Why does the Catholic Church say the apostles passed on their authority through a succession?

Why a succession?

In a nutshell, the authority was given to apostles, not in their individual capacity but in their capacity as apostles. In other words, the authority lies with the office, not the person. The apostles chose their successors and vested them with the authority of the office that Jesus had originally bestowed on the apostles, through the laying on of hands, or ordination. Accordingly the authority of the office was passed on from the apostles to their successors, the bishops who they chose for that purpose, who in turn have continually done the same with their successors.

What’s the alternative? That Jesus gave authority to 12 mortal men who would soon die and render the Church extinct and leaderless?

We see the obvious example of succession with Paul. The author of most of the New Testament. He was not one of the apostles, and in fact was appointed. He certainly had the authority of the Church as appointed.

For those who follow sola scriptura should learn the valuable lesson from the first council of Jerusalem as documented in the Book of Acts.

Read Acts chapter 15 and see how the appointments are done and how Church law replaces the Mosaic Law.

According to Matthew chapter 23:1 Jesus said that the saducees and pharisees sat on the THRONE OF MOSES and so therefore we are to do all they tell us to do.

Christ took this authority that was recognized by God and gave it to His church. As shown by the power that Peter displayed in the Book of Acts (the shadow of Peter). Christ also gave the Church the divine grace to take away sins as He said in John 20:22.

Let us consider the absurdity of there not being any succession at all. What then? Let me tell you. 55,000 different interpretations of the same bible and utter and mass confusion. There is no unity. Not with all of the thousands of various protestant denominations.

Each one mind you claiming an authority. Mainly, they are saying they will decide for themselves what the Bible is telling them. Yes, there were actual reasons that the Catholic Church was very apprehensive to give out the scripture out to the laymen.

Paul does say we are to HOLD FAST to the traditions as they have been passed on. Do we do that? I certainly fail too in many ways.

She was not apprehensive in the least. This is an old canard invented by Protestants to disparage Catholics who enjoy quite a bit of Sacred Scripture in our liturgies already.

While it is true that Bibles were chained to the desk in libraries, you’d be well advised to check and see what they do with computers in libraries these days.

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