Why does humans do the excretion?

If humans are the descendants of the Adam who was created as the Image of God, why does humans do the excretion like insects and animals?

If God loving humans, why did God create humans like this?

I think the excretion is dirty and so worldly. Why would the descendants of the Image of God do this?

… Because otherwise that stuff you’re excreting would remain in your body. And you don’t need it (like dead cells) and some it is even toxic if I’m not mistaken.


The image of GOD refers to the fact that we have a thinking and reasoning soul. We also have free will. The fact that our human bodies require material functions in order to sustain life is not bad or denigrating in absolute.
Jesus quite well put it. All food is good and there is no impure food. Impure thoughts come from our hearts.


Because, like other creatures, we have material bodies, and there are waste products in the biological process of material bodies.

Those biological waste products need to be excreted.


But God could’ve created/designed humans like that who doesn’t have to do excretion.

My opinion is that in order for us not to do this we must earn it. In other words love God with all your heart and do what He says to do and if you do then one day you will find yourself in heaven where this certainly is not necessary. That’s what I think. God bless… Gary

Sure he could have. But He chose not to, so it is good. I should also mention that your feces can be an indication of health, depending on its consistency and color. Bloody stool can indicate some internal bleeding. Really skinny feces can be a symptom of colon cancer. It may smell and look bad, but your feces does an important job.

*Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional.


But in His wisdom, He didn’t.
Praying you make peace with biology. It would be awful for you to live your life bothered by something so natural. :-/


I would add that our excretions are not particularly “dirty”.

The urine of a healthy person is sterile. Urine contains ammonia which is a cleaning agent. In ancient Rome, people collected urine and then used it to wash their laundry. I think at one point Rome was taxing it because it was so necessary. Urine is also useful in making leather. Some scientists in South African have used it to make bricks.

Animal dung is used as fertilizer to improve soil and make our food grow better. Treated human waste is often used in the same way in USA; for centuries it was used untreated all over the world, and we only treat it now to reduce the risk of certain diseases spread through human waste.
So you’re probably eating food that was grown in some kind of excrement.

Excrement can also be burned to keep warm or for cooking, which is very helpful in some parts of the world where there isn’t a lot of other stuff available for fuel. Some people have even worked on ways to use it to run cars and machines. In some parts of the world, animal feces are used as a building material, such as to coat the floors of homes.

It’s us humans who have this attitude of aversion to our waste. The attitude is cultural. Our waste isn’t necessarily bad.


You can spend your whole life thinking about what God could have done. But it’ll do no good. For whatever reason, God did it this way.

He could have. But He didn’t. That indicates that there is a good and noble purpose for poop. It doesn’t take much imagination or knowledge of biology to figure out what those might be.


The thing to remember is that God invented matter, and He likes it.

Also, Jesus was not ashamed to be a baby with a dirty diaper or a man with a need to poop. If it did not bother Him, why should it bother us?

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  1. We evolved from animals and inherited it from them.
  2. Excrement is useful. Otherwise, we’d be taking from the world and never giving back. @Tis_Bearself went into more detail.
  3. Taking a massive dump or long-awaited piss break feels really good. God was just giving us one more thing to take pleasure in.

Ya know. When I saw the thread title I thought maybe someone in broken English was asking about something other than, Why do people poop?.. Imagine my surprise when I open the thread and saw that indeed was the question.


Ya gotta admit, He coulda designed us better. It’s so inconvenient – Why can’t we poop little cubes, like the wombat does?

But then again, there are some lovely symmetries, like the law of urination – That every mammal takes about 20 seconds to void its bladder, whether it’s the couple of ounces produced by humans up to the gallons produced by elephants.

It’s a cool, cool creation.


Wombats poop is cubed? :flushed:

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I’m not so worried about the excrement. We have figured out a good way to contain that and control it. Now gas. That is a whole different Beast. I would ask the question, why is that necessary?

I think God really must have a sense of humor.

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You mean poop?

So when Jesus relieved himself that was a sin?

Let’s face it no one wants to think about Jesus or Mary going to the restroom.

The fact is Jesus was fully man and fully God he had the same biological functions that all humans and all men had.

I don’t want to think about it either…

But to deny this truth would be heresy.

Why all living things excrete waste I don’t know other than it keeps the cycle of life going.

Go watch Lion King. :lion:


I’d like to know why God didn’t give me wings.

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