Why does divorce seem to be inheritable?


What’s the possibilities for the mechanism which makes divorce inheritable?


Ok, I’ll bite.
You learn your behaviors from your parents. One of the important topics that needs to be discussed before marriage and “Your Family of Origin”. How did your family affect your views on things? It is basically the same reason why people who are abused as children have problems with relationships as adults. Their view of the world is warped. I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up I looked up to my parents as role models and I still do. If there was a problem, it was worked out. Divorce wasn’t an option in their minds and it isn’t an option in mine.


One reason is that it is learned. When the “going got tough” for your parents, they split. Now, as a married adult, the child with divorced parents will see marrital difficulties as “well, I guess this wont work out, we need to split”. Just my :twocents:


I would say it is entirely due to learned behaviours.

During childhood we learn behavioural patterns by observing and modelling others around us.

If one learns from their parents that the way to react when the going gets tough is to scream, shout, get angry, slam doors, refuse to be self-sacrificial, then this will be incorporated into the child’s repertoir of behaviours, and this will be the “only” way they know how to behave when in a similar situation.

Inter-generational transmission of maladaptive behavioural patterns is a very common occurence and well recognised in psychiatry.

Plus, let’s be honest, I would say only a small minority of people who “get married” actually know what marriage means.

How many pre-nupital agreements are made?! They all indicate that people are already considering divorce before even getting married!!

I would argue that if divorce is avaliable, then people don’t try as hard to make it work, and dont take their marriage vows seriously at all.


It’s called rationalization. People find all sorts of creative ways to explain away weakness, fear, immorality. Blaming poor life choices on “inheritance” is a perfect example of this.


I find it difficult to understand this. I know that chiildren of divorced parents typically think it horrible and often think they will not divorce themselves. But then many of them do. I find this very strange.


divorce is certainly not inheritable. For that matter, neither is marriage. Bioloically there is no need for either one of them so how can you say it is inheritable?

I know for a fact that I would not be as strong of a Catholic as I am, although I still question certain things as we all should, if my parents did not get a divorce. If I one day meet someone and marry divorce would never be an option.


I don’t think there is a problem with a pre nupital agreement. It has little to do with whether people will divorce in my opinon. If I think about it, we are all kind of under a pre nupital with God. Jesus died for our sins so we can live for ever in Heaven. However, we can still choose to screw it up and reject God even though we were originally baptized and at that point saved.


You know, I agree with this more than the previous posts. You see lots of divorces that happen for adults who grew up with divorced parents. You also see lots of divorces that happen for adults who grew up in intact families. I think it has more to do with the individual not being taught/or not accepting responsibility for actions, selfless behavior, etc. Whether that happened because their parents divorced or not is really a side issue.


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