Why does God create souls he know will wind up in hell?

Out of likes but yes.

Perhaps the word ‘fear’ is throwing you off.

When you were a child, you might not have ‘feared’ your parents’ reactions if you made an error, but you probably (since most children do this) truly wanted them to be proud of you. You wanted to please them. And it is possible, is it not, that you may have, as you were growing up, thought of doing something wrong and decided not to because, “My parents brought me up to be honest so I’m not going to keep this wallet I found” (as an example). It might have been a brief, fleeting thought. It might not even have come to your conscious mind, it might have been a, “Oh here’s a wallet lying on the ground, I’ll go turn it in to the police” because you had your values so well and thoroughly instilled it seems ‘second nature’. But for most people, it is our parents who start when we are extremely young to teach us to behave, and we want to please them first, because we love and trust them and want to show them our love and trust by doing what they ask, and as we grow, we want to do good things because we know (from our parents) that they are good, and even that virtue is its own reward.

Again, it is not ‘fear of punishment’ but an unwillingness, having had our parents (and by extension, God) show us how and why to do good actions, to disappoint them or to show disrespect by ignoring or disobeying their good teachings.

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