Why does God require belief against one's senses?

I think most people struggling with this question are having a fundamental issue with the idea of an interventionist God in general, and in Jesus in particular. Maybe they can believe in some mysterious prime mover that doesn’t get involved, but have trouble accepting that God came to earth and established a particular institutional church.

I appreciate that. I understand it differently… maybe not emotionally, but differently. I know others who just can’t understand it at all.

It’s a mystery why God gives faith to some, and not to others. It’s not up to us and doesn’t depend on performing any other particular miracle or category of miracle, whether it’s healing amputees or raising the dead. He doesn’t demand faith, he gives it.

We could just ask why there isn’t constant miraculous intervention. Why do we have to believe in the Resurrection when God could raise everyone from the dead?

And that He continues to come to us in the Blessed Sacrament.

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Well, they may not reject the miracle but instead reject God. The scenario I see is Christ returning performing miracles supposing this wasn’t kept from the public by the media but made news. There would be a certain percentage who would reject Christ and God because of too many disagreements.

Again, the media and academics and scientific community would be the Pharisees. They would keep saying, “why God this, why God that, what if this…etc…”. Then like the Pharisees when they don’t like what they hear, it would be a mass movement to reject God. Again Atheists already do this with their hypotheticals.

As for what you can do to greater grow your Faith. Pray, pray the Rosary. Seek and ye shall find. Ask God not for an easier life but a tougher life to build your Faith. What I learned from Paul and Acts of the Apostles is God wants growth. Challenges, difficulties paying penance all lead to growth. God puts signs all around us.

You may get to a certain point when you know for certain there is a God. Then you grieve for the sinner, you become repentant over your own sins. Again a lot of work is involved and it takes time. Another problem for the secular community would be they would want everything easy, for that alone they would reject God and his miracles.

This is a bit question begging, isn’t it? Broken down, the argument is:

  1. If God exists, he would heal an amputee
  2. No amputees have been healed
  3. God doesn’t exist.

What proof do we have for premise 1?

Ultimately the question boils down to - why isn’t God as directly obvious and observable to us as the something physical, like the sun? To be honest we dint really know. Many philosophers would argue that God is knowable, just not through the senses; he has to be perceived in the same way as a logical proof. The problem lies in the atheists demand that if God existed he’d be knowable via the physical senses. What is their proof to support this demand?

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