Why does God not call man good? (Gen. 1:27,28)

As I’m finishing up writing a paper for my Sacred Scripture class at AMU, the thought enters my mind. God looks back at the rest of His creation and deems it good, but not when He creates man. It seems strange to me, but I’m sure there is a reason for it.

Sure, in verse 28 He blesses them and gives them dominion over the earth and all that’s in it. But I just don’t see why He doesn’t call man good, which is His creation. Any thoughts, comments? Are there any Fathers that speak on this throughout the history of the Holy Church?

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Look to verse 31, where God sees what He created on the sixth day (man) and found it very good.

Thank you. It does say that doesn’t it?

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currently for this question can’t be answered, But could we give little bit answer. That’s descriptions of GOD.
when u know the meaning of God then u can write the answers of this. This is my suggestions.

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