Why does the Church believe it's Above the Law


I am shocked!
Being born in the late 50’s, as I grew up it was common knowledge that the “men of the cloth” took advantage of young boys and girls. It was all hushed and never to be discussed.
Now with social media, the ghost’s are coming out of the closet’s. It’s about time.
What I am shocked to hear is that the church is apologizing and asking for forgiveness.
Is that what we gave the NAZI war criminals who also committed crimes against humanity???
NO!! These “men of the cloth” should be hunted down like war criminals (not being above the law) and dealt with accordingly.
Until this wrong has been justly righted, the Church is no better than the history we are ashamed of.
The Church shall not be above the law. Shame on you.


The Church is NOT above the law … but some men who are priests do think they are above or exempt from the law.


In the sacrament there is forgiveness but also penance. In addition to prayer and fasting there still are legal sentences.


Great, so prove a priest did a crime and I will help you put him i jail. Very few of the 1000’s of priest world wide have done this. Are you trying smear then all with your poisoned peanut butter?


If it looks like a duck…


Unworthy of belief. Prove it.


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