Why Does Satan Seek to Ruin People?

For what purpose does Satan seek to turn others from God? Can he benefit from anything in his state? I would think not. Also, damaging others does not benefit anyone.

I don’t think Satan is doing anything. We seem to be succeeding in ruining ourselves without his help. When something bad happens to some person, it’s usually a reaction of something else. I know I’m basically describing “karma,” but bear with me.

People who have been hurt should really move on with their lives, instead of blaming Satan (or in other cases, God). It’s best to learn from situations, events, and mistakes by learning from them, accepting them, and finally forgiving them and yourself. It honestly makes up for a better and healthier living. In that way, I really believe Satan would just give up… assuming he is a real entity.

Taking responsibility is better than giving in to guilt.


Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

Satan is a real entity. Very real. He is as real as God is. So, if there is no Satan, then there is no God. Take your pick.

No, but he’s very resentful of us. God didn’t become an angel to redeem the unfaithful angels like him and his third of the angels, but God became human to redeem humankind. Angels are pure spirit, and we have physical bodies that seem rather inglorious to satan and his kind…anyway those who are deeply resentful don’t care who they hurt in their rage.

The rebellion of satan against God continues here on earth. The pride of satan compels him to try to prove to himself and to God that he is equal if not superior to God. What satan did to Eve, he contnues to do to people and individuals today. That is why it is necessary that men prays sincerely and unceasingly.

“Our Father in heaven, Hollowed by Thy name…
Do not bring us to the test,
But deliver us from evil. Amen”

That’s not up to me. It’s up to you.

Clearly, you believe in Satan. Therefore, this answer will go hand-in-hand with your belief:

Satan wants to ruin you because he and God are betting on whether the humans can be as divine as Satan ever was as Lucifer-- whatever divine is. :shrug:

Our lives are all too similar to the story of Job. God is pretty confident that we can do it. Satan doesn’t think so, so he’s working his hardest to get us to be angry at… something*.

Ironically Yours. :heart:

*I only say “something” because this test is a mere mystery. What does God want us to do? What, precisely, is Satan against?

Personally, I think it’s Divinity vs. Nature, but again: :twocents:

The Church teaches otherwise. usccb.org/catechism/text/pt4sect2art3.shtml#2850 2851

Regarding posts referring to pride and resentfulness. Then Satan himself is a slave to his own blindness. St. Paul speaks of “deceivers and deceived”.

2 Timothy 3:13 usccb.org/nab/bible/2timothy/2timothy3.htm

When a being, whether human or angelic, ultimately rejects God in death, it is rejecting what God is, which is love and light and truth. It no longer has God’s love and light in it, and it therefore has no way of being loving…it can only embrace negativity and hate. If you reject the light, what you are left with is darkness.

No offense, but there’s a bold line between what the Church teaches and what I personally believe in. :o

Why would anyone take offense? We have heard it for over 500 years. In the words of those you and the kind of people you follow proudly proclaiming “I PROTEST”.
It is nothing new to us. You guys are all your own authority, your answer has been to any that disagree with you… if you do not agree with my theology I will leave and establish my own church… In time someone that disagrees with Your own concept of truth will leave and start a new church and on and on it goes without any of you rocket scientist ever being able to read and understand in Sacred Scripture that Jesus gave the Catholic Church complete authority. “What ever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven and what ever you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven”.
We do not make our own rules but follow Jesus and His Church, The Holy Roman Catholic Church.
I know you have a better insight than Jesus and the Holy Spirit…after all you are the BLOOD AND BLADE GUY:thumbsup:

I could tell you a couple things wrong with that statement, but the most important one that I cannot disregard is your final sentence:

I’m a girl.

Ironically Yours. :heart:

A pity.

God gave us the Church to lead us home. Yet some refuse to follow.

God love you. I hope the Holy Spirit leads you back home.

“God made me Agnostic! Who are you to question His authority?”

No, I’m totally kidding with that. But, I assure you it is not a pity; I had my fun being raised Catholic, and I’m glad I got to opportunity to learn from the oldest Christian denomination. Now, I have to let go of it.

What can I say? It would be unfair to God if I pretended to believe He exists. Regardless, I’d like to think so, but apparently my God and the Church’s God ended up being two totally different Gods.

Ironically Yours. :heart:

Because our end is as Satan put it to Eve,’ you will be like God’.

Now Satan doesn’t hate us in particular as long as we don’t resemble what he trully hates. Satan hates God.

Satan hates a soul being sanctified. A person increasing in holiness is becoming more and more ‘like God’. The more Satan will hate that person.

If our ruin is to not become like God then that’s the reason Satan wishes to ruin people.

Let me know if you are still agnostic in 15 years.

It’s cool. I thought I was going to be Catholic for life, but something had to give. :sad_yes:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

I would really like to know the answer to that question.
It’s like playing with a sore loser and they throw the pieces
all over the place. No matter how mad they get, they already
lost, what good does throwing the pieces do?

Or maybe he thinks if he makes everyone choose evil, God
will HAVE to change His mind about hell, and while He’s at
it, let the devil go too.

Or have you ever seen bad people hurt or kill animals? I bet they
understand why the devil does it. He just wants to be bad.

Yes God is real. I found out and so will you. You will relinquish
your blades and your blood for the sword of the Spirit and and the
blood of Jesus.:heart:

How is God’s being causally, or logically, dependent on that of satan ?

If haggises do not exist, does that make the whisky drunken on Burns’ Night, or the turnips eaten then, non-existent ? Does the existence of Robert Burns depend upon that Burns’ Night, or of haggises or whisky or turnips ?

Simply because of his hatred for man and God.

Can he benefit from anything in his state? I would think not. Also, damaging others does not benefit anyone.

Benefit? Depends on what you mean. Personal satisfaction, if you count that a benefit. Sure it does. If he can lead a soul away from God that’s more for him. One more soul he can torment. He seems to enjoy it very much.



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