Why does Romney's anti abortion views matter if he isn't going to make it illegal?

Romney isn’t going to try to make abortion illegal. There is no reason to believe he would. So why does him claiming to be pro life have anything to do with your reason to vote for him? If he isn’t going to do anything about it, why does it matter?

Who would you rather have nominating Supreme Court justices - Romney or Obama?

While he may not be able to make it altogether illegal, he can certainly act to oppose and prevent furtherance of ever more extreme “pro-choice” causes. Obama, for example, favored legalizing partial birth abortion and the euthanization of babies who survived failed abortions by leaving them to starve. The pro-choice lobby is not done; their agenda is far from complete. If we can’t completely reverse it, we should certainly at least stifle the damage as much as possible. Having a conservative in power definitely puts a strong hand in our favor.

As the previous poster noted, the president can appoint Supreme Court judges and other powerful officials. The difference it makes is immense.

It’s not as though making abortion illegal is the only thing a President could do to further the pro-life cause. Further, it is not as though the fact that abortion is already legal means that the President cannot do anything to further the pro-choice cause.

Romney could do absolutely nothing with regards to abortion and it would be significantly better than what Obama has done in the past four years.

Plus it speaks of character. We wouldn’t vote for someone who was in favor of human trafficking just because we liked their tax policies.

I am under no illusion that Romney is particularly committed to pro-life principles. But, again, I’ll take nothing over something bad.

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