Why does God give some people Mental Disorders?


I was wondering why God gives stuff like Mental Disorders or lets them happen. I happen to have Aspeger’s Syndrome and it is a Blessing and Curse at the same time. Why did I get it or why do people get such things?



I’m hearing impaired. Yes, I’m aware it’s not a mental illness. My belief i that God blessed me with it so that I would not hear the negative things that are said about me. I’m aware of it’s negative drawbacks but pay no attention to them.

My theory is that God gave the mentally challenged a gift wrapped in a challenge which he knew that they would be strong enough to handle. In fact this challenge itself provides the opertunity to build up their strength and character. So is the knowledge that they can overcome anything, if they can over come their personal challeges.

Further more, to address the negative side (the curse), my theory is that they suffer. But their suffering allows them in a unique way to understand the suffering of Christ. They may better recieve Christ because they have suffered and overcame just as Christ has. It’s a unique oppertunity, just like anyone else, to understand and have a relationship with Christ.

That’s why he [God] gives people Mental Disorders.


Sickness is a direct result of Original Sin. God created man very good and free of death and sickness…but once Adam and Eve sinned, death and sickness entered in the human race.

Sickness and suffering is our means to grow in holiness and God knows this…so He allows it for our sanctification and the sanctification of others. So long as our suffering makes us pray and unite to God and not reject Him, this cooperation with our cross (along with our prayers and trust in Him) has incredible redemptive value in advancing God’s plan - getting as many souls into Heaven as possible. God has a plan! We just need to be like putty in His hands and let Him form us through patiently suffering whatever He has allowed us to suffer - knowing that God has a plan in it all for the benefit of all souls!


Hi It must be an awful strain to be stuck with any Mental illness.

Sometimes illness is due to genetics or some human source. People sometimes attribute to God things that accidents of genetics or environment or diet or lifestyle bring about. We sure ingest a lot of unhealthy additives in our diets, for instance! Our bodies and our brains rely on the correct chemicals and delicate chemical balance, and I’m sure that’s often out of order in people.

In my case, it’s genetics…because the Scottish clans I descend from, proud as they were of their clan’s heritage, inter-married too closely, affecting the genes of their descendents? Who knows…but there was a hint of haemophilia in a brother early in his life, which is indication of that, and we have an autoimmune tendency in my family…in some cases Lupus, in mine, Celiac disease, which while it remained undiscovered, caused thyroid auto-immune disease and osteoporosis to develop in me. Amongst those in my family affected by auto-immune illnesses… in a nephew, Diabetes 1, in a niece, rheumatoid arthritis, in a cousin MS, in another cousin, Celiac disease, apart from two sisters who have Lupus…

In Celiac disease, food that is okay for you is poison for me…wheat, barley, oats, rye…those foods make me ill. I didn’t know what was wrong with me until I broke my wrist bones and my doctor said, “Im testing you for Celiac disease.” he hadn’t realised I might have it though I was losing bone density 3 times faster than others my age. Some of us are ill. or poisoned, and we don’t even know it nor why we have certain lifelong symptoms {one of which was endless sinus problems!) But oh, no croissants! Can you imagine!!! :smiley:

We could say “why”, and “why did God…?” But it’s genetics. And none of us knew when we married and had children. My sons have been tested and don’t show signs…but it’s possible that it may show up in their descendents, as it has in some of their cousins. If the genes are simply dormant, illness, accident, stress, and even pregnancy, in females, can trigger the antibodies into action. I told me doctor gratefull, at least I don’t have Lupus…widespread autoimmune problems in one’s system. The dear man replied…“You could still develop it!” Thanks doctor!!!

But it wouldn’t be God’s doing, it would be through illness accident, stress…but I’ve had enough stress in my life that I figure if it was going to happen it would have already! :smiley:

We don’t always know the causes, but God doesn’t actually give us diseases. THere has been research for instance, that shows that some psychological problems can pass from generation to generation, maybe skipping some.

I’m sorry you have this illness. I don’t think I’d like that. My three illnesses are manageable without battling my mind. I think you are very courageous. I hope medical science will be able to help you. I hope there’s helpful research under way.

God bless you, Trishie


:slight_smile: Thank goodness someone said this early in the thread! The thought of God actually giving us diseases is horrible.

Well done, Trishie.:thumbsup:


One thing I notice is there appears to be a correlation with mental disorders and high intelligence. Perhaps these people are to use these talents for God, and by doing that, God will help them cope with their mental illness perhaps even to the point where they aren’t impairing. Perhaps in that sense, the mental illness is a kind of humility.


I also have Asperger’s Syndrome, along with an anxiety disorder and depression. I’m currently on 5 medications! I’m a hermit who works from home. I’m seldom around people. I see it as my cross in life. It causes me to become forward looking, to the Hereafter.


It purely depends on your own perception about God and who you believe He is.

People can come up with the most amazing ideas regarding things like this, whether it’d be a mental disability or an epidemic.

I personally don’t believe God nor Satan have their hands in this, but clearly you do, so it’s your turn to really apply your disorder to your faith.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood


I believe God allows disorders, sicknesses, evils, etc. (but does not GIVE them to us since all maladies are a consequence of original sin) in order to draw a greater good out of them. God has a way of turning bad into good. Maybe it’s what is necessary for one’s salvation. God will always allow something that is good for our salvation.


I’ve also been identified as having Asperger’s Syndrome, but if there was a magic bullet that would take it away, I’d pass on it. I see it as part of the cross I have to bear. The worst part, I think, isn’t the condition (aside from the sensory overload issues that plague me), but people’s reactions to the way I need to live in order to live with myself. I’m a semi-hermetic sort, and people are always telling me I need to get out more. I have a co-worker who bugs me about finding a boyfriend/getting married/having kids, when I can barely take care of myself some days. What tires me the most is having to explain myself constantly to people who don’t seem to get it. I’ve had days when I’ve “had it out with God” ala Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan in “Forrest Gump” screaming his lungs out at the heavens. I have days when I feel more like God has thrown me on my toushe, leaving toushe-prints in the sand, rather than Footprints, in a certain famous poem. But I chose to live by Pascal’s Wager…


I often think of how awful it must be to have a mental disorder, especially if its severe. I used to work with 2 boys with bad autism and I often felt bad for them, however they are 2 of the happiest people I ever met. They are both in their 20’s and I never saw them sad, or wanting people to feel bad for them. They are just always happy, and I think its because they dont watch the news and worry about the evil in the world like terrorist attacks, or people killing others. They dont worry about making money or how they are going to pay their bills or anything like that. So I guess that would be their blessing. Even though its difficult sometimes, you really need to try and turn a negative into a positive.


God is a Mystery and His ways are Mysterious

Mother Theresa said when she got to heaven she was going to ask God why?

Christ tells us to take up our cross, everyone has a different one to carry

One interesting thing Padre Pio said was, if people knew the value of suffering they would ask for nothing else…and he suffered for 50 years


I personally think we’re “mental” in our own way and that no one is of sound mind. If we were we’d be incapable of sinning and be possibly androids since we’d be thinking very logically.

For example, I consider myself a smart and talented guy (I say this with as much humility as I can) but there are quirks that I’ve got (such as being a clean freak in sudden bursts) which might borderline on the medical definition of a disorder. I sometimes see this as a cross to bear but sometimes I see it characterization of me as a unique being.


I have family member with the same. But the question is not why God gives anyone “mental disorders” - or any health problem - be it a physical or mental disability.

Some say God gives us a cross for a reason. Our Lord says to pick up your cross and follow Him. It sounds easy until we hit the wall quietly alone - each of us has our own.

The answer is we don’t know why. Except for the fact - that God has His reasons.
It’s just for us to accept - even though not given a choice in the health matter, we do have free will - to accept His Divine Will.
(Don’t get me wrong - I’m no scholar - and no less immune to asking God “why?” a few thousand times - but in the long run, I accept that God has His reasons - and that should be enough.)

I do pray for those who are unable to accept - those with true mental disorders and unable to rationalize - that their crosses and the cross borne by their family members become united with Christ’s…(Thanks for this post…I’ve heard that last expression but don’t think I’ve ever used it before!)


We cannot really understand entirely why God allows things like this happen to people; however, one thing we know for sure is that it is for the sake of many souls.


In the very simplest of terms, things happen to people of all stripes, religions, ages, etc. Sinners and righteous alike. Read some of the lives of the Saints if you want some horror stories. The things that happen to us are of this world. They are most often caused by external forces. Our environment, diet, accidents, bacteria, errant bodily cells, stress, worn organs, gravity, etc. With the exception of trying to keep our bodies preserved as temples of God through the judicious use of diet, exercise, abstention and prayer, there is little else we can do about WHAT happens. A healthy faith, and interaction with God however changes entirely how we deal with the seemingly negative things which happen to us. We can be thankful to the Lord for the opportunity of purgation, and for the cross that we carry, or we can eschew faith and be dark, brooding, angry people who shake our fists, drink, take drugs, commit violent acts, give into hedonism, justify anything evil we DO commit with moral relativism, get over letigious, and shout out blame at every other living person. Faith and understanding of God allows us to suffer our diseases, and misfortunes with dignity and humility. To offer our sufferings to God the Father in purgative payment for our sins, and also for the sins of others. We can find ways to help others. Perhaps share our strength and faith with peopls who may suffer the same or similar ailments or difficulties, since we have a strong empathetic understanding for people experiencing the same types of afflictions as ourselves. (This is the point behind 12 step programs, support groups and the like).

Faith also helps us to focus on eternal life with our Lord, and to help us appreciate the way He suffered for us. Faith gives us the greatest gift of all. The ability to be thankful for the opportunity to share in our Lords suffering here in this world, which will make our perfected life in paradise, all the sweeter, and also gives us the strength and knowledge that comes with the experience of hardship and suffering, and inspires us to give of ourselves to help others, or to humbly accept the help of others, if we can do nothing else, with the knowledge that they are able to experience the joy of helping you in your time of need. The same warm feeling we get when we help someone else, other get when they help us too.

Even if we are totally incompacitated physically, we can still generally offer up prayer for others, and thanksgiving for the opportunity to do so.

God doesn’t allow or cause suffering. Suffering just occurs. God helps us to process the suffering in a useful and loving way. To give it meaning.

The Peace of the Lord to all,



I have Asperger’s too and I’m still looking for the blessing side of it. I describe it as being a living contradiction. I don’t like being alone but I don’t like being around people. Hmmm


Maybe Prayer to Saint Dymphna would help.

Goes like this

I turn to you, dear virgin and martyr, confident of your power with God and of your willingness to take my cause into your hands. I praise and bless the Lord for giving you to us as patron of the nervous and emotionally disturbed. I firmly hope that through your kind intercession He will restore (name) lost serenity and peace of mind. May He speak to his heart and reassure him: "My peace I give you. Let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid."
Pray for him, dear St. Dymphna, that his nervous and emotional turmoil may cease, and that he may again know serenity and personal peace.



I have a mental disorder that was not completely genetically induced. I also have dealt with an addiction of a more unconventional nature. I thank God for my pain because it makes me humble. I cannot judge those who struggle with such issues as well because I’ve been where they are. It makes me kinder and more empathetic to those who need it the most. It also makes me even more grateful for the happy times and for what God has helped me acheive even though they’re not “as good” as those of people who haven’t had such a raw deal. I guess you could say it’s brought me closer to God because we’ve “been through more together,” so to speak, than many people.

Just my take on the whole thing.


That’s beautiful! Sounds like God’s designs are successful with you. Peace!

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