Why does Dr. Laura cater to homosexuals?

In the call I just heard Dr. Laura answer (rebroadcast of yesterday’s program), she was counseling two cohabitating lesbians about how to have a better relationship. She was all giggly with them, telling them how to do more loving things for each other and so on. I don’t understand why she normally is so full of tough love and common sense, but in recent years she seems to accept homosexuality as a normal choice and not pathological or inevitably leading to unhappiness.

Do you think it is because of all the bad publicity she got when the radical homosexual lobby got her TV talk show kicked off the air several years ago? It seems odd that she would respond by catering to the homosexual lobby. But maybe it is all about ratings for her these days.

I don’t know. I did a quick search, and apparently she went on Larry King back in April and stated that two same sex people living together in an honest relationship can be a positive and beautiful thing.

I haven’t listened to her in over ten years, but I’m not surprised she has “progressed”. There was always something missing in her reasoning whenever I heard her get into philosophical discussions. Ah well.

That is interesting. I didn’t know she had come right out and said that. Well, she already annoys me greatly with her extreme advocacy of contraception. I don’t understand people who oppose abortion but see no problem with artificial contraception.

I do appreciate her advocacy for stay-at-home moms. I guess I shouldn’t expect her to be consistent. Too bad we don’t get Catholic radio in our area.

I can understand that, actually, because one can take the position that the fetus is a human baby without accepting all the Catholic philosophy about the purpose of sex. The two groups that make no sense to me are:

  1. People who say that abortion is only okay in cases of rape or incest (just thinking about that one makes my head spin).

  2. People who care more about gay marriage than abortion.

It has been proven that the new low dose oral contraception can cause abortion, because it prevents implantation. That’s one reason why I think people should care about both. Life begins at conception.

Another reason is that the contraceptive mindset inevitably leads to more abortion when attempts to supress God’s plan fail. But I can see your point that for people who don’t understand or accept these ideas, it makes sense in their minds to accept contraception but not abortion.

In response to the title,

“Money talks”

PO’d gay rights lobyists threatening to boycott advertisers does not make program directors happy.

It’s all about being PC and getting that big paycheck i.e. selling out. :shrug:

Sad, but true. That’s why I have to listen to Dr. Ray (loyal to natural law and absolute truth) by podcast and not on a major radio station.

He used to be on here locally over the lunch hour, but now starts at 1pm :frowning:

Much better advice and way more entertaining, methinks; he probably could do some sort of Catholic standup. :smiley:

I’ve listened to Dr. Laura on and off for years and was also appalled at this particular program. I’ve also noticed her seeming advocacy of gay relationships. We as Christians can exercise our voice by boycotting her program and emailing her to let her know why. We should not be marginalized by political correctness. I wonder what her stance is on gays parenting?

Why would anyone serious about solving a relationship problem turn to a broadcaster for advice? Why not just ask your grocer or your hair stylist? :confused:

Who is Dr. Laura?

What is wrong with preventing implantation ? How can that, possibly be a moral issue ? Millions of spermata are not implanted - there are far more than just the one sperm. Not that anything is said by the RCC about them - but why not ? Are they not also spermata ?

I do not understand the RCC thinking at all - it seems to boil down to “Every sperm is sacred, but some, the ones that make it to the wall, are more sacred than others”.

The only reason I can see for objecting to contraception is, that it fouls up the menstrual cycle, thus, presumably making later conception more difficult.

What has abortion to do with the thread ?

Well, the Catholic objection is actually that any action or precaution during the sex act that is done to prevent or reduce the possibility of conception perverts the true purpose of sex; it isn’t an objection that the poor sperm are being mistreated, as far too many try to strawman the position as being, but instead that sex that is not open to life is not right.

What has abortion to do with the thread ?

Someone brought up that they could not understand how certain people could oppose abortion but not contraception.

I think you’re confusing implantation with insemination.

Implantation occurs after the union of sperm/egg, and there is a new and unique human person created. Preventing implantation means this child never has a chance to develop.

Is she still on the air? I had all but forgotten about her. I used to be a fan but she has just turned too liberal and hypocritical for my tastes.

Good question. It was after she answered a question for a homosexual man that sounded awfully approving of the relationship that I stopped listening to her altogether. It doesn’t fit… She seemed to be so “tuned in” to truth. Relationships between men and women should not involve sex before marriage. Sexual relationships between men and women should be married relationships. The focus of men and women who can’t make said relationships work should be the product of said relationships: children. Children are not pets. Children deserve all of you, not some of you. Children deserve parents, not caregivers. Marriage is about complementarity and self-giving. A woman fulfills one role, the man another. Messing with said roles and complementarities can turn the relationship on its head and make it unworkable.

Ok, I get it. That makes sense. Where then, does a same sex relationship fall in this world view? You don’t have to “wait” to have sex, because there is no such thing as marriage for same sex partners, right? Why? Because marriage protects partners and is a life long vow. And why is that vow important? CHILDREN!! The natural product of sexual relations between a man and a woman; an impossibility from the simulated intercourse of two people of the same sex. “Marriage” between two of the same sex is an afterthought and not the goal “worth waiting for”.

A relationship between two persons of the same sex is, by definition, disordered. But somehow all the rules about sex/marriage/right/wrong to which she adheres to without exception are just dropped when it comes to gay people? This shouldn’t be so. She doesn’t pull any punches when heteros make decisions she knows are hurting them. Why is it different for folks of the same sex?:shrug:

Sperm are never implanted. Embryos implant. It happens between five days and two weeks after conception. The embryo leaves the tube at five to eight days, and spends anything from less than a day to close to a week roving over the endometrium to find an endometrial gland in a good place with good attachability and endometrial milk flow. This is possible at least in part because the embryo already has a sense of touch and vibration, the beginning of awareness. When it is impossible to implant, due to changes in the endometrium, the embryo starves to death and falls out.

I think Dr Laura has had evolved beliefs over the years. She got into orthodox Judaism for a time and was roundly criticized for making some statements that the Gays didn’t like.

Then she got disenchanted with the Jews and now it seems that she has altered some of her stances.

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