Why does Absalom plot against David in 2 Samuel?

In 2 Samuel, Absalom plots against David, but I am unsure of his motivation for doing so, is there a reason other than becoming King?

Thank you

The Scriptures give us no definitive answer on the question of Absalom’s motive. Jewish tradition portrays him as vain, greedy and ambitious. It was said he was the most handsome in the kingdom and his lifestyle was the envy of all. Its quite easy to imagine how such a young man could be tempted to try and become king. It is further said in Jewish tradition that a rift developed between David and Absalom after the Absalom’s sister was assualted by Amnom and Absalom did did not consider Amnom to have been sufficiently punished. Absalom would later have Amnom murdered and then have to flee the kingdom for three years. When he returned he was not permitted to have rank within the household of David. In tradition it is said that since David had forgiven Amnom for his sin Absalom would have assumed that he too would be fully forgiven. And since David’s first born was now dead (Amnom) that would leave Absalom as the next in line, however David had been told in a prophesy that it was Solomon who would be the next king. Tradition portrays Absalom as indignant at this slight. And what followed was the rebellion.

Jewish tradition attempts to connect the dots between the descriptions and timeline of Scripture. Its not a definitive explanation but certainly a reasonable one.

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