Why do you think some people are called to the Catholic Church?


I have been part of a Protestant (Reformed)church for the past 4 years. I was baptized in the Catholic Church as an infant but not raised in it except for going to mass a handful of times as a child. But these past 2-3 years God has opened my heart to the Catholic Church. I feel the call to go there. But I’ve often wondered why this has happened to me and others while I see many stay in the Protestant church who are very earnest and seek God’s will. Might be a weird question but I look forward to what some others think or have experienced. Thank you and God bless. :blush:


All people are called to the Catholic Church, some take a circuitous path getting there :slight_smile:


I sometimes think of women like Corrie ten Boome and it challenges my faith that Heaven is only open to Catholics which the church doesn’t teach but for some reason stays in my mind. But Jesus said He is the way and Corrie chose Jesus, just not the Catholic way.
I guess sometimes I wonder if I don’t follow all the teachings of the Church like attending Mass every Sunday and someone who loved the Lord like Corrie did knowing she’s not Catholic and she never attended Mass and she’s a better person than me, than a part of me feels like I’m not necessarily doomed if I skip Mass when she likely never went.
Sorry I derailed a bit, it’s been on my mind lately. I love the Catholic church, I just don’t understand many things.


I think people want something that is more authentic and ancient. The bells, chanting and incense, people are drawn toward that.



Its authenticity is beyond question and I love the deep spirituality that I’ve found within the Church and a connection with God I never dreamed possible. It has everything and more.


I personally am drawn to it because I do believe it is the one true Church Christ instituted. All that you mentioned is a bonus as I like those things. I also think the Catholic Church is an abyss of treasure as I seem to learn more and more if it’s beautiful history, the saints etc…


And it’s diversity, east and west, theology etc. You’re right, all this is a huge bonus!



You have my stamp of approval :innocent:
Follow your intuition !
Listen to your Holy Spirit -
Don’t ask why - lol - have more faith to these gentle proddings -
Glad to read your post.


Honestly, because I believe it’s because the Catholic Faith is filled with nuance. It’s really a “thinking man’s” religion.

Protestants often argue that faith should be simple… to the extreme point where they often demote theology & ignore natural philosophy.

Because of the Catholic church’s rich history, theology and philosophy; she has historically lead with beauty. But since the 1950s, Churches have been striped of their beauty, resulting is us having to use solely history, theology and philosophy in apologetics, which are far harder than using beauty.

In summary: people are called to the Catholic Church because they believe it be true. But few hear that call because they refuse to do the research.

I pray this helps.

God bless


I feel very drawn to Catholicism because of it’s rich history and it’s fullness of understanding. By this I mean, I have found with Catholicism, answers to some obscure questions that my Protestant upbringing could never provide with any satisfaction.


I note that this is most definitely NOT Catholic Church teaching. The Church does not teach that we go through “many lifetimes”.


Thank you. I was going to say something more bluntly.


I’m a former protestant. God wouldn’t stop sending me the urges, signs, and resources I needed to convert. When I decided to become Catholic God stopped badgering me. Now, anytime I have ever contemplated leaving, he shows up again to put me in my place.

I came into the Church kicking and screaming. I will never turn back. I have found the deep Love of Jesus in the Catholic faith.


Everyone is called to the Catholic Church.


Yeah, I hear you. Thanks for your response. I actually read a book called 7 Women and her story was in that. It is amazing what her and her sister went through. But then Joan of Arc was the first chapter in the book and that was eye opening. Here was this young french girl receiving visits from saints/angel and then she ended up leading France into victory with God’s help. As a Protestant it opened my eyes to saints helping us. I found a lot of hope in her story.


There’s something about Catholicism that seems to trigger strong emotions in people (some for, some against) in a way that other religions don’t.


The Eucharist. I’m drawn because of the Eucharist.
I was a cradle Catholic who left and did the Presbyterian thing for about 20 years. Every communion service, when the minister quoted 1 Corinthians 11:29 “For any one who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment upon himself.” I would get uneasy. So I really did come home because of John 6. I was drawn to the Eucharist. The 3 days between my confession and chance to finally receive again I actually hungered for it.


Yeah I’ve noticed that too. Many Christians don’t want rock concerts when they worship.


That is what I’ve read with different testimonies that the Catholic Church offers so much more than they expected. Thank you!


Thanks for your encouragement! :grinning:

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