Why does Mary appear differently at different apparitions?

An ex-Catholic was mentioning that when Mary appears to different people, she looks different (from the descriptions of the seers) than at other aparitions. This ex-Catholic was wondering why Mary would do that instead of always showing up as the same. I’ve heard that Mary has been known to show up in attire that is culturally familiar to the seer. This could be to make the seer more comfortable. It may also be an expression of Mary’s solidarity with the different cultures of the world–after all, she is the spiritual Mother of all cultures.

Does anyone have any other ideas or any specific information from Our Lady Herself (or any other Church figures) explaining this?

I think you are correct - Mary shows herself as such to make the individuals she is appearing to more comfortable. It is not her looks that change - but what she is wearing - and her immediate surroundings have much symbolisms.

Perhaps somebody who is more knowledgeable / better versed on htis subject could be more helpful.

Well, do you dress the same every single day of your life? Or even look the same every single day? Of course not! You might wear your hair or clothing differently, or wear something that you know the people you’re meeting would especially like.

And if you were travelling to a foreign country I sure hope you would also make at least a little effort to pay respect to the customs, style of dress and culture of that country too.

Remember too that Mary’s is not a normal human body, rather it is a glorified body such as Christ had after his Resurrection, and hopefully such as we all will have when we rise again.

And certainly after he rose from the dead he was able to appear differently somehow to people, so much so that they often didn’t recognise him. It suggests a certain amount of abililty to change his appearance, doesn’t it. No reason why Mary or any saint wouldn’t have this ability too.

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