Why does God let some people suffer so much but others living a "blessed" life?

When I think about people with incurable things such as Dementia,Schizophrenia,or severe brain in any form etc and then I see other people living such blessed lives I wonder why does God allow it to be this way?

What is the purpose of these persons suffering and is there even a purpose?
Ie:Is it part of Gods plan or is it simply them being “dealt a bad hand of cards” due to the fall of Adam + Eve or whatever?

I recommend the following books:

  • Making Sense Out Of Suffering by Peter Kreeft.

  • Arise From Darkness by Father Benedict Groeschel.

Suffering is never a part of God’s intentions for us, Never. How we are enabled to bear it is a different matter. And never forget that the challenge of illness is for us as well as for the sufferer. How we help them, how we make life a little easier …

About people living a blessed life; what do you see as a blessed life? Maybe the answer to your question lies in that …

I kind of believe that God favours some over others (for example, he probably favours moses over a random girl/etc)

But for those who are born with serious illnesses or people with mental illnesses…I’m not sure. It’s strange how i can ‘get’ disasters, people shooting each other, etc but I cannot get stuff like this (stuff that isn’t a result of someone’s actions/climate).

But the previous poster made a point about how it’s “for” healthy people (for example), how they make a difference to these people. It’s annoying for a sick person/someone who is suffering to hear that, but I personally do not see any other explanations atm.

Maybe other posters will chime in :slight_smile:

I think although these things are not caused by God, but they are allowed by Him, and the reason we can maybe see as relating to the Cross. Before the Crucifixion, suffering was just suffering. Now, it can be supernaturalised and used for good, in union with the Cross. And in some mysterious way, Our Lord suffers in those who suffer. This can help the Church. Earthly happiness doesn’t mean the person is loved more. The Saints suffered very much.

The grass is always greener no?

Solid church goers usually have intact families and such. Many seem to be doing well given they don’t drop a years mortgage on lawyers against each other.

It is also a matter of other issues.

  1. Many believe in the suffering. Note my profile quotes, I do the theology of a powerful awesome God, not the miserable one persay. Hence my saint choices are those of successes.

  2. God may have chosen some to receive His favor. But that does come with risks.

Note King David, much given by God…then he is having dudes killed and stealing wives. And God was not happy.

And as the PRIME example. Lucifer was given much favor and had quite the blessed life.

And that did not work out so well did it?

But there are also people who he favours and they weren’t punished! I think it’s possible to be favoured+not let pride in the way :slight_smile:

This is always a difficult question; what purpose does suffering serve? I don’t think anyone can really answer it directly. God is infinite and without limit whereas we, as physical creatures, are necessarily limited in this life. Our ability to understand the works of God is finite. We simply cannot fully comprehend how certain aspects of an individual’s life fit into God’s infinite plan. There will come a day when we may be capable of understanding and it will make sense, but until then we must have faith that God does have a purpose for each and every one of us.

When I was younger I used to play a game called Third Reich, that was a simulation of WWII in Europe. Players could control the actions of one or more of the various political factions involved: Germany, US/UK, USSR, Italy or France. Some of the factions, like Germany and US/UK were very well positioned and started with strategic and material advantages over other factions like Italy and France. To harmonize this historical reality with the need for a somewhat level playing field in a board game, different victory conditions were laid out for each faction to determine if their efforts in a particular scenario resulted in a stalemate, or a marginal, tactical or decisive victory. Those factions with the material and strategic advantages were required to accomplish more than the others to obtain the “Decisive Victory.” In more than one scenario, France, by far the weakest faction, merely needed to survive to the end to obtain a decisive victory.

In life, some who are given many advantages must also achieve much to fulfil God’s purposes for their life. “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.” Lk 12:48. On the other hand, those whose lives seem filled with unwarranted burdens and obstacles need only survive, while trusting that God’s omniscient mercy will always accommodate those sufferings with justice. This very scenario is played out in the Book of Job.

Judging God… … brave lady!


I didn’t say it was not possible.

Often said God doesn’t give you more than you CAN handle.

Can is the opportune word here, just because you can does not mean you will. But that then becomes on us.

And note IMO for what little it is worth, the people making threads of this nature are often a “WHY MEEEEE” type mindset.

Now lets assume you learn to grow as a result… good.

But what would a “why MEEE” kind of person do with many blessings?

Would they thank God?

Or would they praise their own awesomeness?

Perhaps Lucifer COULD handle his blessing but chose not to

Perhaps David as well

Perhaps you lack the capacity to be King David?

Perhaps instead of a fleshy weakness and one major transgression you would look more like a King Lucifer than a King David.

Perhaps your blessings lay right around the corner of your ability to let go the “why MEE” thought process?

And yet again perhaps your blessings are more than you can see?

Someone asked me how I was this morning and I said “well compared to probably like 4 or 5 billion people I am doing fantastic. But comoared to my standards IDK LOL”

Seriously I could list a host of “why me” and I could also list things that would make you call me livibg a blessed life. It is a bit of perspective.

Let alone that negativity breeds negativity. If you say “why me” then inherently you will be sadder, it will affect your interactions with people which for example a job interview. Maybe you don’t get that job you wanted? But maybe if you werent thinking “why me” you wouldn’t have given an subconscious “off vibe” that caused your not getting hired?

The Saints have always said that the amount of suffering in one’s life is directly proportionate to the level of holiness He intends.

But it is not the suffering itself which is so efficacious, it is the increase of love for God in the midst of severe temptations to the opposite.

That is the value of suffering, which has been redeemed by Christ.

OP mentioned people with incurable illnesses. So I feel like the ‘why meee’ is usually valid. It’s not just “dang it, I stepped on a puddle with my socks on” or something like that. I mean…imagine living with a mental illness or ALS or something that really, really sucks. I don’t even have a mental illness and yet you can find me having meltdowns all over the place. Imagine how they feel!

You can’t just tell them to “be positive”, unless you want a cold glare from them.

There are people who have it worse than you and usually people will use that as an excuse whenever others are being sad. But if you flip it around and say that we should not be that happy because others have it better…it’s odd.


We all have problems to handle, regardless of our circumstances. We probably shouldn’t question God’s motives too much. Such concerns may be indicative of a lack of faith.

I myself have an incurable illness: ADHD, which has contributed to my lack of friends throughout my life. Never had a girlfriend either. Despite this, I’m still a Christian and what-not.

All things pass. We have the assurance that, in the New Heaven and the New Earth, all of our current troubles shall disappear.

You know how people can claim to not believe in God but live on forums like these and often mention reasons why they are mad at God? So they dont really “not believe” do they?

Same logic even to those who seem or claim to be shall we call it a “good catholic”.

One man has a bum knee and sits around and gets fat etc…

Another has no legs and rubs a marathon.

Yet the guy with the bum knee is soo unfairlt treated by God.

There a schizophrenic people who lead normal lives

There are those rocking back and forth in an asylum.

Even in the extremes it is amazing how choice comes into play.

Well, i kind of beg to differ. People with mental illnesses hardly have a choice. The schizophrenic in an asylum has a more severe case of the illness as opposed to the other living a normal life.

Like how an anorexic can be eating like, 1000 calories as opposed to another one who is afraid to drink water because the person believes water has calories. You can show her proof that it’s false, but the person won’t buy it bc the illness is that severe. So it’s kind of offensive when people imply that it’s their fault for having such a ****** life, and that they can just choose to do stuff

In the case of physical illnesses, we all have different levels when it comes to the need for achievement (n-Ach). paralysed man could have a higher level than an abled bodied man, vice versa. That could vary between different goals, passions, etc, but it’s not laziness.

There is no inherent purpose in my opinion. If you were born without arms and legs, you may see an opportunity to give talks and encourage people who are weighed down, crushed by life and by their real/perceived limitations. You’ve created that purpose. I don’t think God created that man expressly to be an encourager, I think he essentially lets chips fall where they may, and then we decide what we’re going to do with those chips. Your post is the essential reason why people give up on God: no matter how you try to slice it, if I have a condition that makes my life miserable, if you could easily remove that condition but chooses not to, deep down I know that i know that i know (perhaps mistakenly) that you don’t love me. Your child is about to drown in a pool right before your eyes, you sit back and watch thinking; ‘I won’t recue him just now,‘I’ll let him suffer some more because suffering is just what he needs, it’ll do him a ton of good’’. God at times may appear to be that parent. Some people do essentially breeze through life, they drew the right lottery ticket genes-wise and/or environment -wise. Some are naturally more fragile than others, some are extraordinarily resilient.

^ sounds logical to me

Although one can argue that we are merely ignorant of God’s mindset, and we’ll understand everything if we go to heaven

AKA hindsight 20/20. For the time being we don’t have much to work with. Only what meets the eye and what our intellect makes of it.

There should be a hotline-we could call people in heaven and beg them for clear answers, lol.

But alas I dream too much

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