Why do you think some people are called to the Catholic Church?


You were open to hearing His voice.


I love this. How lovely.


Thank you. For me I didn’t agree with infant baptism and then I researched it more And started to believe it. It made me think of my own Catholic baptism which lead me to apostolic succession. The more I learn the more I see the beauty of the Catholic Church. Thanks!


Yes it is amazing what the Catholic Church has to offer. I was looking for answers within my own denomination and it lead me to the Catholic Church! Thanks.


All of the above. Also let me tell you, when I converted, two addictions have broken away from me, one which had lasted 24 years and one which had lasted 15, despite being Christian/Protestant, and I’m only 6 months in. If that isn’t due to regularly receiving the Real Presence I don’t know what is. Go for it OP you have everything to gain


In the Catholic Catechism, 819, it says:

Christ’s Spirit uses these Churches and ecclesial communities as means of salvation,

There is no reason to not believe the same is true of the Catholic Church. Christ’s Spirit calls us to word and sacrament. The Catholic Church has word and sacrament.


Thanks for your comment! I believe I am going through a similar situation. God just doesn’t let me be!:joy: it’s like I can’t help it but I am being pulled to the Catholic Church even though I didn’t want it at first. I work at my current church and I rent from some church people too so I’m in this weird situation of not just up and leaving my current church. Going to take a little planning. But thankfully my husband is starting to see the truth of Catholicism.


Yes and I did lose some protestant friends leaving my Church. But Oh what peace and refuge I have found in the Mass and in the company of Saints. I also have only a few Catholic friends, but they are the closest friends I ever had


I am very curious about the Eucarist. Our church believes in the spiritual presence in the Lord’s Supper. But the more I have learned about the Catholic Church the more I am drawn to the Eucarist. I appreciate your words. Thank you.


Wow that is amazing. :grin:What caused you to leave and join the Catholic Church recently? I am assuming being a Catholic is so different. When I go to church it is up to the pastor and his sermon to edify us, but as a Catholic it is Jesus in the Eucarist.


Catholics - also - have written - WAY better books :face_with_monocle: !


Yes I expect people not to understand. I do care about the people at my congregation and would miss them. I think our families would probably be really stunned too even though they don’t practice any religion. I know my in laws are anti Catholic. They didn’t baptize my husband as an infant. They will wonder why we would leave such a nice church with a great community.


I read this on here all the time and don’t get it… Why is it on here that people seem to say/think that non-Catholic churches and rock concerts are synonymous?

I get that some don’t like that type of worship (my wife being one of them), but she likes my non-denominational church back home which is far from a rock concert.


I am not familiar with any Catholic authors except for J.R.R Tolkien. :confounded:


Read some of Dr. Scott Hahn’s books, especially about his conversion FROM Protestant Minister, to the Catholic Church. I think you’ll like his writings.


I tend to think everyone is called. Some just don’t hear.


Well as a Protestant I have experienced that so I went to a church that was a lot more traditional in the end. But I agree not all churches are like that. In my short time I have heard Protestants say themselves that they don’t like the worship services at non denominationals that play more rock or Hill Song United music and a few Catholic friends who said that they liked those types of churches immensely. But yes you’re right, generalizing all non Catholic churches with rock concerts is not accurate. Thanks for your response.


Corrie ten Boom didn’t know about what the Mass and Eucharist was. She was a very holy Christian, and I believe she is a saint. It was an excellent retreat master that told us about her. The retreat master would definitely have not told us to not be concerned about missing Mass for no reason, or not to follow all the teachings of the Church.

All the more I want to be at Mass, knowing what it is! What a joy and privilege it is to receive the Risen Lord in the Eucharist. It is not necessary to “feel” His Presence, but to believe with all your heart.

Dear Martha, do not wonder about skipping Mass and not following all the teachings of the Church. The Mass and the teachings are there for a good reason.

It is a great privilege to be Catholic when we count all the wonderful blessings and graces we receive from the sacraments given to us! It is awesome to be called to be Catholic!


Thank you Dorothy, I agree with you and thank you for putting it so beautifully.
It’s hard for me to explain what I mean I think. Regarding Corrie (I admire her greatly) , a part of me thinks perhaps she had heard of the Catholic church and the Eucharist after all she died in her 80’s. And there’s no way I can imagine her anywhere but in Heaven.

Ofcourse I shouldn’t ever concern myself with thinking anything of anyone’s soul and the reason I think this thought occurs to me is because she’s only one of many non Catholics that love Jesus immensely that have not gone to Mass for example.

The reason I bring that up is because as a Catholic I’m in mortal sin for not going to Mass every Sunday (Sometimes I’m not feeling well mentally) And my (tired) mind wonders if it’s really that big a deal (I know it is to the Church) when others get Gods grace even if they never went up until their old age (like Corrie, God rest her soul).

I hope I’m making sense in what I’m trying to convey. Thank you!


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