Why do you think the "Luminous" Mysteries of the Holy Rosary are named so?


Using your own reasoning, why do you think the five new Rosary Mysteries introduced in 2002 are named “Luminous”? Why do you think they are called Mysteries of Light?

Does anyone know another meaning for the word “luminous” other than relating to light or luminosity? I have a sense that there is a sense of the word “luminous” that relates to astrology and false prophecies. Does anyone else account for this meaning of the word “luminous”?


Words can be used to good or bad purposes. The priest at the Easter Vigil proclaims “Lux Christi!” “Lux” and “Lucifer” have the same roots in Latin.


In each mystery God illuminates our hearts with knowledge of His Son. He reveals His Son to us in a special way in each mystery.


Jesus Christ is the light of the world, and the luminous misteries deal with his public ministry as the light of the world.


Why do you think John Paul II specified these two aspects of these Mysteries only: Christ being the Light of the World, and that they are of His public Ministry? Why do you think these are the basis of naming them “luminous.” Why do you think he didn’t tell more about these Mysteries in depth?

When I read of these Mysteries in the Gospels, I do not encounter the word “luminous.” However, the book of John speaks much about Jesus being the Light. The name of Luke, the writer of the third Gospel, means light, too. What about Matthew and Mark?


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