Why does it seem like there is a lot of racism and anti semitism in Traditionalist Catholic groups?

Why is it that in a lot of these groups like the SSPX or the schismatic traditionalist groups, a significant amount of members are racist or antisemitic. I don’t mean to say all members of these groups are, but there do seem to be a lot more racists in these groups than in the good old Catholic Church. Why is that? I’ve never had a reason since I would feel that the bible condemns racism, and antisemitism in the sense that we are all children of God.

I will admit though I may be basing this on some biased info. I was in a human relations class, and we looked at the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is very left leaning. Anyway it mentioned there are a lot of schismatic Catholic groups that they consider hate groups. Does anyone else find this true? I also remember that the Bishop who started the SSPX was a member of the French National Front and another bishop in the SSPX was a holocaust denier. Is this true?

Also, are these people more likely to be sympathetic to Fascism? I once saw an article from a site called Catholic Family News (which I found out was a traditionalist site) saying how Franco and Fascist Spain wasn’t that bad (granted I’ll admit the Socialists would have been worse. Probably a lot more martyrs). So are a lot of Traditionalist groups fascists or sympathizers with these groups?

Sorry for the long post, but i’m just curious

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SPLC is a big fat joke.

here’s the link, they make the distinction between Traditional Catholics who simply go to latin mass, and groups like the SSPX and groups that are Sedevecantists, though I don’t think the SSPX is on here. The SPLC"s term for it is "Radical Traditional Catholics I will agree with you on the SPLC being a joke thoughb:thumbsup:


Most Holy Family Monastery<— a bit crazy, not worth speak much about. They are radicals, yes.

The Remnant newspaper? They are fine. No idea why SPLC would list them.

I do not feel there is a “large” amount of anti-Semitism within the Traditionalist movement. I think most self-described traditionalists have a healthy suspicion of non-Catholic religions, but I would not describe them as haters/anti-Semites. Going around hating people is the least of the traditionalist’s problems.

I think you need to make the distinction between those who are faithful to the magisterium. At my parish we have a TLM at noon and our parish is actually very diverse and our we see the same diversity at the TLM as the NO. I am a non-Caucasian who on some occasions goes the TLM at my parish and to another parish that has the TLM full time I thankfully have never encountered this. The traditionalists I know value reverence towards God and the church; they, are no nonsense about the faith that is for sure.

God Bless

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