my people, trust Him all the time. Pour out your longings before Him, for He can help.” ~ Psalm 62:8


In your shoes, I have no idea what to do. Probably, just let it go–you gave them enough of your time; maybe what you said, someday will stick. The best they were able to do, was to insult you. Tell them: it was rude of you to insult me; I did nothing to warrant an insult; you can say something more intelligent, and more kind to me than an insult; emotionally you feel strong about this, what makes this issue important to you that you acted on some need to insult me?

On the other hand, it might not be bad to be a homophobe.


Some of the comments they made:


Homosexuality occurs in nature, actually. It is far from unique to humans.

Eating one’s young occurs a lot in nature, too. Many animals also eat their own poo.

Just how far should we go, in imitating the animals?


hehe. Making sex merely a function of procreation is a hallmark of a culture which is oppressive to women.

Right. What are the advantages of marriage over “free love” to men, again? Marriage is for the protection and freedom of women.


I am pretty good friends with a homosexual couple that is homosexual by choice. I also know people who believe very strongly that they were born that way, because they’ve never been attracted to women at all. I frankly don’t care either way. They’re people, to me.

I know people who put on blind folds and play “blind man’s bluff.”

I also know people who believe that they were born blind, because they’ve never been been able to see anything at all. I frankly don’t care either way. They’re people, to me.

I think it’s just total discrimination that they shouldn’t be allowed to fly airplanes or drive cars. After all, it’s not like they’re blind on purpose. :stuck_out_tongue:


Um…by the word “argument”, I certainly didn’t mean “fight” :slight_smile: I was just addressing the point you made is all…

It’s interesting; yesterday my son and I were having a conversation on this very topic. He has a cousin that is VERY pro-gay lifestyle and she and he were conversing about where sexual behavior is learned. I’ve fluctuate on this topic and what it means a lot. I think that God gives each of us our own cross to bear and each of us has to make decisions based upon the temptations that are presented to us. But at the same time I think many of our sexual inclinations are learned behaviors. For example, many adolescent boys will have conversations about “how to get a girl”. I think we exist in a society that is over-sexualized and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the increasing number of celebrities that have “come out” has influenced our children to “come out” as well.

I can remember, being younger and naive thinking that I needed to know everything there was to know about women, relationships or sex and only after marriage did I finally get it thought my thick school how wrong I was.

Is it possible your friend’s son only thinks he knows what he wants out of life? I also find it amazing how much emphasis parents put in their children’s social environment. What happened to encouraging their social environment in a spiritual setting - like youth groups? What happened to encouraging kids to focus on school, playing, crafts, building things, hobbies or other innocent activities?



Haha, so don’t most guys!! And thank you for the great answer.
Someone else may just assume hell and damnation, but your answer was filled with love and compassion for humans regardless…you are a wonderful Christian and person. Just like Jesus would answer. With kindness. :love:


Yes, you are right. There is too much sex everywhere. Remember Will and Grace? I kind of had a hard time with that show, although I thought it was a riot. But it was on prime time like 7:30, 8:00 at night. To much acceptance I suppose is here in this country. Land of The Free, and Home of The Gays…Haha, just kidding…:smiley:


LOL…yeah, we’ve gotten to the point at our house where we rent a lot of movies because we don’t care for a lot of the over-sexualization we see on TV. It seems like every time you turn it on 2, 3, 4 or more people sneak off into the bushes someplace…

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