Why does Baptist Church despise RCC

I live in a predominantly Hispanic region.Tha Baptist Church has erected their churches either side by side,adjacent,behind or a block away from RCC.This was not just a coincidence,but deliberately, as I have noticed this scenario in more than 20 locations.Of course,all the RCC were already established,before they(BC) came into existence.Why do they hate the RCC so much?? I noticed also, when I visited EWTN few years ago.There was a gargantuan BC ,being built almost a stone throw from the studio.They even have a sign then that states"The true Christian Church."

Not all Baptists hate the Catholic Church. There are various types of Baptist churches out there, but some are quite anti-Catholic, as you say.

Those that build churches close to Catholic ones might be doing so for perfectly innocent reasons, such as zoning laws. Many cities will only allow churches to be built in certain areas to keep down traffic in residential areas.

However, any church that puts up a new building across from another denomination and puts a sign out front claiming to be the “true Christian church” isn’t exactly showing signs of Christian brotherhood, now is it?

I believe they hate the Catholic Church out of ignorance. They truly believe we are wrong about many important things (salvation, Mary, purgatory, the Pope etc.) and they believe we aren’t “saved.” If they put up a sign that says “True Christian Church” it’s not like they are doing that to be mean & nasty, but rather because they are hoping some of the Catholics will wander into their Chruch to learn what “the Bible really says.”

Because baptists like to fancy themselves as some sort of Christian warlocks who are waging a spiritual war against liberals, minorities, children’s book authors, satanic ritual abuse, demons, and idolators. I guess a lot of Christians do that, actually (so I’m sorry if I offended anyone,) but it just seems to me like Southern Baptists are the most likely to impose their opinions about things like Lord of the Rings and Mexicans on others under the pretense that it has something to do with their religion.

I’ve known a few who honestly act like they think they’re part of some magical league of superheroes diametrically opposed to all the “pagan new-agers.” (I know that you can argue that this is, essentially, actually the case, but my point is that a lot of Baptists just get a big kick out of treating their religion like it’s their favorite football team.)

Actual situation that happened to me at the time of my conversion.

When I pulled my two son’s out of our local Southern Baptist church to join me at our Catholic Parish, the pastor called me on the phone and told me that I and my children were going to HELL if we continued attending a “Roman Catholic Cult” that worships “Idols”.:eek:

Yes, I know this is not the case with every Southern Baptist church. All I can do for this man is to pray that God may show him the truth and seriously temper his tongue.

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of Baptists, so please do not judge all Baptist churches by one anti-Catholic one.

I grew up in the Conference Baptist Church, in which I was taught that Catholics are Christians, too. We even got together with one of the Catholic churches in our city.

But obviously, there are other Baptist denoms that believe Catholics are anti-Christ.

Even within the same Baptist denom, there are variations. When we lived in Raleigh, North Carolina, one of the Southern Baptist churches allowed a witch coven to meet there, and the pastor of that Southern Baptist church was a vehement pro-abortion advocate. But other Southern Baptist churches in the city (actually, outside of the city in the rural areas) handled snakes.

The very nature of Baptist churches is to allow and encourage dissent and the formation of new Baptist groups.

I wonder what they would think of the Orthodox churches? If they ever entered one during Liturgy they may have a heart attack.

The simple answer is that Baptists are in many respects the farthest away from Catholics of all Protestants.

For instance, Lutherans and Calvinists may reject Catholic soteriology (though not as thoroughly as Baptists), but they retain infant baptism, liturgy in some cases, and some doctrine of sacramental grace (Lutherans more than Calvinists). Holiness and Pentecostal Protestants may hate the Catholic Church as an institution (often through misunderstanding) and are opposed to Catholic ecclesiology and (usually) sacramental theology, but the Holinesss emphasis on sanctification and self-denial and the Pentecostal belief in supernatural religion (visions, miracles, etc.) have strong affinities with Catholicism. Restorationists may denounce infant baptism and claim that the Church apostasized for centuries, but they believe that baptism and good works are necessary for salvation. And so on, and so forth.

Baptists combine the most un-Catholic elements of all of these traditions. They generally hold a radicalized form of Protestant soteriology that (in the form held by many Baptists) basically turns sanctification into an elective. They reject infant baptism and (usually) any doctrine of sacramental grace. Their ecclesiology recognizes no visible Church beyond the local level. And so on.

In Christ,


I would be extremely surprised if this were literally true. I have never heard of Baptists handling snakes. In fact, it’s hard to find Pentecostals who handle snakes–mostly one just hears about them.

However, you are certainly right that Baptists are a very diverse bunch (as are all major Christian traditions, for that matter!). I grew up around Southern and Independent Baptists in the mountains of East Tennessee, so I tend to judge all Baptists by them (just as many of the Catholics here judge all Protestants by such groups!).


I knew a Catholic who was seduced by the baptists. When I asked him about it the first thing he wanted to talk about was the inquisition. I asked him if he meant the one in England where they murdered the Catholics.

Basically when they build a church they plan on filling it with bodies. They see Catholics as prime targets. They usually know something about Christianity, but often don’t know how to defend the Catholic faith. That’s why CA is here. Baptists hate Catholic Answers because a well instructed Catholic is very unlikely to be snookered into becoming a baptist.

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