Why does God favor and give more graces to certain people?

There’s nothing I can do about it, really. God favors Mary and the prophets more than a normal person like me, and he gives them more graces and favor. Why? Did I do something wrong in a ‘past life’? What about the other people who he doesn’t favor? Is there a way I can get more graces?

Yes, :smiley: ask and you shall receive.

Also God gives everyone as much Grace as he needs to be the person he wanted them to be; which is an utterly perfect person, an individual like no other in existence and in union with the holy Trinity. God didn’t make you one of the prophets or Mary because he wants you to be you, and he will give you as much Grace as you need to find him and achieve that, every human gets that much grace. And you can have even more if you ask for it. So ask, ask! God wants us to desire his graces, only a fool wouldn’t desire them, and he has an infinite source of grace. Maybe he has put this desire in you to be like Mary and his holy prophets for a reason! :slight_smile:

To whom much is given much will be expected. Don’t look down on your situation. You have all the graces you need to become the saint that our Lord wants you to become. God gives each person sufficient grace to be saved; he gives efficacious grace to those who correspond with his grace. He only withholds grace from the proud and hateful. It is not right for us to question why God gives some people more graces than others – everything he does is just and for our benefit, his ways are far above our ways, so are his thoughts far above our thoughts; we’ll only know in heaven why some people were favored more than others while on earth. God bless you.

I think a good first step is to be very careful about what you ask for, because we become responsible for what we receive. It is good to desire grace for the right reasons; but to desire grace for the wrong reasons is not good - in fact such a desire is contrary to our own self-interest.

Maybe you’ll hear a good homily today - Sunday 7/27/2014 - when the first reading at Mass is 1 KGS 3:5, 7-12. It is about Solomon’s opportunity to ask of God one thing - whatever he would want. Solomon chose wisdom, so that he could rule God’s people as king, righteously.

God gives to some more, so that they can be a channel of God’s gift to those who did not receive more, but less. God gives, to allow the ones who receive from Him to become thankful, and to become givers to others. He gives to others less, to allow the ones who need to become needful, and to become receivers from others. In this way He works to gather all into the perfection of His will, and His fullness.

You have something that the world needs! We all do. We are all in need, and we are all abundant with something that others need. This is the theology of the body, as Paul describes it in 1 Cor 12 - the body has many members, and all the members have a role for the good of the body. When all the members are faithful to their gifts, and their responsibilities, the whole body rejoices in health.

But to want more, to do more, to bring greater glory to Him and to serve Him in His Body better, and more completely - that is good. To seek more for one’s own glory, for self-interest, is only an obstacle to the “more” that we were made for. Remember Jesus, who glorified the Father on the Cross! Remember the Apostles and many saints, who were called to martyrdom for His sake, and for the sake of us all in the Body. That is the price of love: in the world of sin, great love will bring great suffering for the sake of those loved.

I’ve tried. It isn’t true. :mad:

Also God gives everyone as much Grace as he needs to be the person he wanted them to be;

He must not have very high aspirations for me, then. :frowning:

I’d have asked for an apology.

We are not in the same category as Mary who was Immaculately Conceived, without sin. She was prepared ahead of time to be the mother of God. She is there to help us.

We have no “in a past life”. What you have now is it. You grow in holiness which is pleasing to God. The more pleasing you are to God, the more your growth, the more will be asked of you and the more given to you. It is a life long process.

I don’t go to God for favors or to be a favorite, etc. I go to Him out of love.

We should not get caught up with what ‘others’ have or receive. We are to remain focused on our Lord. It reminds me of the conversation Jesus had with Peter after His resurrection.

John 21:20-22 (RSV)

20 Peter turned and saw following them the disciple whom Jesus loved, who had lain close to his breast at the supper and had said, “Lord, who is it that is going to betray you?” 21 When Peter saw him, he said to Jesus, “Lord, what about this man?” 22 Jesus said to him, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? Follow me!”

Bloom where you are planted.

*“I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.” * — Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Even the humble little Albanian lady who founded the Missionaries of Charity had her occasional doubts.

(Click here for the page where I found the quote.)


You might just be looking for graces in all the wrong places (wow, great title for a country and western hymn!).

See if john 9:3 speaks to you on this…I doubt the blind man himself ever thought his blindness was a gift of grace.

St. Paul told us grace abounds where there is sin, and I would submit that grace is also often wrapped in pain, suffering, and sorrow, but we are oblivious to the gift until we unwrap it!

Peace and all good!

It’s better to start with giving one.


The thing is, everyone is just surrounded by grace, that’s how plenty it is. You just have to have humility, hope, and faith: faith is the cup you need to hold it in, hope the hand to hold the cup, and humility the mouth to drink it.

Yeah… honestly, I also ask that question out of tiredness and weariness at times with these spiritual and temporal battles.I do pray a lot and receive enough grace. But when I see some Christians shining in their ministries, full of life and happiness I get envious (both holy and unholy envy)…Why am I not like them? I want to be fully alive. St. Ireneaus says, “the glory of God is man fully alive.” Right now I’m in a job I’m not satisfied, but I also have a ministry (which is not my job, but my real happiness and fulfillment).I want to focus in my ministry. I see my job as a hindrance…Anyhow, the saints do not look at things in such light.We are counseled to treat all good and bad alike.

St Teresa would say that “God readily gives to those who dispose themselves”

When it comes to begging and asking…God readily gives—He does. Do not forget as well that asking doesn’t mean we don’t do something.Jesus also says we should seek—so that we may receive His grace and to Knock. To seek and to knock require real and tangible actions from our part.We have to find the will of God, We have to knock at the doors he is giving us.

I think this is really the difference between the saint and the sinner. The sinner merely asks and waits for a miracle, but the saints seek and knock until they really find Him.

**Psalm 18:30

As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.**

Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of Heaven. God, the Father, the Creator, and Jesus Christ are sovereign (absolute, loving, rulers) over us.

In our modern, democratic world, we have developed a bad habit of thinking **our **wants and desires are, of course, what God wants, too. But, God is not democratic in handing out worldly blessings…and we have no right to expect HIM to be such.

In reality, his way is perfect, and his word is tried. When we want something, and God does not grant it, the Psalmist reminds us that he is a shield to those who trust in him. His way is perfect…our ways imperfect.

God does not exist or operate for our pleasure.

We exist (and hopefully operate) for HIS pleasure.

Imagine God as the producer of a play called “Life.” He assigns various roles. One is a king, one a banker, another a carpenter, another a tailor. He assigns YOU to play the blind beggar. This is to create the masterpiece play!

Do you have any right to covet the one chosen to be king, when the producer is perfect? Are you entitled to throw a tantrum about being chosen to be the beggar?

NO!!! Because all of the actors are equally valuable TO GOD in this play!

Your duty is to trust God with your assigned role…AND PLAY IT PERFECTLY! YOU want to be the “Academy Award” winning beggar (or whatever)!!! Then, maybe God chooses you for some other role down the road.

People differ in their blessings…AND THEIR CURSES! Nobody has it that easy. Just look at the personal tragedies reaped by “the Hollywood elite.” Do not covet anyone. You only see their blessings…and rarely see their curses. Things can look deceptively fine on the outside of hellish lives.

When you pray to God for anything, always include the final clause "if it be according to YOUR will."

Nanotwerp you are 13, you still are only but a child.

Keep chatting to the Lord through prayer and on how you are feeling. Ask the Lord how you can serve him. I am sure he will be delighted in hearing from you each day.

Live each day through walking in the Lords footsteps and give Thanks to the Lord.

God Bless

Are you sure Mary and the prophets had it a lot better
Than you??

Many of them had pretty tough roads to travel

A Loy of God s favorite had pretty difficult lives
Many were called to martyrdom

“God does not distribute talents to all alike; to one He gives five, to another two, to a third only one (Matt. xxv). It is in wisdom that He thus acts; for if the same were given to all, every one could stand alone, and there would be no need of mutual good offices. What opportunity would there be for the exercise of brotherly love, what occasion of merit?”

– Excerpt from The Catechism Explained (Spirago-Clarke)

As I said in my previous post, we will only know in heaven why some people are given more graces than others. God bless you.

It is important to remember that in the parable of the talents in Matthew there is a subtle but significant difference from the parable of the coins in Luke. Namely, in the parable in Luke, all of the servants are given one coin, and so those who do more with it are rewarded more richly, because they were all given the same to begin with and thus some had actually put greater “work” to God’s graces than others.

However, in Matthew’s parable of the talents, the servants were given different numbers of talents to begin with, and the “good servants” all do equal work–doubling what they were given. The important thing to notice is that even though one servant was given two talents and another five, so that the former doubled two talents into four and the other doubled five into ten, since both were putting forth the same effort, they were ultimately given the same reward at the end of the parable.

I don’t believe it’s by accident that in the parable where the servants start out with different talents no difference is made in their ultimate reward. They are not all judged by the same standard.

Consider that many of the saints who have seen Jesus in visions, or who have had miraculous powers, etc., are responsible for doing MORE than the rest of us are. They have been given “five” talents whereas we have been given only “two.” They are therefore responsible for making at least ten talents in order to gain the same reward we would gain for making only four.

I believe there is, therefore, a balance after all is said and done.

Blessings in Christ,

It does not matter at all how many talents that you are given by God; all that matters is that you double them like the faithful stewards in the Bible story did, lest the talent(s) that you have been given be taken away from you and you be cast into hell. Gods bless you.

I am very sorry to hear you feel lost, and have no trust in God. I will pray for you Lost Sheep.

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