"Why does God let bad things happen" and prayer request

Hello all,

I am trying to support a friend of mine who is going through a very rough time right now where it seems like the world is crumbling. Long story short, she finally summoned the strength to cut off ties with a boyfriend of eight years who became a heroin addict and emotionally manipulated her, she suffers from a genetic illness along with multiple family members, and her grandmother’s health is declining and grandfather is in the end stages of cancer. To add insult to injury one of her friends just passed away unexpectedly in their early 20’s. I lend her my prayers and support and let her know this even when there are times she wants to cut herself off from the world. People tend to come to me because they know I am strong in my faith. One of the things she asks is why God allows such things to happen. I cannot give a solid answer to this. Please help, and any prayers are greatly appreciated.

At this point your friend is suffering in a number of ways. I don’t know that there is really any kind of rational explanation that would sooth her since reason rarely touches the heart strings of a person. St. Paul says that we can give them comfort by sharing with them their suffering as one human to another.

A person in this situation knows that there is nothing to be said that will take away the pain. What they do need to help them is our sympathy and thoughtfulness, and just to let it out by talking to someone else.

God love you for caring.

Your friend has a lot on her plate right now.
There is a book written by a Jewish author - When Bad Things Happen to Good People or Why Bad Things Happen to Good People and I have read some excellent books by Benedict Groeschel. Your friend might want to join some kind of support group or get some counseling while going through this.

This ^.

Often the best response to the question “Why does God let bad things happen” is “Sorry, I really don’t know either”. Followed by a hug (or some other comforting gesture).

I recommend a really good book called Arise From Darkness by Father Benedict Groeschel.

Yes. That is a good one!

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