Why does Jesus pray to the Father but He Himself is fully God?


Jesus being fully God why does he pray to his father? Was he fully God, but not the trinity as we will see him in heaven? Was the trinity divided?

And why would he need to pray to the father?


God the Father is the same GOD as Jesus, and they are one in Godly essence, along with the Holy Spirit - but they’re not the same person, but three persons. Not being the same person they do need to communicate, and that’s what Jesus did when he prayed.


Jesus did this to teach us to pray, and how to pray.


Jesus is One Person with two natures, Divine and Human. His human nature is giving the highest response possible - precisely because of Who He Is - to the Father. Further, He is the true son of His people and thus His human actions reflect the height of Jewish worship.


Read Phil 2, he did it out of obedence and humbleness.


The Trinity is three persons with one nature. The church fathers made a distinction between nature (what you are) and person (who you are).

The person of Jesus the man is the second person of the Trinity so that he is one person. But his divine and human natures are not mixed up or blended togeter. You can’t add or subtract anything to the divine nature.

The person of Jesus has a human body, a human soul, and a human will. He is exactly like us except for sin. The same person of Jesus has a divine nature, and a divine will.

The unity of the two natures is in the person of Jesus (this is also called the hypostatic union).

When you are reading the new testament, ask yourself if Jesus is saying something according to his divine nature (unlimited, all knowing), or his human nature (limited).

So, to answer your question, when Jesus prays, whe he shows anxiety, when he weeps, when he shows joy, he is doing this according to his human nature.



Thanks guys it clears it up some but its still hard.

but that is a mystery for you


Indeed … but then if God was easily comprehensible he wouldn’t be God (ie greater and more wondrous than us) would he? :slight_smile:


I read someplace that prayer is communication between the Persons of the Trinity. When we pray, we are allowed to join in that conversation.


Thanks guys it clears it up some but its still hard.

but that is a mystery for you

The most important point is that as Christians, we come to know God through and in Jesus Christ. Through his humanity, and his divinity. He is fully human, as human as you and me, only without sin, and he is fully divine.



Was Jesus (the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity) somehow still present with the the Godhead while he was on earth?


Yes, He was.
John 10:30 “I [Jesus] and the Father are One.”


My bad. The question wasn’t properly phrased. I meant was Jesus present in Heaven as well as on earth? Was His Divinity (and Humanity?) in Heaven while he was also on Earth among us?

Basically, is it right to say that Jesus was fully present in Heaven and and on Earth, or would that be a contradiction?


Do we have trouble saying that God is everywhere?

Jesus was fully present in heaven, just as God the Father was fully present in Jesus Christ. You can’t separate any of the three from the others - Ever!


I always used a video game as an example of the Trinity :eek: The Father, can be likened to the player himself, the Son the character in the game that the player controls/represents, and the Holy Spirit is the mouse or the computer AI…

The player always knows what is going on everywhere…the character used by the player represents the player and can change the events in the game…the moue or the AI is always present and can help aid in the events in teh game as well.

Not an airtight example…but it helps some kids these days with the understanding. The player and the character and the mouse are all part of one “being” but they are in different “forms.”

Any help on making this airtight would be great!:thumbsup:


I get where you are coming from…but in your analogy the “character” and the “mouse” do not freely have the same will; they are not equal. They are purely objects in the control of the user. I could be a bit wrong too actually lol. Don’t use your analogy to try and convert others ok.


good point…perhaps the character could have it’s own set AI with set actions and descisions based on a predetermined(prophetic) mission where the player does not control him, but is represented by him?

As for the HS…yeah hard one there…back to the drawing board…

This was better than my previous try at teaching this to kids…Venom in the Spiderman series!!!


just when I thought that was a good explanation of the trinity for kids. I tried teaching it this year to fourth graders. that was hard.


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