Why does Mary (statues) weep?

What does this mean?
My little fatima statue also has cracks in eyes that resemble tears… This wasnt there before and I just noticed this recently.

Should I be scared? Or could these be tears of joy?

I do not believe those allegations.

Who knows? Could it be a sign? Maybe. Could it just be a coincidence? Maybe. Should you be scared? no. If it is a sign then it’s a miracle. Miracles aren’t something to fear. If it’s not a sign then it’s nothing. One should not be afraid of ‘nothing.’ Does it bring you comfort to think that the tears are there? Then let it bring you comfort.

No. They are not real tears.

Statues do not weep.

Unless you see tears coming out of that statue, then those cracks mean nothing…

It could be coincedence, and it could not.

But one thing is certain, you should definitely not be worried. If it is a miracle, it is from God, and God is good all the time :slight_smile:

In general I think the miracle of the weeping statue occurs as a sign from God, and to me it is about Mary’s sorrow of the sins of this world and to the souls that may be lost to hell.

She wants us to repent, or we will be punished.

Cracks are not tears.

Cracks are not tears.

The material the statue is made of is drying out, aging, etc. and the cracks are appearing.

Can you post a picture?

It was something we heard a lot about in the 1990’s. In retrospect I think it was because of the child sex abuse scandal that would soon break.

I heard it was happening to some Parish statues.

I never thought they were tears of joy however.

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