Why does God make some of us suffer so much?

I believe that God has chosen to make me suffer all the way. Be it physically (through various ailments) or any other ways. I’ve reached that low point so many times in which I’m on the brink of breaking myself up with God. Somehow, I manage to retain myself in my faith.

I “consider” my parents. I mean, It would hurt them if I chose to do something devious in a bid to get rid of the pain and suffering. If I were to accumulate all the drugs (painkillers) taken in these years, I’d build up a museum out of them. Really.

I look at other people. Free of pain. Free of having to worry (about) if one has exceeded the dose of a drug.

Surely, God has done injustice to me. All He has given me is pain and I think " why should I cling on to Him if he gives me nothing but pain?" .


Please don’t think that way. God gives many people pain, physical or emotional. Trouble with spouses, or children, substance abuse, homelessness…you are not alone, even when it feels as if you are.

God has given us all so much more than pain, but sometimes we are turned so inward that we forget all of the blessings he gives us.


I don’t know. Life is so difficult for many people, and it sounds like it is extremely difficult for you as well. I’m so sorry.

I can say that because you are suffering, your prayers are powerful and effective when you unite them with Christ’s suffering. Perhaps that is not much consolation, but as the Body of Christ, we really need your prayers.

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Have you considered seeing a Catholic counselor? And perhaps speaking to a good priest?

I’m very sorry you’re feeling discouraged :frowning: I will say a Rosary for this intention.

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This is something you should speak to a priest about.

God has not done injustice to you. Although it may feel that way. He has never committed sin and will never.

I haven’t had an easy life and if I get mad at God because of my past and present I have to acknowledge to myself that God did no wrong.

Have you read the book of Job?


I have a bad back, from years of physical labor and being tall. My knees are shot from early sports injuries. I’ve broken numerous bones. My hearing is terrible due to running loud equipment. I have an incurable disease in my eyes. My hands ache everyday from years of manual labor. I want to cry when I raise my arms over my head due to bad rotator cuffs. There are other bodily ailments I do not wish to discuss. High cholesterol and high blood pressure too. No medical or dental insurance. Man oh man, my everything hurts. Plus add in all the heartaches of past civil divorces, losing friends, a father, and a daughter. And the stress, it is unbearable at times, financial situations, addictions, and life.

I’m a wreck and my tank is running on empty. I don’t feel like I have much to offer this world anymore. But despite it all, what I do have left is offered to the Lord, the giver of life. If God the Father offered His Son, and He did, and if His Son offered Himself to us, and He did, then I think we should offer all of our sufferings to Him as well. I wouldn’t trade away one second of my pains and sufferings just to get to the Lord and tell Him face to face I’m sorry for what I made Him go through.

I guess there is some truth to the saying “What don’t kill ya will only make you stronger.” Nobody knows YOU better than God, and you can take it to the bank that He has measured and fitted a Cross just for you. There is nothing wrong with falling on your face because that Cross is heavy. Maybe the heavier it is the more we will appreciate the journey and the weight of that Cross being lifted off our back once we reach our destination, Heaven.

Hang in there, and as others say, do see a priest.
Don’t give up and don’t be envious of those who do not know struggles and pains, after all, the greater the battle, the greater the victory! You will be in my prayers. God bless, and keep you.


Try getting to know the martyrs. They are great models to us whenever we suffer.

Keep praying and seek the Virgin Mary.

Our Lady Comforter of the afflicted, pray for us.


We never know what suffering or pain another person has. I’ve never met a human who has not suffered.

I am someome who lived is pain every day. It is compounded by the reaction of people when they see my deformities. God does not make me suffer. God allowed suffering.

If I’d not learned the redemptive value of suffering, I would have likely taken my own life. Please, read Pope JPIIs work to begin.

Also, seek support from others who have your same physical conditions.

Do see your doc and or a counselor. Anti depressants are not a sign of weakness, God gives us medical professionals to help us.

Don’t let the suffering make you bitter. Talk to someone, find others to lean on.


The older I get the more accustomed I become to living with pain.

At one time in my life I was a Franciscan Friar. Francis described his life as “a life of penance”. And boy, we don’t have to go looking for it or creating it. Just enduring patiently is plenty of penance. And I try to recall, God chastises those whose He loves. ( Hebrew 12:6)


Thank you for that Scripture reference (Hebrews 12:6). How true it is and how evident it becomes when examining the lives of the Saints. It really seems most of them suffered greatly in one way or another. I think what we do with those sufferings makes a big difference in our lives. I know for me, my ONLY peace is to accept them, because I personally have witnessed a few folks who turned from God when the going got tough, and boy did that add to their misery. Then I have witnessed the other side, my father, who suffered through cancer and passed away. No lie, his dieing words were “I love you.” He came out of his coma just long enough to say that to my mother, brother, my wife and I. Then just hours later his suffering ended, and I just know the first thing he heard when his suffering ended was “I love you too, welcome home.” So just maybe the more we suffer, the closer we get to hearing those words from our Lord and the more they will mean when our journey is over.

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