Why does God allow genetics to determine someone's religiosity?

Scientific studies have shown links between genetics and religiosity, and that some people, based on genetics, are more likely to be religious. Why?

Why would god allow genes, something you don’t choose, to affect the likelihood of one being religious?

EDIT: Here are studies:



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Can you cite the studies you are speaking of please? Links would be nice, but title, date, author(s), and name of journal/book/periodical/etc. should suffice.

Why does God allow some people to be born in a Christian country, and others not? Some people are benefited by providence. God loves every creature, but he blesses some especially. Unless we think that nature, or environment, determines everything, we all still have free will.


There are lots of things we don’t choose that impact us in many different ways. We don’t choose to be born to devout Catholic parents vs. atheist parents. We don’t choose to be born in a stable, loving home vs. an unstable, abusive home. We don’t choose to be born in a red state vs. a blue state. All these circumstances beyond our control influence our worldview.

That would be quite interesting. I have never seen a study demonstrating this. Will you cite two or three examples?


They show correlation, not causation. They cannot do the latter.


So why would god bless some to be more religious over others?

Because He wanted to.

Or hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump, to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour? [[22]] What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath, fitted for destruction, [[23]]That he might shew the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he hath prepared unto glory?


I’d be careful with this. Fat gene, gay gene, religious gene, where will it end?


God made a world of different people, some with gifts of intelligence, others with gifts of athletic prowess and health; some with wealth, others with poverty. Perhaps those of us who have the “religious gene” are more likely to be religious, but those who lack this may gain some unique merit by exercising their free will to triumph over their natural deficiencies. Like the poor woman who gave only two small coins, which was more valuable to our Lord than the rich man who gives many denarii (Mark 12:42). So the person who struggles for faith amidst his inclinations to doubt may be more valiant in his efforts than the one who obtains faith easily.

Have you tried praying about this?


I guess for the same reason that there is general genetic diversity. We need each other to live and be whole. And boy do we know that religious people can be affected by greater temptations and greater falls.

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general genetic diversity such as race, height, eye color, physical strength, wouldn’t affect someone’s religious practices in the same way.

I don’t see how this relates to genetic religiosity.

And then there is the truism, that correlation is not causation.

Next we might be hearing that there is a genetic relation to those who prefer dogs as opposed to cats, and another…

I don’t get myself all tied up by the “latest research” or whatever the most recent headline is. Maybe there is a connection. If so, that is God’s doing, and we are not likely to be privy to His deepest thoughts.

I’m pretty sure that I have the Curmudgeonly Gene :dna::unamused::smoking:


It was somewhat tongue in cheek. Diversity exists because God wants it. However, as i stated earlier, correlation does not equal causation, thus, you don’t know why some people are more religious than others.

You obviously don’t understand how genetics work.

Probably why I am an electrician. :boom:

Are you saying it’s a proven fact that there is a gene that makes people more religious? Because if you are I know you are wrong.


God does not somehow have his hands tied because of genetics in regard to religiosity.
The parable of the talents. A guy gets 10 talents, a guy gets 5 talents, a guy gets 1 talent. How we respond to God’s grace matters. Do we make the increases or do we bury it and go on to other things? These are choices.

Where does our heart lie? Where is our treasure? Another parable. What are we pursuing?
We cannot serve 2 masters. We’ll hate one and love the other. The things of God, do we love them or are they a burden that causes us to mumble and have grief?

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Please capitalize God in your title.

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