Why does God create us uniquely yet hold us all to the same standard?


Is moodiness, irritability, a sin?


These emotions by themselves are not sins, but can lead to sin. It’s perfectly fine to feel irritated at your sister if she plants a firecracker in your toilet. :ouch: It’s *not *fine to attack her because of the prank.

As Leviticus 19:17 wisely states: Don’t hate and plot revenge against your fellowmen. Reprove them, but don’t incur sin because of them.

Moses was also irritated at his rebellious brethren, as recorded in Numbers 11:15: “Did I give birth to all these people? Please kill me at once, so I would no longer need to deal with this distress!”

And if you thought *Moses’s * irritability was frightening, then take a good look at our God: Jesus Christ! :eek: (Matthew 21:11)

And I for one, am irritated at Satan and his followers for their persistence in rebellion against all other creatures. :banghead:

When your bitterness might lead you to sin, it becomes dangerous, and a good pair of high-quality handcuffs, or/and prayer, may effectively solve the problem. :thumbsup:


I suppose it might depend a bit on what one means by moodiness and irritability. Everyone has bummer days. It will depend more on what one DOES with such emotional states.
Being quiet and sort of “broody” so that you don’t hurt others - not a sin .
Snapping at everyone around you - a sin.

Overall this is a question best discussed with your confessor and spiritual adviser because there are a lot of subtleties involved. Too much to try to get into here.

Now as to the title question:
“Why does God create us uniquely yet hold us all to the same standard?”
Because God has unique plans for each of us. Therefore he makes us unique.
He holds us all to the same standard because He wants us all to achieve everything we are capable of.

I’m kind of curious…What do you understand the “standard” to be?



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