Why does God allow others to be born in places where


Why does God allow others to be born in places where they are most likely not going to be Christian?


I really don’t know the answer to that, but I can only believe Jesus when he said that after he was lifted up, he would draw all men unto himself. I really believe that means everyone in the whole world.

Many people live in Christian countries who are still deaf to God’s message.


Ask a Muslim.


Well no one knows God’s ways, hence us always saying God’s mysterious ways. But I’d say God puts his grace in all kinds of places. If a person is not Christian or Catholic it doesnt mean they can’t act with God’s grace, just that they dont know it. Any good act anywhere in the world is God’s grace, always. Anything bad is mankind. Simple really.
I am pretty sure that the passage in Luke (12:48 especially the last part ) means that God entrusts more to some people, ie Christians are baptised so in other words He has given them/us His spirit so he trusted us with more so he is going to expect more from us than non Christians, well by that I mean people who never seriously get the chance to learn about Christianity, not people who learn but reject it. We are called to holiness and some to different levels such as priests, religious, lay etc. So I think God means we will all be judged differently according to how much he has entrusted us with during our earthly life. So people who are given less will be judged less and so on. Jesus is completely just more so than we can imagine so this makes sense to me to explain what you have said. Everyone can choose to be good or bad in their lives whether they know why or not or who they attribute it too, they can choose. This is God given. How much He chooses to reveal of His nature to them is really His business, but I dont believe He will ever judge them unfairly.


Well, a Calvinist would say it’s because they were predestined to hell from the beginning.


Why does God permit / fill in the blank / to occur questions all have very similar answers

  1. We have free will.
  2. God’s plan is above us all. We just speculate.
  3. Snark answers
  4. Agenda answers

I’ll chose number 2. Perhaps that person is given the grace to cause said country to move towards Him and towards Christianity.


I think that if we knew the answer to questions like that, we would be God. There are so many mysteries in life, that we certainly would have to rely on faith that God knows what He is doing.


Because He’s God and I really don’t know. We as Christians are called to EVANGLEIZE to all. Maybe because He KNEW that we needed to do this for our souls.


Now that you mention it, this may be an indication that God is a globalist. :sunglasses:


Because God isn’t a eugenicist… Would YOU stop them from being born?


And we who are Christians are really different from the point of view of the virtue of those who are not Christians?
“the one to whom we gave a lot, we will ask a lot”. Then God in his prescience certainly saw that if such a person becomes a Christian, because of the abuse of the graces he would have made, would have known a more painful Hell, or would have had a lesser glory in Heaven.
When we evangelize others, it is not first for their salvation (without knowing explicitly Christ, they can save themselves) but it is first for the glory of God, and after for our own salvation. St Paul said “woe to me if I do not proclaim the gospel”, he did not say “woe to you, if I do not proclaim the gospel to you”

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