Why does God give some people more problems than others?


Why does God give some people more problems than others? Or does it just seem that way when we are going through difficult times? Right now I am overwhelmed with problems!! Family, health, financial…you name it, I’ve got it!! Is it to test our faith or a punishment for something? I know no one goes through life problem free but why doesn’t God let us handle one problem before throwing more in there?


Sin happens.

I’m adopted. Not as an infant.

My childhood was unfathomably bad. When I was in college I actually related to the lost boys from Sudan the most. When everyone else was freaking out about summer internships and finals and everything else we were like “stress? what stress?”

But we never told our fellow students how lucky they were to be in the position they were. We are all overwhelmed by different things. One of the things the Lost Boys and I did was invite stressed-out students to lunch with us. We sat down and gave them time. Years later many of those people thanked us and said that it was really made a difference.

I really think that sometimes having a lot of issues is a way that God tells us to slow down, reassess and to let people in. When everything was going wrong in my adult life, I really learned that I needed to be less selfish and let people in.


And you put this under "casual discussion "?
I hate to think what you consider serious!!!

Okay, okay.
First, I’m really sorry for what you’re facing. It’s hard enough to face one big challenge. But several at once–you don’t even know where to start to unravel everything…
I wish I knew what to tell you to make it all better. Sometimes we really are deluged. Sometimes we feel like we’re hanging on to God with our fingernails.
That’s when we really need to dive deep and try to encounter God in a radical way.
It’s okay to ask God why. It’s okay to cry and to be lost. We do break and crack a bit under our trials.
The worst thing you could do, is to abandon your faith.
I mean, we already know that we have our cross to carry.
Sometimes we need to examine ourselves and figure out what we did to contribute to the current crisis,
Sometimes it’s nothing–just a random event that happened to us.
I have found that talking to Him, not with the formula prayers, but just with my own authentic words, does wonders.
And God talks to us through Scripture. So read every day. There are verses for every situation.
Cling fast to the sacraments. Do spiritual reading.
And understand that none of this is a bandaid or panacea to make it all go away, but strength for the crosses you have to carry anyway.
:pray:t2: for you


I used to think it could be for things I’d done in the past, but I don’t think so really now.God has us exactly where He wants us and as my mum says we are only given as much as we can handle.I guess it’s kind of a gift to use those difficulties to chose to grow spiritually towards God?Thank God we have faith…
We are His instruments in faith, and we’ll only really know when we get to heaven the whys and how’s of all the problems that come our way.


Why would you believe that God gives you problems?


Perhaps it is easy to put the blame on God when suffering 1 or more crosses seem unbearable, despite whether it is the case or not. After contemplating your question a bit more, it is interesting to discover that God doesn’t give us ‘problems’ necessarily, but rather opportunities to lean on Him for everything and grow in faith to eventually let Him move mountains. Jesus was a living example of having to carry His cross to Calvary- now we are His living examples but we have Him (Jesus+God+Holy Spirit) for guidance along the way, whether we realize it or not. If our lives had no ‘problems’ or crosses, we wouldn’t have had the opportunities right in front of us to experience God’s presence presently in our midst of existence thru grace, mercy, and love. Not exactly sure what you meant by that question, but for some reason I have a better understanding of the original question with this question combined to interpret what God today has revealed to me to learn from.


As said in James 1. Count it all joy . when you have problems.
Why?. Because you know what wisdom to pray for. And ask the holy spirit to guide you in wisdom.
So you can walk in the wisdom of God.


There is much to learn about God’s ways within life even thru James 1… thanks for sharing! Not sure if I’ve ever read that chapter of James in the Bible before… much of our lives in a way can be interpreted thru this chapter in many ways. :slight_smile:


Here to confess a mini meltdown today as I worked through my lunch hour and got yelled at by a patient’s family member then came home to check my email and got drawn into extended-family-craziness (in time for the holidays!)

First I cried, then felt sorry for myself.
But we are exhorted to offer thanks in all things.
I’ve worked myself up to a cynical wry humor, but maybe I can offer thanks by bedtime :pray:t2::sleeping:


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