Why does God give us free-will yet we have to follow his plans?

What is the point? I currently like someone I cannot have. What is the point in me liking this person? If I were to pursue him, it would be a sin because he is taken. I cannot help how I feel, or maybe I can. You cannot choose who you like.

Another thing I do understand is why God made us so different. There are people who I think are ideal - calm, rational, realistic, mature, responsible, respectful, moderate, etc. Some people say it is parenting. I partially agree, but some people come from screwed up households and for whatever odd reason they turn out well-adjusted. They do not seem to need God as a center of their lives.

There are others I know. If they are not going to church, they find them very deep in mortal sins. They cannot seem to be able to live their lives correctly without a rule system. I honestly have little to no respect for them.

Some people are too naive to know to get away with their sins. While others seem to be breezing through life even though they screw people over. They do not seem to care either. That is what I do not understand about sin. For one person, lying ends their friendship, and for another, lying enhances it.

I cannot always find the good in everyone.

Love is the answer. Godly love can only exist if one can give of oneself freely. If no freedom, one cannot love as God loves. To love as God loves is the only thing that succeeds at making us truly happy.

Our plans are often, flawed. God’s plan is always just right. Simple as that.

To know, love, and serve God in this life and to be with him in the next.

Why do you believe liking this person has anything to do with God or his plans?

Because he is a priest!

Yes, you absolutely CAN help how you feel and who you like. It is an act of the will. You feed those feelings, and they grow.

We all need God as the center of our lives.

Doing evil is always wrong. It always hurts our relationships with others and with God. Those who disregard this may seem content in their lives, but our time here is quite short and our eternal salvation is more important.

Why does God give us free-will yet we have to follow his plans?

The point is that we do not have to follow his plans precisely because we have freedom. Noone has to follow anyone.

The question is, why wouldn’t someone follow his plans since they are the best plans for us?
It is similar to an instructor explaining the proper way to make an engine. We use his plans because he is qualified to know what he is talking about and we have the best chance of success. But we don’t have to follow a qualified instructor. We could decide to make the engine any way we want. And after a number of failures, we probably would make it the way the instructor explained it. And just think of all the time, energy, grief, and money we would have saved if we had just listened to him to begin with.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

Lol. You can help how you feel but I do not think you can help who you like though. I have talked a few guys I never liked. I am not sure why I like certain people more than others. Aren’t there women you do not find attractive or see romantically?

Liking someone and developing feelings for someone that is completely unavailable are 2twodifferent things. Of course you can control that.
We see things in a store that we want, but we know that if we cannot afford them they are not to be ours.
Same with relationships.
If someone is wrong for you, they are wrong for you. No amount of “wishing it were different” can make it right.
**Much of life is about self-control. **
If you really like someone pray for them and their well being. But put aside thoughts that are wrong and which put both of your souls at great risk.

It’s true you can’t help who you are attracted to. But you can certainly help what you do about it. If you know this person is definitely not for you then remove yourself from temptation.

As for the question in the thread’s title, we don’t have to follow God. That’s what free will means.

God could have made us obedient robots, with no effort on our part to choose. And we can’t always have what we want. That’s not our fault. You can’t force someone to like or love you. The same with God. He doesn’t force us but through His Church, instructs us. This is right, this is wrong. The basic human being has not changed in thousands of years. Your life is a gift. No, no one can do everything but we must do something.

Each of us finds ourselves in different situations and have to face the bad and enjoy the good. Some of us are smarter but God is no respecter of persons. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or living paycheck to paycheck. God wants you to follow His rules because they are good. I worked with a clever liar. He was taught to trust no one and make up stories so he could ‘climb the ladder.’ He was found out and fired. I knew another person who created problems and simply disappeared, severing all contact with those with whom he was briefly involved.

God gives knowledge and wisdom to some, and some use it ‘to screw people over.’ God does not want us to be like that.


It is hard to see your life as a gift. There are so many different people. Some seem “better” than others. More mature. Less anxious. You are right people will use their free-will as they please. I guess we are all different.

You will begin to understand life as a gift when you have children.

Your view seems very fatalistic. As if your path is set out before you were even born. I’m not sure I buy that. Human beings have free will to decide their own path.

That’s not to say God, an omniscient being, doesn’t know what path you’re going to take before you start, but that’s completely different from stating that God designed your path through life.

To say the latter is to say that God didn’t actually gift us free will, and that we’re just drones walking a preconceived path until death.

As someone else said- you don’t have to follow His plan. You have free will, you can do whatever you wish. Christ would prefer you choose Him and to choose Love. True love, which is a choice and not a feeling. Actions. If you love Him you will keep his commandments. If you love Him you will feed Him when He is hungry, clothe Him when He is naked, tend to Him when He is sick, visit Him when He is imprisoned. He is a strong God, He does not need you and does not want you as His slave, to be forced into recognizing Him, He wants you to freely choose to accompany Him.

I understand free-will. But we have our natural weakness and sinful inclinations. Some people are more doubtful than others. Some more rational. There is always free-will. Some sins are far more difficult for others to conquer than others. The reason I do not fully believe in free-will, why are we giving personalities or put situations that seem to hinder us in different ways spiritually?

I think where I am trapped is that I always think of this life, not the next.

One needs to heed what Jesus says.

To overcome. To learn. To be strengthened. To be humble.


God bless,

Cratus, I am reading your posts and I would recommend patience :slight_smile: Lot’s of prayer, try to take advantage of the sacraments (eucharist, confession), and try not to sin. Most of all, ask God, search for your answers in God. He who knocks, the door will be opened.

That;s just a general comment, I hope it finds you well.

As for your questions:

God gave us free will yes. You don’t have to follow his plan. You can choose otherwise.

You cannot choose who you like - well, maybe it requires maturity. I like to think about when I was a child often times as an analogy for all situations as an adult. We both had situations where wanted something, like a toy, or candy. Sometimes we got what we want, sometimes we didn’t. At that time, it seemed central and everything for you to get that today. Fast forward and you probably don’t even remember it. My point is, we should look at the bigger picture and plan God has for you if you trust in his will.

Why God mad us so different - would you want us all to be the same? We are all unique. Each person has a different set of skills, different situation, I guess it’s what makes life and everything so beautiful.

You have no respect for those who are deep in mortal sins - you should look again at the broader picture. There are many saints who were also very deep in mortal sin. We, as opposed to angels, live in a dimension where there is TIME, and until death, we are on a journey, at we can convert at any time to God’s will.

God bless!

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