Why do you think some people are called to the Catholic Church?


I believe that ideally, Jesus wants everyone to receive Him in the Eucharist. The bread and wine are the earthly matter in which He chose to give himself to us, to give us the grace we need to live as Christians.

Unfortunately, not everyone will become Catholic. It is understandable. It can be overwhelming.

It could be that God will meet some people where they are at the moment. Where the Holy Spirit leads some to become Catholic, others are just being led to be the best Christian they can be. Whatever that may mean for them. Maybe later they will feel led to become Catholic. Who knows?

Personally, I believe I had been led to the Church very slowly my whole life, so that by the time I met my future wife, who is Catholic, I was more open to learning more about Catholicism and to converting.


I started to work at a catholic school and the school is just such a good example and witness I wanted to be a part of it


When i was a kid, i think it would be cool to be a Catholic because a lot of my friend is Catholic. Now 34 with a bit of wisdom that God give me, i know it was Him who call me to be a Catholic even now i know why He choose me St. Stephen as baptist name.
So when question like this arise, i said, that it’s God who choose it for them, it’s God who call them, and it’s their free will to answer Him or not. Some listen to the calling some ignore it some have doubt and not getting answers, some is given answers, some find it’s hard to accept what the Church teach, some find it easy to accept just like turning their hand.
Ps sorry for the English, i’m Indonesian, just trying to give what i experience in my life


Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded it !


You WON’T regret it!


Yeah it is amazing how God works in the hearts of people. Years back on Netflix I watched a show called American bible challenge and there were nuns on the show trying to win money for one of their sister’s retirement. Those sweet women softened my view of Catholics! :joy: It’s silly, but I think God uses whatever means to reach people sometimes.


Aw that’s awesome. It’s encouraging to hear the different ways God brings people to the church. Especially when I’ve heard so much of the opposite.


Thank you. I understood your post very well. Yes, I agree it is God who ultimately draws people. I think it is true, some people listen to the call or ignore it.


They must’ve had so much fun!
Over 20 years ago when I was a teenager Mother Angelica used to be on the tv while I was hanging around the house. I never sat to watch but surely caught snippets.
Fast forward 20 years my husband and I went through a season where we were watching her and Bishop Sheen all the time.
When Mother Angelica died and my husband and I were watching the EWTN segment my teenage son stopped by and we told him she passed and he said something like “oh that’s the nun that wore the patch” and he seemed really affected for the moment. He caught snippets too.
He was me twenty years ago.
I love these beautiful gifts from God.


Yes, perhaps drawn to the religiosity wrapped around truth.


I came for the Eucharist. Now I can take communion virtually every day of my life! That’s just so mind blowing! I haven’t missed a Sunday and I go once or twice on weekdays, too–just because I can! And it never gets old. I love the Catholic faith, the Catholic church, and our priests.


That’s beautiful, God bless you. Thanks for sharing the joy in your faith.


As a non-Catholic I too have experienced that…but not that often (although they are becoming more and more popular in our area). They aren’t my wife and I’s cup of tea but we’re warming up to potentially being regular members of one as it’s really the only non-denominational church in the area. I actually grew up in non-denominational churches that were either just piano accompaniment or acapella.

I just find it strange when so many on here use non-Catholic church and rock concert synonymous when that really isn’t the case.


That’s great. Did you have a different religious background?


Thanks! I started reading what it has to say.


THANK YOU JESUS for bringing you home.


I was Lutheran, raised in the church, married in the church, then out of it for quite a while, almost 40 years. I always thought, Taking communion is great and important, so why are we only doing it about three times a year? So, when it was time to get back to church, I became Catholic, as many of my friends and relatives were.

A friend of mine’s husband joined the Catholic church late in life. He said the other churches he had attended were alright, but with the Catholic church you got the meat and potatoes. I had to laugh over that one. That’s pretty much how I feel, also. Now I’m Catholic and I’m finally getting the meat and potatoes.




I would say people see a truth behind all of it.



Does the truth have to be behind anything?

Of course He can be seen in all things created, even religion. Yet He defined religion as visiting the widows, and the sick. He does call us to be baptized, to fellowhip, and to remember in eucharist. …Yet He also came to take away any partition, any mystery, and know Him divinely, thru the power of nothing, save His Word, spirit to Spirit.

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