Why do you think benedict resigned?

i might wonder if it’s because he considered himself first and foremost a theologian. and he didn’t necessarily want to influence the church in a formal capacity.

i wonder if his current work is actively published.

i wonder if it was a matter of pride too, cause he often pushed some controversial stuff. and he didn’t want it to go to his head? not that i can read his heart, just an idea.

Or, perhaps an illness that would prevent his serving the Church in that particular capacity that he chose not to disclose (a right afforded to us all, by the way).

Benedict’s reign began just as the scope of the priest abuse thing was becoming clear. I think that knocked the breath out of him.

Also, Ratzinger was a close friend of John Paul the Great. In the latter days, many saw his frail condition and thought that he ought to resign (that was my opinion as well). It did not seem he could govern the Church effectively (but JPtG would not “come down from the Cross”). Maybe Benedict did not want to reign beyond his ability (and, maybe, he wanted to set a precedent that it’s OK for a Pope to resign).

:thumbsup: to this part, though I thought JP II, ended his Pontificate well also by showing the world how one dies well and without euthanasia.

Sorry, are you asking what reasons he gave for his resignation, or are you speculating that he might not have been truthful about them?

If its the former, his statement is here: en.radiovaticana.va/storico/2013/02/11/pope_benedict_xvi_announces_his_resignation_at_end_of_month/en1-663815

“…However, in today’s world, subject to so many rapid changes and shaken by questions of deep relevance for the life of faith, in order to govern the barque of Saint Peter and proclaim the Gospel, both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me…”

If it’s the latter, I’m not sure that a thread about exactly how His Holiness Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus lied to the world is in accord with forum rules. He isn’t still the active pope, but he is still a member of the clergy.


I honestly believe that he received a vision or dream from Jesus commanding him to resign.

I also think that God chose to elevate Francis to the papacy for specific reasons that go way beyond church reforms and sex abuse scandals.

Which words in the Pope resignation message could be interpreted to this conclusion?

I also think that God chose to elevate Francis to the papacy for specific reasons that go way beyond church reforms and sex abuse scandals.

Isn’t this true for every Pope elected?

I’m not sure why you’re asking, when he told us why he resigned.

Age and health.

He is 87 years old and hasn’t the stamina to perform the duties of the office.

I think you’re searching for something that just isn’t there.
He’s old, and quite ill.
God bless him.

Agree! To the OP, are you unaware that he explained why?

I think the answer is a lot more mundane–he’s a modern man, and a product of our times…

By that, I mean, until a generation or two ago, anyone who lived to old age could expect to maintain a certain level of mobility and health, then after a short illness, die. Because of the advances of modern medicine, people can live for years with a pretty significant degree of disability–one that keeps them from actively following their vocation, although they can still manage one or more of their activities of daily living. I think Benedict saw this as a real possibility for himself, and chose to resign. He was in his eighties, for crying out loud.

Of course, this version of the story is quite boring for anyone (mainstream media I’m looking at you!) hoping for something juicy, but there it is.

I don’t think it’s any of my business why he resigned.

My grandma is the same age as Benedict and comes from Germany too, this generation is tough as nails but they cannot physically move around any more. It was sad to see Pope Benedict have to use the platform on wheels just to do mass at Saint Peter’s and he hit his head in Mexico very hard and twice he had been attacked by the same woman who would lunge out at him during Christmas mass. The Pope is also the head of State and has as flocks all over the world to protect and advocate for, which we can only imagine what it is like to try to defend your people in places like the Nuba mountains of Sudan. Benedict was the only world leader to be pro active in Syria at the urging of his Bishops there he sent in CRS months before the war broke out and who have been embedded there offering food, shelter, medical and mental health care to anyone regardless of religion or politics ever sinceand tried to help stop the civil war months before it started. I also believe Jesus knew we needed Francis.

For the record, I think Pope Benedict was and is awesome!!! Though there are many reasons why I am today a Catholic, he was a very important part of that journey. I’m less concerned about his stepping down and more concerned with what he taught and did. I wish he could have done more, but he alone knows his path. It is between him and Jesus. I trust him and know he made the right choice. That’s enough for me. I appreciate everything he did and the prayers he continues to offer.

I love Pope Benedict too! I think later generations will appreciate what a brilliant mind he has!

"Which words in the Pope resignation message could be interpreted to this conclusion?"

None. There is evidence of it from the story that broke last August about Pope Benedict XVI having had a mystical experience. To my knowledge he has never denied that story.

He is a different character from S. John Paul II, he has less stamina, so to say, and is not so extroverted perhaps. I think he saw himself too weak or too tired for his task, as he said. Since the Pope is almost required to travel, JP II didn’t start the trend, it was wise, and surely made for the best.

Even though he told us, there is always more to the story. But I appreciate his explanation. He worked so hard in his job under Pope JPII, especially concerning the abuse scandals…that must have been heartwrenching, tiring and sad. He must have worked a lot of overtime and prayed a lot through JPII’s decline. A reasonable person would then look at his own declining health and perhaps cognition, remember his past boss’ illness and accompanying struggles, and know that he could not allow any further difficulties to affect the Church at this crucial time in history. Wisdom, insight, humility.

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