Why does our society have to be so vulgar?

I’m just becoming more and more sick of how vulgar our society is. The obsession with sex is awful, and seems to be getting worse than ever. On every magazine cover now (Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, etc.) is a woman all exposed, not even elegantly suggestive but downright disgusting-looking, and “Sex” this, “Sex” that, screaming at you. It just seems to be everywhere, no matter what, and you can’t avoid it. What’s wrong with this country? The words “hot body” all over everything. Not to mention how many different “sex tricks” there must be by now. In my eyes, all of their “tricks” make it not EVEN sex anymore. Sex is the intimacy which was created by God for man and woman, husband and wife. Look at Eve. One man was good enough for her, he was the only man in the world! We’ve taken something sacred and turned it into a cheapened casual sport and money-maker, hence comes the disgusting phrase “sex sells.” What would Our Lady think, really? It leads to rape, abuse of women and girls, prostitution, disease, adultery. Our mainstream entertainment has become pornography, the magazines are filthy, and it encourages abuse of women. Women and girls are forced or led into prostitution, and often times it isn’t the life they really want. They hate it, but feel trapped, or ARE trapped, and these messages on magazine covers only encourage it. How dare anyone say those who are anti-abortion are anti-woman, when they themselves are anti-woman for reducing us to nothing but sex objects? The other day, I saw on a mag cover “Try these sex tricks to make your moves hotter.” The pigs who write these things don’t even know who they could be speaking to. They think only women read their mags, and while most of their readers probably ARE women, you still just don’t know. Suppose a man inclined to abuse a little girl might read what these “tricks” are and try them out on her? It’s angering. It’s anti-woman. It’s dangerous and damaging, and I just don’t understand why such the obsession? And it gets worse and worse with each generation. It all started with the Sexual Revolution. Ironically, something that was supposed to be so “freeing and liberating” has caused women and girls to be raped, unborn children to be murdered and literally thrown away, and so much more. I know rape and adultery and prostitution have been taking place since the beginning of time, but my point is that our current culture does nothing but feed it. It’s like giving more junk food to a sick person. EWTN shows like “Women of Grace” and “The Catholic View For Women” are so truthful and fair about these issues. These ladies talk in depth, and if you just listen to them, it’s impossible not to see their logic. I’m sure many of you know these shows. I, as a woman, like to listen to these issues from the viewpoint of another woman. Our Lady said: “More will go to hell for sins of the flesh than any other kind of sin.”

I agree with you, take sexualisation out of the Media and what do you have left ?
Not much,
sitcoms on Television are just complete rubbish, but sadly that’s life, it sells,
And the media world is there to make money , there not there to provide a service ,
Just need to create within you , a holy place where you can focus your faith

I disagree about TV, although I do agree overall, society is in very bad shape, but I take comfort in knowing this is all in Gods plan, things will get much worse, then the antichrist will make his appearance on the global scene, then things will go exactly like Jesus said they would, but important to keep in mind, things DO have to get worse, MUCH worse.

For the antichrist to be called a ‘god’ by many people, he will have to come at a time of serious chaos, I believe it will be after some major disaster, or some event that mankind has never experienced before, something that will plunge every city into chaos, then when the AC comes, and appears to bring peace, set things right, people will be fooled by this.

Regarding TV though, look at how powerful the censoring agencies still are…it is 2015, and they still censor out very mild curse words, still do not allow nudity on regular tv, plus, watch the plot of any popular sitcom, anytime when the characters have a moral or ethical choice to make, such as cheating on a spouse, stealing money, lying to someone, etc. EVERY time, they WILL take the moral route!!!

Im shocked this is the case, I dont understand it, You would think the days we live in, tv would be HORRIBLE, encouraging people to sin beyond belief, but that doesnt seem to be the case…Im not sure why the censoring agencies still hold so much power, especially when most of society seems to be against censorship of any kind…??

Have you seen the tv series Boston Legal?

I read where some Muslims say they will not allow these things once they establish a caliphate.

I believe that the reason is that when people have nothing higher in their lives they debase themselves. if you don’t believe there is a sprit then the body is all you have and you end up worshiping that body. Sadly, this worship often takes vulgar forms, as we see in today’s secular culture.

The societies of the West have been vulgar for quite some time, but it is getting worse and becoming more acceptable. I can’t stand to watch many shows on tv anymore and I do not go to the movies like I used to either.
It is very sad. Cultures throughout history have dealt with sin, vice and vulgarity.

What I find particularly ironic is all the “brand-name” t-shirts, sold at “Surf Shops” all over the place. Those shirts with woman dressed and acting provocatively. HOW is this accepted? I thought the whole “Women’s Liberalisation” movement was about making Women worthy, contributing and non-sexualised members of our society.

Instead, all that seems to have happened is Women are treated more and more as objects of pleasure. Contraception is how this has happened. People don’t have to care about accidents anymore. If there is one, it is “dealt with” in a timely manner.

Even those in same-sex relationships will experience this issue - they are using one-another for pleasure. Why does love have to be expressed as SEX?
People that will drag you through the mud for claiming they are “users” will tell you that sex is how their relationship is made perfect… Well, life is more than sex.

This may come across as very harsh, and I would say rightly so. I’m asexual, and don’t have sexual inclination towards others physically. I would prefer a close, happy friendship with the people I know or could meet in my life, rather than “One-Night-Stands” and an endless stream of sexual relationships that end in tears and arguments.
And what “fetishes” I do have I avoid to the utmost extent of “encouraging,” since that can lead into mortal sin and lust.

Yep, these days its all about “whats cool”, pleasure, money, and moral relativism. You see the teens having sex rates going up, People using contraception, aborting babies, like theres nothing wrong with these things. And then you add in advertising, social media, etc, and since theres “SEX! SEX! SEX!” Screaming at you on every magazine, as said before, and pornography all over social media, people think its more than okay, its cool. Unfortunately because of all of this, this world is becoming a secular world day by day, with lust, disease, moral relativism, and obviously sin going sky high because they choose not to follow God.

Pornography is being normalized.

This was all predicted by Pope Paul VI way back in 1968. He outlined all of the unintended consequences including the rupture of the sanctity of Holy Matrimony, increase in adultery, dissolution of the family, abandonment of women and children, pressure on women to flaunt themselves, the spread of pornography and prostitution and increase in moral depravity; all leading, eventually, to the complete dissolution of society.


What tv are you watching? In the US the characters do not always take the higher moral route. Do a comparison of tv in the 50s with what’s on tv now - there’s a big difference.

"Why does our society have to be so vulgar? "

Two words:

“Original sin”

Im referring to regular TV networks, such as NBC, CBS, etc, and most cable tv stations…I dont usually watch alot of sitcoms, but do sometimes, Ive noticed they censor out VERY VERY light curse words, Ive even seen them censor out the 3 letter word that refers to the butt, and also a donkey…some dont even consider that to be a curse word!? Ive also seen prime time major network censor out ‘damn’.

Im not sure whats going on, it seems to me network TV is acting like its the 1950s! Im not really against it, but I do find it odd, when the rest of society would probably prefer every curse word to be aired. the entertainment industry is NOT known for their morals, but in this regard, or whoever does the censoring, they seem to be censoring out ALOT these days.

Ive also seen commercials from other countries, trust me, the US is VERY conservative in this regard, in other countries, many commercials show nudity quite often, I have NEVER seen this on US network TV, not even late at night?? Yet the US is known to be vulgar and not care what anyone thinks…??? something is wrong somewhere here LOL

It’s shoved in our face at every turn. People would have to have a very good reason to resist it. But so many don’t, not having been brought up to know any better.

In a word: Capitalism. Sex sells, in many and various forms, so people are selling it to make money.



I used to watch the show ‘Modern Family’, I dont watch it anymore, but I recall one episode where Phil had a chance to sleep with a very attractive female, Clair would have never found out, at first Phil was excited that this attractive woman was interested in him, but in the end, he took the high ground and choose to remain faithful to his wife…this is coming from a society that increasingly thinks its perfectly fine to do whatever provides you instant gratification, have no qualms about sinning…???

This same scenario was also the plot of a ‘Simpsons’ episode…again, Homer choose to remain faithful.

Anyone watch any late night TV…Id like to know how many curse words are allowed, how many times nudity was shown? I have watched late night tv many times, I cant think of any…in fact, it seems the same rules apply to ‘off hours’ tv as prime time and daytime???(referring to either network TV or regular cable stations, NOT HBO, showtime, etc type channels)

Movie channels and what would be considered pay tv, like HBO, Showtime, etc are about the only channels that the censorship does not apply to, but even with them, there is a certain level, they do not go beyond, they do show nudity, but usually its pretty tame, nothing like the porn seen online or in magazines.

If the entertainment industry/ Hollywood, is so against biblical teachings/ God, why do so many of their shows include characters using such great morals and ethics?

What do you think of House MD, Mike?

It shows many of the patients and the main cast of doctors, especially House, committing sins. For example, some patients are depicted as committing extra-marital acts or some may be involved in criminal activities. For example, a patient (Thomas Stark) with SMA before the acute medical episode was going to a store, while remarking to his helper dog that he will be able to ogle at a woman who doesn’t fully bottom her top. Gregory House says some defiant, irreverent, and sexist remarks.

The show is quite complex, with numerous personal, intellectual, philosophical, epistemological, and ethical facets. Furthermore, the show tries to have a realistic perspective, both in depicting the nature of human suffering (as a medical drama allows it to even though it may depict the actual diseases inaccurately), having a candidly blunt and cynical character, and illustrating many intractable ethical dilemmas.

However, the writers portray House not as a malevolent and devious Machiavellian, but as a brilliant human being who is quite hedonistic, struggles with chronic pain, and bored with the mundane aspects of medicine, such as clinic duty. The show does not do anything to affirm traditional values, but instead relies on House’s sympathy as the primary redeeming aspect of his character.

If the entertainment industry/ Hollywood, is so against biblical teachings/ God, why do so many of their shows include characters using such great morals and ethics?

I know a conservative priest who made the recommendation not to watch much television, using this acid test of whether Jesus, Mary, and Joseph would find it edifying and enjoyable. I doubt they would, but like I said I find it to be a complex show that presents many issues realistically and candidly.

And what of Socialist states like Netherlands?

The Netherlands has a version of capitalism. The European definition of “socialism” differs from the American version. Health care systems are an obvious example of the difference.

Certainly, much of the Netherlands operates on the profit motive.


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