Why does Jesus cure someone then tell them to tell no one?

Why does Jesus tell some of those he cures to not tell anyone?

I found this explanation from Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. I have paraphrased. This comes from the commentary on Mark 1:44.

1.) Avoid a sensationalist reputation. Wonder working would detract from his saving message.

2.) Sidestep popular belief that the Messiah would be a political and military leader.

3.) “He did not wish to ignite the wrath of his enemies before the appointed time of his Passion.”
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible p. 66 Commentary on Mark 1:44

Three good reasons. There are a lot of TV preachers who need to think about #1.

I think a lot of TV preachers perhaps covet that reputation over the Word. Is that unfair?

This could be a reason. After performing some miracles, we are told that he could no longer enter a town because of the crowds that gathered.
Indeed, how can someone function, eat and sleep and pray because of the people constantly wanting him to speak with them, do something for them, without cease? The Gospels sometimes showed Jesus going to isolated places to pray.
There was a German woman recently with a reputation for being holy. People were always coming. One time she and her family were upset because someone climbed over the wall around the house and went to the house and approached her. This incident showed someone feeling that because she was holy she should be without privacy from themselves.
I have sometimes thought how people would respond if I or someone I knew raised someone from the dead. I think that person could be miserable after that, living with people never leaving them alone wherever they went, even being without peace in church.

Perhaps it was simply that Jesus was performing the healing because he loved the person and wanted that person to be healed. That is, maybe he wasn’t doing it as a sign of his authority or to lend credence to his teaching, but only because he wanted the recipient to have a better life.

But doesn’t Jesus also tell some people he cured to go and show themselves to the priests? Why would he do this at times and tell others to keep quiet?
Just wondering.

He sent them to the legitimate authorities, like someone now sending a person to the parish priest or to their bishop. He didn’t tell these people to tell family, acquaintences, neighbors and whoever they met (as some people he cured actually did) that Jesus performed a miracle on their person.
When Bernadette saw Mary for the first time at Lourdes, her mother took Bernadette to the parish priest. But neither her mother or the parish priest wanted any publicity about the matter.

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