Why does Satan keep targeting people that is close to Christ?

Hello, I’m a Catholic. Who recently lost a battle against Satan. I got tempted masturbating, this is the 4th time in the week now. How can I battle this temptation, God knows I’m lustful and I’m finding a way to defeat my Lustful mind and make God remain in my Body Mind and Soul. I’m asking for help you my fellow Catholic brothers and sisters.

Well, look at it this way, in a military operation, who would you target? The enemy generals/officers? Or the foot soldiers/mercenaries?

A religious person once told me that the more she is targeted by evil, the more she believes she is doing something right. I do not share her views, as I would rather not be led to temptation, but I can see some logic in what she said.

Pray, is all I can recommend….I will pray for you too…

It could be very well you’re under demonic attack -
by the demon of lust.
I’ve heard of numerous saints being attacked thus -
Do you use holy water -
Also a Saint Benedict medal -
But don’t struggle against it - that may make things worse.
Jesus wants you to win - over this -
so do your best - and pray your heart out -
I’m sure many of us on this site will offer up prayers for you too !
Keep being honest - and try not to be angry.

This is going to take a lot of time to get rid of due to the fact it might be a habit reaction to your temptations.

This takes patience and lots of prayer. Pray the rosary to dismiss these temptations, it’s what got me out of it.

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