Why does God allow genetics to determine someone's religiosity?

If the Jews are God’s chosen people, could God have done something with their genes?
If Christians are chosen by Christ, could God have done something with their genes?

Just a thought.

One of the peculiar sins of the twentieth century which we’ve developed to a very high level is the sin of credulity. It has been said that when human beings stop believing in God they believe in nothing. The truth is much worse: they believe in anything.

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so I guess you don’t care for proof?

Re-read the thread title for good grief! It is a huge, IMO unwarranted assumption.

No it isn’t. A person could be born any where in the world. Culture has an influence on belief. IF you are born in Pakistan the chances of being Christian is pretty slim. Or any Muslim country or you could be born in Mormon land or as a Hindu. If you don’t think culture and ethnic identity have an effect you are wrong. The posters right you could of been born in a different culture with a different faith. The question should be how does God decide where a person is to be born it will definitely affect the outlook of the person.

Utter waste of time here. I’m out.

Why does God allow genetics to determine someone’s religiosity?

Baloney Question

It’s an utter waste of time for someone who looks at documented science to argue with someone who has a rigid, bigoted mind set. Next time someone brings science into the conversation, do humanity a favor and STAY OUT.

Thing is, different cultures are human choices to raise a child into a false religion. Those people are doing that out of free will. Genetics, on the other hand, are rogrammed by God.

Why does God allow genetics to determine someone’s religiosity?

God never allowed genetics to determine someone’s religiousity…

The mistake in the opening post, as well as the misnamed “God gene,” is that genetics do not work that way. There seems to be some genetic disposition to certain behaviors, like violence or alcoholism, that they are not deterministic. Disposition is not the same as determinism, and a lot of these studies will label something as a disposition for a small percentage of variance. It is best to ignore those who use theology as science (like dating the Earth from the Bible), or science as theology, like labeling a “God” gene. It should also be noted that at this point, even that much is only a new theory and far from being substantiated, despite making the New York Times. :wink:

Seems to be being the operative…
When the Human Genome was first published - circa 2000

  • prior theories of behavioral determinism were abolished.


They would say yours is a false religion. Its not as simple as you put it but if thats what you want to believe. They are just as convinced their faith is as true as yours.


This is what came to mind

What a load of malarkey. One cannot determine reception to religion based on genes. Being religious is a choice, just like being fat and being an alphabet person is a choice. I’ve seen devout believers turn into the worst kind of atheists and I’ve seen the most militant atheist turn into humble believers.

Don’t believe everything that comes out of the science community. These are the same people that think the world needs to go through mass depopulation in order to avoid a climate change catastrophe. The same people that think gender is a spectrum and baby murder is a woman’s right.

One problem with the way you present this . is that you see Jew and Christian as Separate…

Starting with e.g., Jesus Christ -
the earliest Christians including His mother Mary and His Apostles - ARE Jews…

Are you actually rejecting the science that weight is both and interplay of environmental and genetic factors?

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If the comparison is the same, then what is being rejected is that weight is solely genetic. Of course this is untrue, like the supposition that underlies the OP.

Do you have children?
If so, you hopefully provide for all of them well. Included in that provision is gift giving.
Do you give your children gifts?
Do they all show equal appreciation? Have you ever given you child a gift only to have it still sitting there unopened after a long time?

Why do some people leave their gifts unopened? And others are grateful, open them, use them, enjoy them, share them?

And if they accuse you giving a crappy gift, or a gift that “wasn’t enough”, what would your answer be?


Consider Those to whom God revealed Himself as per the OT…

Constantly and Seriously Disobedient to God - for the most part…

And-- they paid seriously for their Sin.

Is this what one means by ‘genes’ ?

The genetic propensity to DisObey God?


I would ask them why it wasn’t enough. and if they explained to me why, I would understand and consider getting them a better gift. The reason why is because I like communication with people.

God, on the other hand, doesn’t speak to humans. And we can’t ask god for different genes. In fact, as I have stated, sometimes the genes cause us to not ask god at all.

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